Accounting Software Reviews – 2019

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QuickBooks Plus Review

QuickBooks Plus Review

QuickBooks Plus comes from the QB Online product family and offers more robust features than Simple Start and Essentials. With payroll and inventory tracking, it may be all a small business owner ever needs.

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2 QuickBooks Pro Review

QuickBooks Pro Review

QuickBooks Pro has been around for years and is one of the most trusted, well-used accounting programs for businesses of all sizes.

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3 QuickBooks Essentials Review

QuickBooks Essentials Review

QuickBooks Essentials offers an upgrade from their Simple Start program with more features, intuitive accounting and additional access for up to three users.

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4 WorkingPoint Review

WorkingPoint Review

WorkingPoint offers features that can apply to both small business owners and independent contractors. From estimated quarterly tax payments to tax preparation reports, the features and great price make them something to consider.

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5 QuickBooks Premier Review

QuickBooks Premier Review

QuickBooks Premier comes from the QuickBooks family of desktop accounting products. It features everything from basic accounting to inventory and more so you stay on track.

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6 GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping (Outright) Review

GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping (Outright) Review

GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping, formerly known as, offers a variety of accounting options for small businesses and independent contractors. While not designed for larger companies, they offer plenty of features a smaller business or startup would need.

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7 Sage One Review

Sage One Review

Sage One is designed for businesses just starting out and even freelancers that need to take control of their finances. They offer just the right balance of features to accommodate most accounting needs for small businesses.

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8 Xero Accounting Review

Xero Accounting Review

Xero is a feature-rich cloud-based accounting program and one of the few to offer integrated payroll. Their prices are higher than other programs, but they try to make up for that by offering third party app integrations and other features that you are often charged extra for with other companies.

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9 QuickBooks Simple Start Review

QuickBooks Simple Start Review

QuickBooks Simple Start offers cloud-based accounting for small businesses looking to simplify finances, invoice and stay professional.

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10 QuickBooks Self-Employed Review

QuickBooks Self-Employed Review

QuickBooks Self Employed is perfect for freelancers and independent contractors that have different accounting needs compared to traditional businesses. With tools like Schedule C, tax filing and estimated quarterly tax payments, it may be the only program out there truly for self-employed individuals.

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11 Freshbooks Review

Freshbooks Review

FreshBooks is one of the few accounting programs to offer time tracking and even the ability to monitor employee time and revenue in a single program. While they lack more complex features, it may be all a single business owner needs.

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12 Zoho Accounting Review

Zoho Accounting Review

Zoho Books is all about offering simplified accounting with numerous add-on apps so that you can customize your accounting and project management experience.

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13 Wave Accounting Review

Wave Accounting Review

You don't have to pay a lot for accounting - and Wave proves that. With Wave Accounting you enjoy free lifetime accounting, invoicing and more.

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14 Sage 100 ERP Review

Sage 100 ERP Review

Sage 100 ERP offers everything from inventory management to product and task management and accounting. This in-depth desktop software is ideal for SMBs looking to maximize what they get from a single program.

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15 Sage 50 Review

Sage 50 Review

Sage 50 is designed for the small business that needs a little more from their accounting. With features like inventory and project management built-in, it could be the only program you'll ever need.

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16 FreeAgent Review

FreeAgent Review

FreeAgent has a no-frills approach for small business accounting. They offer one plan, one fee and a set number of services regardless of your business size.

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17 Less Accounting Review

Less Accounting Review

Less Accounting sticks true to its name by reducing just how many tasks are associated with keeping your company's books up to date. While they lack the more advanced features, they may be ideal for small businesses and freelancers that need intuitive accounting online.

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18 AccountEdge Review

AccountEdge Review

AccountEdge offers a cloud-based as well as a desktop version of their accounting software. While they have great features, their ease of use is extremely low and they may not have the features most businesses need to track their financial well-being.

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19 Kashoo Review

Kashoo Review

Kashoo overall is a basic accounting program that offers a good variety of features, but may prove to be too simple for larger companies or those that need payroll and more advanced features.

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