6 Key Benefits of a Small Business Phone System

A good phone system is an integral aspect of your business’s communications structure. With so many different small business-based phone systems on the market, it can feel overwhelming choosing one that is the best for your company's needs.

Reliable, clear, and high-quality calls are just some of the features you should look for in a small business phone system. Today’s VoIP phone systems, or cloud phone systems, provide small businesses with all the modern features of a large enterprise phone system but at substantially less cost. Today's cloud phone system providers like RingCentral, Grasshopper and Phone.com provide small business phone systems at affordable prices with enterprise level features!

Even a small business can outgrow their current phone systems, so be sure you look for features that will set you up for continued growth.

In particular, these six key features of a cloud phone system can provide incredible benefits for growing your small business…

  1. Scalability

Large and small businesses alike can grow very quickly – often so fast it is challenging for the business to keep up with the growth. Outgrowing a traditional business phone system is easy.

Having a business phone system allows your small business to scale up effortlessly without any massive changes to the infrastructure of your business. Infrastructure changes are often hard for employees maneuver. A VoIP phone system is flexible and can be scaled to any changes you see in your small business.

For instance, if you add 5 new employees to your business, you can easily add in 5 new phone lines through an online portal. Furthermore, if an employee quits, you can just as easily remove their phone line and cancel their system.

  1. Enterprise level features made affordable for small business

A small business phone system doesn’t mean it has to lack the enterprise level features of a worldwide corporation. Modern features such as crystal clear call quality, auto-attendants, and interactive voice response all paint your business in a professional light that clients and potential clients will notice and appreciate.

Enterprise levels features also include options like the ability to connect clients to employees who are not in the office near their phone, in an instant. The phone call can be forwarded to the employee’s mobile phone so the client can speak with them and not have to wait until they get back into the office.

All of these features provide your clients with the most professional, cohesive, and fluent experience and help you stand apart from your competition.

  1. Stay connected anytime, anywhere

In many of today’s small businesses, employees aren’t just working from their office desk. Many work from home, leave the office early, or simply want to stay connected when they are not in the office. With a traditional phone system, employees only have access to their phone if they are physically near it. However, with a VoIP phone system, they can receive and make calls from their office, at home, or halfway across the world.

Cloud phone systems allow you to make and receive calls, parktake in conference calls, and have access to all of the features you use with your main office phone from anywhere. This is possible because any device that has an internet connection, such as your laptop or cell phone, can be used like your main VoIP phone in the office.

  1. Professional image

Having a business with a professional image is a key way you will find the most success with your small business. A fluent and easy to use phone system, for both your employees and client, boosts your professional image and makes everyone's experience seamless and pleasant.  

Having the ability to route calls to the correct employees quickly, set up a professional voicemail, create automated assistants, and call notifications help your business keep track of all your client’s needs, whether you have five clients or fifty.

  1. Connect remote teams & remote employees

Many businesses have one or more full-time remote employees or employees who work from home part-time. If that’s the case, having a VoIP phone system can help keep those remote employees connected just as well as those who work in the office.

Call forwarding is quick and efficient, even for those remote workers who are thousands of miles away. Conference calling and various collaboration tools keep all members of your team up to date with what is going on in your business so no one is left out of the loop. Having a team that is on the same page will save you time and money because mistakes from your employees will be reduced.  

  1. Keep private information (phone numbers) private

Small business security is imperative. Many small business owners look over the security of their business and may use personal cell phones to connect with employees and clients.

Although this is convenient for staying connected with your business when you are out of the office, it also means your information, calls, and texts are not secure. Even worse, it also means your employees and clients can call you at home, when you are at dinner, or on a family vacation.

In addition who wants to give out their personal cell phone number to a stranger you just met at a conference or business meeting?  In today’s world that can be extremely dangerous.

To avoid these issues, a cloud phone system can keep you just as connected, but no-one will have access to your private phone number unless you want them to.

If clients are calling employees to talk about business matters, all of that information is stored on their private phone – call records, voicemails, etc. This puts your business at risk and private company data can be exposed.

VoIP phone systems controls the information, calls, and communication clients and employees have with one another, keeping your company’s data safe and secure from outside threats.

Bottom Line

A VoIP phone system for your small business is an essential part of how your business’s communications function. An efficient communication structure will ensure your clients and employees stay connected in a safe, secure, and flexible way.

If you are in search of a new cloud phone system for your small business, RingCentral provides a high-quality, reliable, and highly rated VoIP phone system that my fit your company’s needs perfectly.

To learn more about their services, visit their website or call/chat with a customer service representative for more information.

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