Who Would Enjoy a Beer of the Month Club Membership?

Who Would Enjoy a Beer of the Month ClubDo you have a Beer Enthusiast in your house? Want to pick the perfect Beer Club for them? We'll help you do just that!
Club memberships are not for everyone. When you commit to a membership (even a month-to-month one), you want to make sure you or your gift recipient is the type that would enjoy it. Beer of the month clubs are no different. You want to not only pick the right club, but make sure it is ideal for the type of beer drinker they are.

Luckily, beer of the month clubs are fairly versatile and they even have budget-friendly, simple membership options to suit those that aren't quite up to the connoisseur level.


For the Here and There Beer Drinking Type
This is the type of person that will drink a beer here and there – but not daily. Perhaps it is after a hard day of work or strictly on the weekends while waiting the games. This type of beer drinker needs a very basic beer of the month club membership. Nothing fancy, no frills and no beers that overwhelm them. Basic, however, doesn't mean boring. This can still include great varieties of domestic beers as well as brews from microbreweries in the United States. Some good memberships to start with for this type of beer drinker include:

  • The Micro Beer Club – Regular Beer Club
  • The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club – U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club
  • Clubs Galore – Monthly Beer Club
  • Clubs of America – Beer of the Month Club

  • The Collector
    This type of beer drinker is very serious about their beers. In fact, they want to find the rarest styles and limited production beers that no one else will have. Even more so, they want a few of each rare type, because one might sit around in their collection, while they enjoy the other one. There are plenty of clubs that suit the collector's tastes, but you will pay more per bottle than the basic type of membership and may receive less bottles per shipment. Some good clubs that suit the collector's tastes include:

    The Connoisseur
    This type of beer drinker knows their beers and they are looking for full-bodied flavor and unique craft beers that aren't easily found locally. To a connoisseur, it is about appreciating the art of microbrewing and more importantly, taking their time enjoying every sip and drop in that bottle. These beer drinkers love domestic and international varieties of beer alike and they especially enjoy limited-production beers, rare varieties and surprising twists in their monthly shipments. Some clubs that are best suited for the connoisseurs out there include:

    The Beer of the Month Club Gift Giver
    Sometimes it is about enjoying watching your recipient drink the beers they receive in their gifted membership. If you are giving a beer of the month club membership to family or friends, there are plenty of options out there that are budget-friendly and still offer great variety. Just some you could start with include:

    No matter what type of beer drinker you are or your recipient is, there is bound to be a beer club out there that satisfies your beer tastes and budget – and most importantly, there is no such thing as a beer club that no one will like.

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