Why Call Recording is a Must Have Feature

call recordingMore and more businesses are taking advantage of call recording. So much so that it’s hard to find many businesses that don’t advise callers that their call may be recorded. And so, it’s no surprise that call recording is a popular VoIP feature. In many cases, it’s a “must have” and as such, often comes standard.

Here are just a few of the advantages of call recording, and why it makes sense for businesses to implement.

  • Compliance
  • Quality Control
  • Performance & Training
  • Liability
  • Customer Service/Satisfaction

Most businesses and/or operations are subject to a variety of regulatory factions. These regulations are in place primarily to reduce fraud, promote accurate record and data keeping, and to protect consumers. For compliance reasons alone, call recording is not an option, but a requirement. If a company fails to adhere to these regulations, they are subject to costly fines and litigation, not to mention the brand damage that results in loss of sales. Call recording helps businesses ensure regulatory compliance and protect themselves from these risks.

Quality Control
Call recording or monitoring can greatly reduce costly clerical errors and provide quality control. No matter the nature of the call, calls in business often involve a lot of information exchanged. A customer service call may include payment information. An order placed may include quantities needed. A conference call may include a multitude of instruction or ideas. Call recording means you don’t need to rely on notes or worry about forgetting information exchanged. It ensures that quotes, quantities, payment info, ideas, and more are not lost or forgotten.

Performance & Training
Another great benefit of call recording is the ability to streamline performance reviews as well as employee training. Businesses can track employee performance and easily set company performance standards to improve business. It also allows you to provide individual, specific feedback and set goals based on employee (or company) strengths and weaknesses. Call recording can also be used for training purposes, which shouldn't be overlooked. Recorded calls can serve as examples on what to do or not to do, while call recording during training can provide instant feedback to help along the way.

Reduce Liability
Whether your business is big or small, liability and the threat of litigation is real. Since the smallest misunderstanding can result in big consequences—such as a lawsuit, call recording can provide protection and piece of mind. It is a proactive way to ensure that information is correct, potentially allowing you to diffuse potential disasters before they occur.

Customer Service/Satisfaction
In life and business, you’re really only as good as your reputation. That’s why customer service and satisfaction is so important. Call recording allows you to analyze calls and make adjustments in order to improve customer service and satisfaction. Through improved performance and training facilitated by call recording, you’ll have happy customers and happy employees.

Ultimately call recording offers peace of mind and real-time tracking in order to reduce costs and liability and improve business, employee, and customer relations in a way that is invaluable to your business. This is why it is (and should be) a must have feature.

Julia Richardson is a senior editor/researcher at Revuezzle. As a mom of 3 with a degree in Marketing, Julia loves to combine her passions- writing, researching, and people. In pursuit of these passions, she’s done a little bit of everything— From B2B sales, advertising copy, to writing, research, and the occasional celebrity interview. Her writings have been featured in multiple blogs and online publications, and she’s designed and implemented marketing plans for several Fortune 500 companies. Julia lives in Richmond, VA with her husband, kids, and her dog Phoebe.

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