The Elusive Virtual Phone System Vendor: Shady or Legit?

 Group of unidentifiable business peopleAs today’s consumer, you rely on the internet to find the information you need. From finding your next apartment to opening a bank account – there is no limit to what you can do online. But, for some reason, there are still virtual phone system vendors out there that refuse to post important information on their website – and force potential customers to call for a quote or even information regarding what they are paying for. This elusive form of advertising is not only annoying – it’s a questionable business practice that should be brought to light.

“Call for Quote” – Why Some Vendors are Reluctant to Publish Pricing

If you have taken the time to browse a few virtual phone system vendors as of late, you may have noticed that some will give you a handful of features and a “call for quote” button. They have no direct pricing online and do not even disclose connection or add-on fees. Instead, you must get on the phone and call a customer sales professional. Then, you are stuck dealing with their scripted responses, answering multiple questions only to receive an outrageous quote – and usually after spending 20 minutes on the phone.

But, why did the company not publish their pricing publicly in the first place? Some companies price per phone and feature; therefore, need to know what you are looking for to give you an estimate. Other companies have a fluctuating scale – meaning the quote you get today may change tomorrow or next month. By not publicly broadcasting their prices, they leave their quotes at their discretion – and it means they could have a sliding scale for how customers pay for their virtual phone service.

Often these vendors have complicated pricing structures that cannot be explained online, but that isn’t the customer’s fault – that is the company. When a company has such a complicated fee structure, there is confusion for not only the customer, but their representatives – and it means a customer could easily be overcharged due to that confusion. Is that something a customer wants to risk?

The Customer Benefit Excuse

If you ask elusive vendors why they don’t publish their pricing and information online, they will state that it is because they want to explain their services and customer benefits over the phone – and give their potential customers the real feel for what they are offering. However, if it takes a sales professional to entice a customer to even try a virtual phone service, then that service needs to rethink their product offerings altogether. There are numerous virtual phone system providers out there that clearly list prices, features and get high conversion rates all from their website – and without a single potential client calling in for more information.

Today’s Customer Needs Information at Their Fingertips…Period

These days, customers need information now. Whether they are searching for a new provider at 3:00am or they are just browsing so they can make a decision later. If a company cannot adequately sell their services online, customers will move on to the company that can. More customers are shopping online, working from home and even maintaining relationships over the web. Companies that cannot commit to a similar online dedication lose out on potential customers – and customers are unable to access potentially excellent virtual phone service providers.

Shailynn is a word slinger, chef, Pinterest addict and adult coloring book collector. As our Operations Manager and Senior Researcher/Editor, you will find Shailynn busy finding new companies and topics to research, but also handling the crazy day-to-day on the backend – and by crazy…we mean all of us. She attended the International Culinary Institute, where she studied pastry arts and she worked as an executive pastry chef before hanging up her chef’s hat and decided to work from home as a writer. She is a fanatic for a great cup of coffee or wonderful glass of wine! Shailynn is a mother of three and married to a handsome firefighter.

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