Why Virtual Phone Systems Make Sense for Small Business

Small businesses have their own unique needs in order to operate successfully in today’s marketplace. While the nature of each small business dictates many of these needs, communications solutions are critical for all.phonecom-post-1

As a small business owner, you want an efficient means of communication that is simple and easy to operate—and most importantly, budget-friendly. Essentially, you want as much bang for your buck as you can generate. It may seem an impossible feat, but it’s not.

Virtual Phone services offer small businesses the best of both worlds — budget friendly communications services that get the job done. And, depending on the provider chosen, they can be feature packed (or not), as you’d like. If that’s not enough to sell you on the idea of a virtual phone system, here are 3 more reasons why virtual phone communications solutions make sense for small businesses.

No Bulky Equipment

Traditional hardline phone services involve installation of bulky equipment. Virtual Phone Systems eliminate this. There is no specialized hardware and bulky equipment to install or maintain because all services are hosted virtually.

In this situation, less is definitely more. Not only will you not have to deal with ongoing maintenance costs, but you will also require less set up time and your phone system will take up less real estate. The latter is especially convenient if “office space” is better described as a “home office.”

No Steep Learning Curve

Virtual Phone sytem communications solutions, like those offered by Grasshopper.com, use your current equipment, which means that you will spend less time learning how to operate your phone system and more time doing business.

Most everything you need to do, or want to do for that matter, can be done with the click or push of a button online. There, you can capture data from calls, change your redirect and forward settings, and more.

No Need to Be in the Office

One of the best reasons to choose a virtual phone sytem is that it doesn’t tie you to a desk or an office. Call forwarding can route calls to your mobile phone and using a mobile app your cell phone instantly transforms into your work phone.

This offers the flexibility your small business needs, as well as flexible features and add-ons like queue management that allow you to adjust your needs as your business grows.

Virtual Phone Systems offer professional communications solutions that small businesses need to grow their brand. They are cost effective on many levels, saving your small businesses hundreds on maintenance and upgrades, with no need for bulky, specialized equipment. Set up is quick and can often be accomplished in minutes and flexible call options allow you to take care of business from almost anywhere.

When it comes down to it, the question is not whether or not you should use a virtual phone system for your small business. The question is “why wouldn’t you?”

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