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FreedomVoice Review

Established in 1996, FreedomVoice became among the first in the United States to provide toll free number solutions for businesses. In 2016 FreedomVoice was acquired by GoDaddy – with the goal of helping small businesses start, grow, and succeed. Today, FreedomVoice works to create flexible, full-service business communications solutions. Their flexible service solutions allow for customized plans to fit a wide variety of business needs, and allowing even the smallest of businesses to take advantage of professional communications solutions to enhance their brand and appeal.

Scoring and Rating

Pricing/Minutes/Contract: (Rating: 8/10)

FreedomVoice offers three separate products:

  • CloudNumber – which is a shared minutes plan that gives you a virtual phone number (either toll free or local) and allows you to redirect calls to a cell phone(s) or other number(s). This is similar to RingCentral Professional or's Pay Per Minute Plans.
  • CloudPhone – which is an unlimited (domestic) minutes plan with an included office phone. It is designed to expand from one to four users (phones) and is perfect for small offices. Think of this option as similar to RingCentral Office or Unlimited Minutes Plans.
  • CloudPBX – which is similar to CloudPhone but allows you to expand above four users. Where it really sets itself apart from providers like RingCentral Office is that FreedomVoice gives you unlimited domestic calling but instead of billing you a flat fee for every user(phone), they only bill you based on the max simultaneous calls per month. This is extremely beneficial for offices where some users(phones) are used to a much lesser degree than others – you aren't paying on a strictly per seat basis.

CloudNumber offers three plan options starting at $9.95 for 400 shared minutes, a mid-range plan for $19.95 with 1200 shared minutes and then the top level plan for $29.95 with 3000 shared minutes. CloudNumber comes with a 30 day Free Trial.

CloudPhone bills at a flat rate of $29.95/phone/month for unlimited domestic minutes and includes the service, phone number and phone(s). With each phone, think of it as one user – so if you have an office of 3 people who all need phones then you'd pay 3 x $29.95 or $89.85 per month. There is no free trial because you are purchasing phones with this service, so you are best to try CloudNumber first if you are unsure about the service..

CloudPBX is a bit different – they charge a monthly fee for max simultaneous calls and a low per user rate. With this you get unlimited domestic minutes and all the features of a Virtual PBX. Phones with this service are purchased separately. With this service you are also paired with a certified CloudPBX partner local to your area, who can provide an on-site or online demo, assess your network, and ultimately will install and configure your service to meet your exact requirements. CloudPBX is definitely designed for mid to larger sized office needs.

Call Management: (Rating: 8/10)

All FreedomVoice plans include all of the common call management features, such as follow me live call forwarding, auto attendant greeting, hold music, call queues and hunt groups, voicemail to email, call forwarding, call screening, call blocking, online fax, and online WebLINK control panel.

Available Numbers: (Rating: 8/10)

FreedomVoice comes standard with one local or toll free number upon sign up. If you have an existing business number, you can transfer that number for a one time fee of $30. This same one time fee applies to vanity and true 800 numbers as well. If you need more than one number, they are available at an additional monthly charge of $5 for toll free numbers and $10 for local numbers.

Advanced Features: (Rating: 6/10)

FreedomVoice offers minimal advanced features included in its pricing plans when compared to its competitors. All advanced features come at an additional price regardless of pricing plan. These features include call recording, professional voice talents, and voicemail transcription.

If however you are looking for advanced features such as CRM integration or video conferencing, then Freedomvoice may not be the solution for you.

Usability/Ease of Use: (Rating: 8/10)

FreedomVoice virtual phones and services are easy to setup and easy to use. Since service is equipment free, you will not have to learn how to operate any new hardware. After signup and activation, instructions are sent regarding auto attendant set up and configurations. From there, everything is operating via FreedomVoice’s WebLINK.

Help & Support: (Rating: 8/10)

FreedomVoice standard customer support – available M-F from 5AM to 6:00PM PDT and Saturday, 6:30AM – 3:30PM PST. They also offer 24/7 emergency support to all customers.

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FreedomVoice Pricing and Plans


This company offers a professional business number right for your smart phone. With free mobile app and low price ...

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FreedomVoice Specifications




Starting Monthly Price - Shared Minutes Plans: $9.95

Starting Monthly Price(per user) - Unlimited Minutes Plans: Not Offered

Starting Number of Users - Unlimited Minutes Plans:

Setup or Activation Fees:: None

Cancellation or Early Termination Fees: None

Free Trial or Money Back Guarantee

Shared Minutes Plans(Professional)

Available Minutes – Shared Minutes Plans




Call Management

Anonymous Call Rejection help

Call Blocking

Caller ID/Call Screening

Call Forwarding

Call Hold

Call Return help

Call Waiting

Do Not Disturb

Find Me/Call Routing

3-way Calling

Virtual Extensions

Unlimited Extensions

Call Recording: Yes - but Extra Cost

Advanced VoIP Features

Call from Web/Click to Call

Voicemail to Email


# of Server Locations: 2

Inbound & Outbound Fax: Yes - Both are Provided at no extra cost

CRM Software Integration

Operator Answered Calls: No


Use Your Own Device help

ATA Adaptor

Purchase Phones?: No help


Customer Support



Overage Minutes – Shared Minutes Plans


Extensions – Shared Minutes Plans


Phone #'s – Shared Minutes Plans


Plan Details – Unlimited Minutes Plans

Additional or Add-ons

Cost for Additional Local #'s:

Cost for Additional Toll Free #'s:

Cost for Vanity #'s(one time fee):

Cost for Virtual International Numbers:

Cost to Transfer a Number:

Cost for Additional Minutes Packages:

Available Numbers

Can Transfer Existing Numbers

Toll Free Numbers

Vanity Numbers help

Local Numbers

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Who is FreedomVoice Best Suited For?

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What we Liked about FreedomVoice

WebLINK Control Panel: FreedomVoice’s WebLINK control panel is highly intuitive and simplifies call management, enhancing user experience. This high functionality is necessary, as all calls are managed and made through this control panel.

Customizable Solutions: Each pricing tier can be fully customized to accommodate individual business needs. Some of the special customizations offered include call routing logic, promotional code capture, SOAP API integration, and database storage and access.

Professional Voice Talents: Businesses can enlist the help of professional voice talents and record customized voicemail greetings and/or an auto attendant script. While this feature comes at an additional cost (must contact sales for a quote), it adds another layer of professionalism to your virtual phone system.

Easy Setup: Since there is no additional equipment to purchase, setup is quick and easy. And, once completed, all options and features can be accessed and managed via FreedomVoice’s WebLINK control Panel.

No Equipment Needed: FreedomVoice’s CloudNumber solution does not require additional equipment, saving you money.

Free Trial: FreedomVoice CloudNumber plans come with a free trial. This allows you to test out the system, plan and features in order to determine whether or not it is the best fit for you and your business needs.

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What we Didn't Like about FreedomVoice

Not all Prices Published: While FreedomVoice offers customizable plans; much of their pricing for additional features as well as their CloudPBX solution are unpublished. Potential clients must then call for pricing.

Call Recording Extra: Most competitor plans provide call-recording options as part of their base packages. FreedomVoice, however, does not.

Fewer Features for Cost: Compared to its competitors, FreedomVoice offers less base features for the price. For example, customers will pay $10 extra for a local number and an additional monthly charge for voicemail transcription services—to name a few.

7.7 Total Score
Customizable and no equipment necessary.

FreedomVoice offers customizable communications solutions for mid to large size businesses. Set up is easy and no additional equipment is needed to get started. Their WebLINK control panel is intuitive and allows for easy call management. While their pricing plans offer flexibility, their pricing structure is unclear and support is lacking compared to its competitors.

Call Management
Available Numbers
Advanced Features
Usability/Ease of Use
Help & Support
  • WebLINK Control Panel
  • Three Customizable Solutions
  • CloudPBX - Pay Only for Max Simultaneous Users
  • Easy Setup
  • No Equipment Needed (CloudNumber)
  • Free Trial (CloudNumber)
  • Not all Prices Published (CloudPBX)
  • Call Recording Extra
  • Voicemail Transcription Extra
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Best Available Offer


This company offers a professional business number right for your smart phone. With free mobile app and low price ...

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