Grapeswine Club Review

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grapeswine wine club review

Grapeswine Club offers the finest world-class wines delivered straight to your door every six weeks. Unlike other clubs, they take a unique approach to payments, contracts and deliveries – ensuring a steady flow of great wine in your house. The company strives to create a relationship with every member they have and make sure wine is the pleasure of life for their members.

A wine club that focuses solely on fine wines and award-winning bottles.

  • Access to fine, rare and vintage wines
  • Superior quality
  • Wine advisors available
  • Can purchase wines from the store too
  • Free shipping for premium memberships
  • 12-month contract required
  • No sparkling wines or champagnes
  • 6 or 12-packs only
  • High per bottle rate
  • Free shipping not available on all memberships

Wine Selection: (Rating: 10/10)

There no doubt that members get an excellent variety when it comes to the Grapeswine Club. When a member signs up, they choose from red or white wine categories – and each category dictates the styles of wines that will be received. These styles are discussed by their flavor profiles – so that members new to wines can still pick a variety that suits their tastes. Each shipment also contains six and 12 bottles – giving members plenty of different varieties every six weeks. Also, the wines are hand-picked by in-house wine experts and feature vineyards from around the world.

Wine Quality: (Rating: 10/10)

The wine quality of Grapeswine Club shipments is superior. They feature some of the highest rated, finest wines and even rare and vintage varieties come standard in membership shipments. They deal exclusively in fine wines and hard-to-find bottles – so there is no such thing as a garden variety bottle. For a bottle to make it into their shipment, it must be critically acclaimed by renowned wine critics.

Memberships/Pricing: (Rating: 8/10)

There are four core memberships with Grapeswine Club: Premium 6 Bottle, Premium 12 Bottle, Super Premium 6 Bottle and the Super Premium 12 Bottle. Members can then choose which selection they want within that membership, such as Big Reds, Selected Reds and Whites, Selected Roses, etc. This will determine the style of wine that shows up in their membership. The Premium 6 and 12 Bottle memberships are charged $11.95 and $19.95 shipping, while the other memberships are free. The shipments are released once every six weeks and range from $270 to $720 per shipment.

Unfortunately none of the Grapeswine memberships come with just a one-time shipment option nor do they have limited duration shipments – which means you would have to call and cancel the service when you no longer wish to receive their club shipments.

Additional Perks: (Rating: 5/10)

There are not tons of perks with this club – other than the fact you get amazing wines. They do have options for members to purchase wines from their store, but there is no special discount for the members. They also have GrapesWineTV that features educational videos for wine club members and wine lovers alike.

States: (Rating: 8/10)

The company is clear about what states they cannot ship to and their shipping policies. It is important to note that they charge shipping per case for lower level memberships – which substantially increases the amount a person will pay each year or per bottle. As of right now, the company cannot ship to AL, AR, DE, IL, IN, KY, ME, MA, MD, MS, MO, OK, PA, SD, TX, TN, UT.

Gift Memberships and Options: (Rating: 8/10)

At this time, Grapeswine does not offer gift memberships for their clubs. They do, however, offer three, six and 12-bottle sets for gift collections that do not require you to sign up for a club or any sort of on-going relationship with the company – which is perfect if you want to test out the types of wines they offer. Unfortunately, they do not offer limited duration gift memberships either, but they do offer gift certificates ranging from $60 to $1,000 in value.

When ordering as a gift, they allow you to send a personalized gift message with each gift you send and the gift is professionally packaged in an attractive box with wines laid down for safer transport.

Website Features: (Rating: 7/10)

Finding information on the Grapeswine Club membership can be a little difficult. All of the pertinent information (shipping, returns, etc.) is hidden at the bottom and finding information out about the clubs will require changing between several pages. They do not have an innovative member portal area, but members can change orders and update membership via email, phone and a few other methods.

Customer Service/Support: (Rating: 7/10)

The company is not clear about their customer support hours, but it can be assumed they are not a 24/7 operation. There is a toll-free number that members and customers can call and they can also email customer service with their questions – but the email and toll-free number share with all store inquiries as well.


Premium 6 Bottle Pack: Includes six bottles shipped eight times in the year. Starts at $270 per shipment with $11.95 shipping fee.

Premium 12 Bottle Pack: Includes 12 highly rated bottles of wine shipped eight times in the year. Starts at $480 per shipment with $19.95 shipping fee.

Super Premium 6 Bottle Pack: Includes six superior quality wines shipped eight times in the year. Starts at $420 per shipment with free shipping.

Super Premium 12 Bottle Pack: Includes 12 superior quality wines shipped eight times a year. Starts at $720 per shipment with free shipping.



$40 to Under $50 a Bottle

Over $50 a Bottle

Bottle Count



Help and Support



Social Media

Assistance from Wine Expert


Wine Selections




Rare Collectable or Vintage

US Wines

International Wines

Shipping Frequency per Year

8 Times

Club Features

BBB Rating: A+ help

Money Back Guarantee: Yes

Contract Required?: Yes

Cancellation Fee: Yes - if not cancelled within 30 Days

Can I Skip a Shipment?: No

Can I limit the duration?: No help

Offer One Time Shipments: No

Can I establish a Wine Profile that my selections are based on?: No

Can I get a refund/replacement if I don't like a selection?: Yes

Tasting Notes/Materials/Videos help

Can I order Bottles without a Club Membership?: Yes help

Free Shipping

Offer Gift Club Memberships: No

Offer Gift Collections/Boxes that don't require membership: Yes

States They Ship To


















New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota



Rhode Island

South Carolina




Washington DC

West Virginia



Who is This Wine Club Best Suited For?

Unfortunately, Grapeswine Club will not suit everyone or even a fraction of most club members. Instead, this club is designed for wine connoisseurs and those that truly appreciate vintage and highly rated wines – and are willing to pay for it. At several hundred dollars per shipment (and over $700 for one), this is also not a club for those on a tight budget and more likely for members that do not mind spending extra for superb quality wines.

However, those that are looking to spend their money on a club that actually delivers the high-quality wines they boast about will be pleased with the selection and quality that comes from Grapeswine Club.

What We Like and What We Don't Like

Grapeswine Club offers excellent quality wine and has something that other clubs cannot boast about. Their dedication to fine wines and vintage varieties is very impressive and they do not let their members down when it comes to quality and even delivering on time.

We do not like that for such a high price, they still charge some memberships shipping. Over the year those shipping charges can add up and make it more affordable to just opt for the higher-priced membership – which seems to be what they are pushing for.

We do not like that it is so difficult to find information and how clunky the memberships are for the price. After a member chooses their “selection” they are stuck within that selection unless they email customer service and request a change – which may cause some issues.

7.9 Total Score
Fine wines every six weeks.

Grapeswine Club offers fine wines delivered every six weeks to ensure maximum flavor and variety. Their club takes a unique approach to wine club memberships and only features high-rated fine wines.

Wine Selection
Wine Quality
Additional Perks
Website Features
Customer Service/Support
Gift Memberships and Options
  • Access to fine, rare and vintage wines
  • Superior quality
  • Wine advisors available
  • Can purchase wines from the store too
  • Free shipping for premium memberships
  • 12-month contract required
  • No sparkling wines or champagnes
  • 6 or 12-packs only
  • High per bottle rate
  • Free shipping not available on all memberships

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