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Top 5 Best Accounting Software

You don’t have time to go through each accounting program out there, test trials and see who works. Instead, you want a list of the best accounting programs out there for your business so that you can easily narrow it down to just one. Our editors have tested and tried multiple accounting platforms to compile this list of our Top 5 best accounting software programs. These five were picked for their ease of use, affordability, features and scalability – and we think you’ll like them just as much as we did.

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Find the best accounting software - whether it's for taxes, affordability, freelancers, or small business needs. We have the lists to help you! #accounting #accountingsoftware #smallbusiness

Easiest Accounting Software to use

Easiest to Use Accounting Software

No one wants to read a large manual for their accounting software and we can appreciate that. We personally tested our accounting programs to see which were the easiest to use – whether you are brand new to accounting software or dabbled in them here and there. This list of the Easiest to Use Accounting Software features five companies that make it so easy to setup, get started and maintain your financial records that you will almost feel as though you didn’t even keep track of the books.


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Most Affordable Accounting Software

Most Affordable Accounting Software

You shouldn’t have to pay a fortune for your accounting software – and there are plenty of options out there that offer everywhere from basic to advanced accounting all for an extremely budget-friendly price. We not only tried these programs, but some of our staff even use these programs themselves! This list of the Most Affordable Accounting Software shows you just how little it can cost to get great financial control of your company.


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Best Accounting Software for Freelances and Contractors

Best Accounting for Freelancers and Independent Contractors

There just aren’t enough options out there for freelancers and independent contractors when it comes to reliable accounting. That is why our editors took the time to test and handpick accounting software that truly is the Best Accounting for Freelancers and Independent Contractors. These companies focus on the needs of a freelancer – from Schedule C preparation to estimated quarterly tax payments and more. If you’re an independent contractor, you will find these programs offer you the features you’ve found lacking in other programs.

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Best Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Best Accounting for Small Businesses

Small businesses don’t need overly complex financial software, but they also don’t need something too simplified. We understand your business is unique and has its own list of needs – from payroll to inventory and more. That is why we’ve handpicked the Best Accounting for Small Businesses so you can find software that accommodates companies with less than 50 employees.


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“The company accountant is shy and retiring. He's shy a quarter of a million dollars. That's why he's retiring. ” – Milton Berle

Best Accounting Software for Tax Assistance

Best Accounting for Tax Assistance

What’s the point of having accounting software if it cannot also simplify tax time? Believe it or not there are plenty of programs out there that offer limited resources and support for taxes – but there are a handful of those that understand your woes. This list of the Best Accounting Programs for Tax Assistance brings to you five vendors that help you track income/expenses, prepare tax forms and some even file taxes for you! With these, there’s no need to stress at tax time, because it is all done and ready for you simply to hit “submit”.

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Best Accounting Software for Payroll

Best Accounting for Payroll

When you have employees and you are doing your own accounting, you don’t need to pay for multiple software programs or hire a separate company just to pay the people that work for you. That is why we personally tested multiple accounting programs to find those that offer payroll (either as part of their service or as an add-on feature) so that you can keep track of company finances and still pay those that are helping take your business to the next level.

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Tips for Selecting the Best Accounting Software

  • Price

    Price shouldn’t always be a factor. Remember it is a tax deductible purchase, and sometimes you will have to pay more depending on the specific features your business needs.

  • Type of Business

    The type of business you run will ultimately determine what type of accounting software you need. After all, a large retailer will need much different features than an entrepreneur or even a freelancer.

  • Mobile Access

    If you aren’t in the office, skip the desktop software and go for something cloud-based with a mobile app. That way you remain in control of company finances no matter where you are.

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