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Most Interesting Wine Clubs

Most Interesting Wine Clubs

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Top 5 Interesting Wine of the Month Clubs

Have you ever looked at a wine club and just had the overwhelming feeling that you have been there, and done that? You’re not alone.

That is why we examined each wine club out there not only for their quality of wines, but their features, benefits and those little things that make them stand out from the rest. Whether it is a personalized profile or a discussion group, these wine clubs are definitely not vanilla.
We examined each wine club out there not only for their quality of wines, but their features, benefits and those little things that make them stand out from the rest.


Wine Lovers Club

By: Direct Cellars


6.5 A wine club that operates like a book club.
Direct Cellars Wine Club Review
2 bottles2 bottles For $50.00

$50.00 per shipment + Free shipping

$25.00 per bottle price

shipping frequency 12 times a year

The Wine Lovers Club is all about variety, but not a variety you will loathe. You do not even have to be the adventurous type, because before you get your shipment, you complete an in-depth wine profile. This tells the Direct Cellars folks what you like, don’t like, and it ensures you only receive stuff you will actually drink.

But, Wine Lovers Club does more than just personalize – they make it a real, virtual club experience. You get food and wine pairings with each delivery, access to in-depth information on each wine, and you can share your thoughts during their online social events, in the forums, and more. This club operates like an online book club for wines – opening up discussions and making it a social affair.

The wine that comes in this membership is handpicked and carefully curated. Their test panels taste each wine before including it in a shipment – ensuring you get what you paid for.

A Few Details about this Club:

Each month you get two premium bottles of wine. The Wine Lovers Club is $50 per month with free shipping, so it’s $25 per bottle. You can choose from two reds, two whites or one of each.

This club is very user-friendly and lets you login and change wine selections for upcoming shipments as well as skip a shipment if you need to.

Are you only about the reds? If reds are what you crave, check out their Red Fans Trio club instead. For only $10 more per month, you’ll get three bottles and free shipping of delicious red wines.

#2 Rated

Curator’s Choice

By: Club W


8.3 Fun, funky wine club with suggestions based on your profile
Club W Wine Club Review
case of 12 bottlescase of 12 bottlescase of 12 bottles For $48.00

$42.00 per shipment + $6.00 shipping

$16.00 per bottle price

shipping frequency 12 times a year

Curator’s Choice is all about premium wines that you can buy, share and discover. The team at Club W encourages wine club members to discover their unique wine personality – which is why you fill out an in-depth wine profile before getting your first shipment. You’ll answer questions that can include the type of coffee you like and fruits you enjoy – so that they can determine which wines you’ll be happy with.

You can access your membership with your mobile app and remove wines, skip shipments, and much more. You can even scan the barcode of a Club W bottle you receive and their app will send you to Tastemaker videos so that you can see food pairings, learn about the wine, or even order more.

A Few Details about this Club:

With Curator’s Choice you will get three bottles each month at $14 per bottle. There is a flat rate of $6 for shipping, but if you choose to receive six or more bottles each month, you won’t have to pay shipping. So, you can expect to pay anywhere from $16 to $14 per bottle depending on if you go with three or six bottles.

Don’t think you did too well on your palate profile quiz? Not a worry. This club lets you retake and adjust the profile based on your new wine experiences. So, as you enjoy and experience different wines, you can add that to your profile.

#3 Rated

Serendipity Club

By: Miramonte Winery


7.5 A fresh, fun local wine club.
Miramonte Winery Wine Club Review
2 bottles
2 bottles For $30.00

$20 - $30 per shipment + shipping

$10 - $15 per bottle price + shipping

shipping frequency 12 times a year

Very few memberships out there offer access to Sangria – but there are plenty of people out there who enjoy it. It’s refreshing, crisp and fun. Miramonte Winery offers their Serendipity Club, which is a bi-monthly club specializing in Sangria.

All Sangrias are shipped straight from Southern California and delivered to your door. But, this club comes with some very exciting perks – especially if you live in the area.

Not only do you get two delightful bottles of Sangria shipped to you every other month. But, you get 20% off other wine purchases from their store, and once a month you can attend a free wine tasting at the winery. You are also given the red carpet experience, will receive private invitations to the exclusive Rouge Party and seasonal winemaker dinners.

A Few Details about this Club:

For two bottles of Sangria, you will pay $20 to $30 per month plus shipping. Shipping depends on the weight and location, so you will pay $10 to $15 per bottle before shipping.

Want something special? Miramonte Winery also offers etched wine bottles that you can purchase and give to family and friends as a gift. Whether it is for a wedding or anniversary, you will get great wines and even a members-only discount on the etched bottles.

#4 Rated

5 Seasons Wine Club

By: Vinesse


7.5 A wine club for every need and budget.
Vinesse Wine Club Review
 4 bottles For $89.99

$89.99 per shipment + $34 shipping

$10.33 per bottle price

shipping frequency 5 times a year

Have you ever wanted to taste a wine that was perfect for those crisp winter nights or ideal along with pumpkin pie? The 5 Seasons Wine Club from Vinesse strives to offer you just that. Their club features five shipments with wines that are exclusively picked to meet the demands and flavors of the season – from spring to summer to even winter and the holidays.

These bottles of wine are ideal as a gift or for yourself if you are an avid seasonal wine drinker. You will be pleasantly surprised at how their staff has picked their seasonal favorites and how well they go along with the recipes included in the tasting notes and newsletter.

A Few Details about this Club:

The 5 Seasons Wine Club starts at $89.99 for the first shipment of five shipments over the one year contract. Plus the initial shipment comes with two extra bottles of Carneros Pinot Noir.  Then shipments two through five are $143.99 – which still puts you at less than $12 a bottle.

With Vinesse you will pay shipping – and on 12 bottles it would be $34. You can  cancel at any time if you are unsatisfied with Vinesse. Your shipments include 12 bottles of seasonal wines – more than enough to share with family and friends.

Want an eco-friendly wine? Vinesse holds the rank on the most intriguing wine clubs. If the 5 Seasons club isn’t right for you, check out their Earth-Friendly Wine Club that starts at $14 to $23 per bottle and features organic and eco-friendly wines from around the world.

#5 Rated

Sparkling Wine Club

By: Vinesse


7.5 A wine club for every need and budget.
Vinesse Wine Club Review
3 bottles 3 bottles3 bottles For $93.00

$72.00 per shipment + $21.00 shipping

$31.00 per bottle price

shipping frequency 2 or 5 times a year

Sparkling wines are always fun – and there are just not enough wine clubs out there that cater to those who like a little bubble in their drink. Vinesse heard those calls for something sparkling and created their Sparkling Wine Club.

This club features six bottles of sparkling wines and champagnes shipped five times per year. These are not just garden variety bottles either – they come from the finest regions in winemaking, including Spain, France, Australia, South America and of course Sonoma Valley.

These wines are not just for celebration, but it will be nice to have some legendary French champagne on hand when you need it. Shipments include tasting notes and individual notes that educate you on the variations of each wine, recipe pairings and even touring tips if you were to ever visit the region where the wine came from.

A Few Details about this Club:

You can choose between 3, 6 and 12 bottle shipments, though the company recommends going with the six bottles. You can also cut it down to two times per year – so you can make way for other wine club shipments or go for the five times per year membership option.

Shipping is $21 for three bottles, $25 for six bottles, and $34.00 for 12 bottles. The club ranges from $24 to $29 per bottle – depending on the champagne or sparkling wine chosen for that shipment. So, customers who sign up for the six bottle shipment can expect to pay $169 to $199 per shipment or $28 to $33 per bottle.

Pair your sparkling wine with earth-friendly options! Vinesse also offers an Earth-friendly Wine Club that sends organic, environmentally-friendly wine products that are out of this world. You can combine this membership with your Sparkling Wine membership for two unique experiences throughout the year.

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