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Craft Beer Club Review

Craft Beer Club Review

Get 12 world-class craft beers delivered monthly to your recipients door!  FREE Shipping! Every selection is produced by small-production, independent brewers.


Craft Beer Club is the original beer of the month club. The company is all about discovering exceptional, fine crafted brews from around the country and delivering them to your door each month. They do not confuse members with multiple membership options – instead there is one satisfying option to enjoy.

A club with years of experience and free shipping – ideal for all beer drinkers.

  • Extreme variety of beers each month
  • High-quality brews including rare varieties
  • Hard-to-find beers
  • No contracts
  • No cancellation fees
  • Can skip delivery
  • Free gifts for signing up
  • Food pairing information available
  • Free shipping in the United States

  • No substitutions – you get what they ship
  • No customizing available
  • Some shipment may contain cans

Beer Selection: (Rating: 10/10)

Craft Beer Club definitely gives you selection. Each shipment contains four different varieties of beer from two separate breweries. You will receive three of each type in their 12-count shipment. Beers come from breweries around the world and they do their best to give their customers maximum variety – and hopefully, you will not experience the same type of beer in a year. Overall, the company visits thousands of breweries to bring the biggest selection to their customers.

Just some of the types of craft beers members will enjoy include ambers and red ales, red lagers, barleywines, blonde ales, dark wheat ales, APAs, IPAs, double/imperial stouts, double/imperial pilsner, and much more.

Beer Quality: (Rating: 9/10)

The beers from Craft Beer Club are of exceptional quality. They are handpicked by their in-house brew experts for body, flavor, complexity and rarity. You may not receive rare beers in every shipment, but you will receive hard-to-find beers – so you are not simply drinking what you can already buy locally. They do use award-winning taste tests to ensure every beer is up to their level of quality and they focus on two breweries at a time to ensure quality control.

The club does focus on craft beers – which is not like your average beer. These are handcrafted, unique and full of flavors.

Memberships/Pricing: (Rating: 8/10)

Craft Beer Club does not require contracts and as long as you cancel before the next shipment goes out, you will not encounter any cancellation fees. You cannot customize your membership, which may be a drawback for customers. And, the club only offers a 12-can or 24-can membership, but there are no rare beer clubs or other options – which may be too limiting for avid beer drinkers.

One benefit, when compared to other beer of the month clubs, is that Craft Beer Club offers free shipping with all of their memberships.

Additional Perks: (Rating: 8/10)

Members cannot order beers outside of being in the beer of the month club. Each shipment does come with a newsletter and detailed tasting notes as well as information regarding the brews, brewery and the masters behind the brews. Online you can find recipe information and even beer pairings. The newsletter will also include recommended pairings.

Members that order through the site also get free gifts, which include a Craft Beer brand bottle opener and a tasting glass (as long as you sign up for the ongoing or six or more shipments).

Shipping and Packaging: (Rating: 8/10)

The club will send bottles, but sometimes shipment does contain cans. The company does make it clear that the varieties arriving in cans were specifically brewed for those cans; therefore, it should not affect the flavor. They also use cans because they are more eco-friendly than bottles. They estimate that four out of 12 shipments will have cans instead of bottles.

Unlike other beer of the month clubs, Craft Beer Club is one of the only to include shipping for free as part of their membership. This is a big bonus especially for those on a tight budget.

Unfortunately they are not clear as to where they ship and they do state that Alaska and Hawaii may be charged shipping instead of receiving the free shipping perk.

Website Features: (Rating: 8/10)

The website is very easy to use and members have their own membership portal they can log into and find more recipes, information and alter their membership or even skip a shipment. Members can return damaged or unsatisfying beers through the website as well.

Customer Service/Support: (Rating: 8/10)

The company has a reputation for superior customer support. In fact, if there is a beer variety you do not like, you can email customer service and they will attach that note to your profile. While they cannot guarantee anything, they will do their best to not ship that variety – but that may mean you do not receive a shipment at all if that variety makes up the majority of the shipment. The customer support team is available via live chat, phone and email. They are not available 24/7 and instead service is available 8am to 5pm PST Monday through Friday and an answering service is available 5pm to 8am seven days a week. The answering service does not offer the same level of support as customer service and they will simply forward requests over to customer service when they reopen.


There is one membership that can be selected for 12 bottles or 24 bottles.

12 Bottle: This shipment includes 12 beers every month, with four styles and three beers from each style. Starts at $42.00 per month.

24 Bottle: This shipment includes 24 beers each month with four styles and six beers from each style. Starts at $80.00 per month.



Price Per Shipment: $39

Bottle Sizes

12 oz

Help and Support


Live Chat


Social Media

Bottle Count(Beer Clubs)



Beer Club Shipping Frequency

4 Times

6 Times

12 Times

Beer Selections


Rare/Limited Production

Club Features(Beer Clubs)

Money Back Guarantee?: Yes

Contract Required?: No

Cancellation Fee?: No - Cancel at any time

Can I Skip a Shipment?: Yes

Can I Limit the # of Shipments?: Yes help

Cans or Bottles?: Both

Can I specify Beer Preferences?: No

Can I get a refund/replacement if I don't like a selection?: Yes

Tasting Notes/Materials/Videos

Can I place an order without a Club Membership?: No

Free Shipping

States Shipped To


Customer Base This Club is Best Suited For

Because there are only two options, the club is not as versatile for all beer drinkers as other clubs. Therefore, we think this club is best suited for those new to beer of the month club memberships. You can choose between 12 and 24 beer memberships and it will help you get a feeling for craft beers. But, once you are ready to try vintage or rare varieties, you will need to move onto a club that offers collectors' edition beers. This company does have over 16 years of experience – making them a comfortable, reliable starting place for new members.

What We Like and What We Don't Like

Craft Beer Club does have a lot of great features. They have been around longer than most beer of the month clubs – so they are reliable and customers can feel comfortable signing up with them. They have also gained authority in the industry and with their excellent selections and recipe pairings, they are an ideal club to join. We like the fact they offer free shipping – because most companies offer low monthly rates with high shipping fees.

We feel they could use more variety in terms of memberships – so that members have the ability to customize their plan to their needs. Because they are limited, they may be a club that members grow out of quickly and the club may not suit member's needs long-term.

One thing we did not like is that they offer free shipping, but then charge for Hawaii and Alaska residents – this may pose an issue for some customers.

This club does offer excellent beer qualities and varieties. They feature so many different styles that it is unlikely anyone will ever experience the exact same beer with Craft Beer Club – which is always a plus. Overall, it is a great club that we recommend for those looking to start up a monthly beer club membership.

8.4 Total Score

Craft Beer Club is the original beer of the month club. They have a variety of excellent memberships to choose from and some of the finest beers from around the world - ensuring you get to explore the world of beer the right way.

Beer Selection
Beer Quality
Additional Perks
Shipping and Packaging
Website Features
Customer Service/Support


Get 12 world-class craft beers delivered monthly to your recipients door!  FREE Shipping! Every selection is produced by small-production, independent brewers.


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