Game Day Snack Ideas for the Superbowl

Looking for game day snacks for the superbowl?
Whether you are hosting the Superbowl or just an attendee, you know it is all about the snacks. People don’t have time to deal with meals, but you want to give them something to hold them over the few hours the game will last. Plus, you don’t want to create a mess in your house or on your guests serving things that are too fussy.

The key to a great Superbowl party is having the right spread of snacks and finger foods. You will want to be creative, but also serve up a few fan favorites so your guests aren’t overwhelmed with odd-ball choices. You don’t necessarily have to whip up football-themed snacks either – unless you’re feeling especially crafty.

Do the Usual Fruit and Veggie Platters First

Fruit and vegetables platters will never fail you. Offer up at least a platter or two of these healthier options so that your guests have something to snack on without the guilt. Since most people are trying to stick to a New Year’s health resolution at the same time they’re attending the party, having some healthier options will make your event less guilt-creating.

Go Local

You don’t need to fill your party up with processed food. In fact, use this as an opportunity to check out local vendors – such as a local bakery or meat shop. That way you can show off a few local cheeses and meats on a platter or even some sweet treats.

Keep it Kid-Friendly

Most Superbowl events are a family event. If you have young kids showing up or you are attending a Superbowl party where there are children, make sure to think of them as you create your food. For example, finger foods are much easier than messy ones – where parents will have to spend time cleaning up their kids or watching them take every bite. Pizza, dips, crackers and even some fun-shaped treats are always a good idea for kids.

Consider Specialty Diets

There may be people attending that have a gluten-sensitivity or are diabetic. Keep these specialty diets in mind and have a few snack options for them. Also, if you know of any vegans or vegetarians, try to make sure you have something other than just a vegetable platter. Try making bean and sweet potato bites or even hummus dips that are vegetarian-friendly.

Don’t Forget the Beer

Superbowl meals aren’t complete without a good beer (or two). Try to pair up the snacks you offer alongside beers from your beer of the month club. Most clubs send tasting notes and recipe ideas – and you may even find a few recipes that can be scaled down into snack-size for easier serving at your Superbowl event.

To make sure you have the beer in stock and to impress your beer drinking game lovers, check out our in-depth reviews of beer of the month clubs. You can have an impressive selection of beers sent straight to your door from breweries around the world.

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