Accounting Software Articles

Freshbooks versus Less Accounting versus QuickBooks: Who Wins?

Regardless of whether it is a multi-million dollar corporation, a small town mom-and-pop business, or a single-person enterprise, every size business needs cost-effective and reliable business accounting software. Luckily, there are several ...

Accounting: QuickBooks Vs. Less Accounting

When it comes to accounting options and features for a new business, established small business, or entrepreneur, there can be no room for error. As a self-employed freelancer or as the head of a company responsible for the payroll and taxes for ...

QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop

It is definitely the great debate. There are those that are dedicated to QuickBooks Desktop – and will never look at the online version. There are others that prefer online and cloud-based accounting to archaic desktop versions. But, when it comes ...

WorkingPoint vs. QuickBooks Self-Employed

Which is Right for Your Small Business? If you are a freelancer or owner of a small business than you have almost certainly run into the problem of tracking all of your invoices, expenses, inventory, or income. Thankfully accounting software ...

Should You Hire an Accountant or Use Accounting Software?

There are plenty of things you do yourself as a business owner – from managing sales to being the human resources rep and more. But, when it comes to your finances, you may wonder if you should pay for an accountant or do it yourself. The answer ...

Sage One vs. QuickBooks Self-Employed: Which Suits Freelancers Better?

For freelancers, there are not a lot of accounting program options out there to choose from – and those that are available are often lacking features a freelancer needs. If you have been searching for options, you may have stumbled across Sage ...

Things to Look for When Purchasing Accounting Software

If you are still using spreadsheets to track your business finances, this article is ideal for you. We are going to go over what accounting programs can do these days and how to specifically pick the right accounting program for your small ...

Tips for the Procrastinating Entrepreneur

Procrastination and business don’t mix – and you’ve realized that. But, how do you break one of those habits that the rest of the world is still struggling to break too? Procrastination affects not just your professional life, but your personal ...

What are the Benefits of Cloud Accounting?

Small business accounting software not available over the internet (or cloud) almost seems pointless these days. After all, just about everything you do is online - and you constantly need to stay in touch with your business while on the move. ...

Is the Price of Accounting Software Worth It?

If you’re still accounting the archaic way - and by that we’re talking about spreadsheets - do you really think it is meeting the financial needs of your business? Now is the perfect time of year to consider investing in accounting software, but ...

Things to Look for When Shopping for Freelancer-Friendly Accounting

If you are a freelancer or independent contractor, you’re more than aware of the lack of accounting options out there. Most programs that say they are “freelancer-friendly” end up falling short on their promises. After all, the needs of a ...

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