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Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club Review

Microbrewed Beer Of the Month Club
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Select from five different clubs each featuring MicroBrews, IPA's, US & International, International Only, or Rare Beers! Get $12 Off 4 months, $15 Off 5 months, $17 off 6 months



Get $12, $15 or $17 Off!
Beer Types

Domestic, International, IPA's, Rare/Limited Production

Bottle Sizes

12 oz., 750 ml

No. of Bottles

2, 4, 6, 12

The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club has been around for more than 20 years. It was founded on the premise of delivering high-quality beers and extraordinary varieties to their subscribers. The company is passionate about beers and the artists behind each craft. They want their members to explore and try beers they have never seen locally. With their reasonable prices, they are certainly a beer of the month club worth gifting or getting for yourself.

A club that brings you exceptional quality and taste from around the world.

  • Multiple beer club options to choose from
  • Pricing is competitive
  • No cancellation fee
  • No lengthy contracts
  • Options for less frequent deliveries
  • Offers rare and limited edition brews

  • No substitutes for beers you are not satisfied with
  • No customized options
  • May ship cans

Beer Selection: (Rating: 10/10)

This club focuses on all microbrewed varieties, including ales, stouts, dark brews, porters, pale ales, blonde, ales, etc. Each shipment includes twelve, 12-ounce beers. Selections change monthly – ensuring subscribers get the variety they are looking for. The International Beer Club comes from two different imported breweries, while the U.S. and International Variety club will send four different beer styles, and the US Microbrewed Beer Club includes four different beer styles per shipment.

The Rare Beer Club offers a two bottle, 4 bottle or 6 bottle club option. This club offers limited-release or exclusive U.S. and imported craft beers. You'll get two different beers each month in 750-ml bottles

For those who like their IPA's, they offer a Hop-Heads Club that offers a variety of hoppy beer styles, including IPAs, Double IPAs, Session IPAs, IPLs, Imperial IPLs, Session IPLs, hoppy Pale and Red Ales, and more from two or more breweries each month. Members get twelve, 12-oz. beers in each shipment, which includes 3 different beers (4 bottles or cans of each) from both U.S. and imported breweries.

MicroBrewed Beer of the Month Club Hops Head Beers

Hops Head Club Beer Selections (click for larger image)

Beer Quality: (Rating: 10/10)

If subscribed in the US/International Variety Club or the International Beer Club, international varieties of beer are included in the shipment. They do include hard-to-find craft beers, award-winning selections, etc. In order for a brewery to be selected, the company’s panel of brew masters will visit the brewery, taste their selections and decide whether or not to include them. They use a rigorous taste-testing method and have rated over 500 beers from around the globe already. Just some of the things they assess include the balance, body, finish, flavor and appeal, characters, aromatic profile and even the appearance of the bottle. Their brewmasters continually travel to top beer-making regions to re-educate themselves on the latest brewing technology and they meet with brewers and importers to try new beers for the members.

They have access to exclusive selections from breweries that you couldn’t find in the United States – and they have access to seasonal beers as well, including Oktoberfests, Spiced Winter Ales and Dopplebocks.

There is also the Rare Beer Club that ensures you get access to beers from small batches or those that are only available certain times of the year in certain areas of the world.

Memberships/Pricing: (Rating: 9/10)

There are no contracts with this club and they have a large variety of membership options to choose from – making it easy enough to tailor the club to your needs. They have a U.S.-based club, a US and International club as well as an all international shipment club. If you prefer rare beers, they have three rare beer club levels to choose from as well. Shipments and payments are done monthly. Shipping will range from $15 to $19 per shipment depending on the membership and monthly membership fees range from $27.95 per month to $70.95 per month.

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    • Additional Perks: (Rating: 7/10)

      Each shipment comes with a monthly newsletter that offers detailed tasting notes, the beer specifications, brewery profiles, food pairings and a lot more. There are no special discounts or additional perks at this time.

      Shipping and Packaging: (Rating: 9/10)

      The club focuses on environmentally friendly packaging. Every bottle is wrapped carefully, though some shipments include canned beers. The company does let customers discuss future shipments and give input on how to proceed with those and recently shipped beers are available for repurchase.

      The shipment we received came in a plain box with a label stating it contained alcohol and someone over the age of 21 must sign for it. The beer was contained in a styrofoam container that separated each bottle nicely so they wouldn't break. On top of the styrofoam was the newsletter that contains information on each brewery and beer in the shipment.

      Website Features: (Rating: 8/10)

      Overall the website is easy to use and you can find the information you need through the pages. The member’s portal allows members to update their subscription, change or cancel. While members cannot skip or return beers they do not like, they can cancel their membership at any time.

      Customer Service/Support: (Rating: 7/10)

      The company does try to offer excellent customer support. They are available via email and over the phone. Customer service hours are from 7am to 5pm PST Monday through Friday and they are closed on the weekends and major holidays. There is no live chat option.


      US Microbrewed Beer Club: Comes with 12, 12 ounce bottles of beer from U.S. microbreweries. Includes a newsletter, four different styles of beers, three bottles or cans and suggested food pairings. Starts at $27.95 per month.

      U.S. and International Variety Beer Club: Comes with 12, 12 ounce beers including four styles from U.S. and international breweries. Includes the monthly newsletter and starts at $31.95 per month.

      International Beer Club: Comes with 12, 12 ounce beers in cans or bottles and includes two different beer styles and six bottles or cans of each. Starts at $34.95 per month.

      Hop-Heads Beer Club: Includes Twelve, 12 oz. hand-crafted hoppy beers each month from both U.S. craft microbreweries and International breweries. Starts at $32.95 per month.

      Rare Beer Club 2 Bottles: Includes two bottles (one of each style) from a featured brewery. Starts at $34.95 per month.

      Rare Beer Club 4 Bottles: Includes four bottles of beer (two bottles of each of the featured beers). Starts at $53.95 per month.

      Rare Beer Club 6 Bottles: Includes six beers (three bottles of each of the featured beers). Starts at $70.95 per month.



      Price Per Shipment: $27.95 - $70.95

      Bottle Sizes

      12 oz

      750 ml

      Help and Support



      Social Media

      Online Tutorials

      Bottle Count(Beer Clubs)





      Beer Club Shipping Frequency

      12 Times

      Beer Selections



      Rare/Limited Production

      Club Features(Beer Clubs)

      Money Back Guarantee?: Yes

      Contract Required?: No

      Cancellation Fee?: No - Cancel at any time

      Can I Skip a Shipment?: Yes

      Can I Limit the # of Shipments?: No help

      Cans or Bottles?: Both

      Can I specify Beer Preferences?: No

      Can I get a refund/replacement if I don't like a selection?: No

      Tasting Notes/Materials/Videos

      Can I place an order without a Club Membership?: No

      States Shipped To



























      New Hampshire

      New Jersey

      New Mexico

      New York

      North Carolina

      North Dakota





      Rhode Island

      South Carolina

      South Dakota






      Washington DC

      West Virginia



      Customer Base This Club is Best Suited For

      This beer club is ideal for those that want to explore new microbrews from the United States or even around the world. While the rare clubs are more for those that appreciate and perhaps even collect beers, the U.S. and basic level memberships offer competitive prices and help those new to beer drinking and even those experienced explore the world’s best breweries.

      What We Like and What We Don't Like

      Microbrewed Beer Club does have some outstanding features. Because it is offered by a well-known company that also specializes in wine and other monthly clubs, customers can rest assured that this monthly beer club will deliver on what they promise. We like how they offer unmatched varieties and rare beers that are not easily found in the states. We also enjoy the variety of club memberships – something not all beer clubs can boast about. We do not like that some beers come in cans. This is because the cans may impose a different flavor or alter the original brew flavor – which means customers may not get the same taste they are meant to. That being said, majority of the beers they ship are in bottles, so this is not something a customer has to worry about encountering often.

      While their customer service option is a little lacking in hours, this is not uncommon for beer of the month clubs. But, for customers that do not keep normal hours, it may be an issue when they cannot contact customer support.

      8.6 Total Score
      Excellent Beer Club with Options for any type of Beer Lover.

      The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club is one of the oldest mail-order beer clubs out there to date. They offer award-winning, hard-to-find craft beers that are selected by a team of experts. International varieties make their way into the boxes as well - giving subscribers a chance to taste their way around the world.

      Beer Selection
      Beer Quality
      Additional Perks
      Shipping and Packaging
      Website Features
      Customer Service/Support


      MicroBrewed Beer of the Month Club

      100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Get Domestic, Rare or even International Beers

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