Best Wine Clubs for Collectors

Best Collectors Wine Clubs

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Top 5 Best Wine of the Month Clubs for Collectors

You know what goes into a fine wine and you don’t just drink superb wine – you collect it. The selection at your local liquor or wine store just isn’t enough to satisfy your expectations. While there are plenty of wine clubs out there that offer high-rated, award-winning wines, you want those vintage, rare and boutique collections.

These clubs are here to provide you with a selection of carefully curated wines that are ideal for collectors just like you. To compile this list we compared the selection of “collectors” edition wines to ensure you truly get something extraordinary in every shipment.
You know what goes into a fine wine and you don’t just drink superb wine – you collect it. These clubs ensure you truly get something extraordinary in every shipment.


Aged Cabernet Series

By: California Wine Club


9.1 Fine selections, expertly picked wines.
California Wine Club Review
2 bottles2 bottles For $219.00

$219.00 per shipment + shipping

$109.50 per bottle price + shipping

shipping frequency 4, 6, or 12 times a year

The California Wine Club deals not just in California wines, but premier, rare and vintage wines too. If you are looking for wines that are collector-caliber, the Aged Cabernet Series may be just what you are looking for.

This club focuses on the fine red cabernets from California’s finest wineries. Each has been aged to perfection and at a minimum of at least eight years before being released in their shipments. The experts at California Wine Club physically visit the winery, taste their so-called aged cabernets and only select those that meet their rigorous standards for excellence.

Because most of the tasting crew at California Wine Club are collectors themselves, they know just what you are looking for in this series – and they deliver.

A Few Details about this Club:

The Aged Cabernet Series starts at $219 per shipment for two bottles – about $109.50 per bottle. But, price should never be an issue when you are collecting wines for your cellar or your next fine wine and dine party.

With all California Wine Club memberships shipping is not included and it will depend on where you live. But, you are not dealing with long-term commitments, so if you are not satisfied or want to move on, there are no hard feelings.

Want to reorder a bottle or two? Members will receive deep discounts on bottle reorders from the Aged Cabernet Series as well as other series with California Wine Club.

#2 Rated

Connoisseur’s Choice

By: Direct Cellars


6.5 A wine club that operates like a book club.
Direct Cellars Wine Club Review
2 bottles2 bottles For $75.00

$75.00 per shipment + Free shipping

$37.50 per bottle price

shipping frequency 12 times a year

You only deal with wines that have a 90 or higher rating and you want a handpicked selection from around the world. The Connoisseur’s Choice membership from Direct Cellars brings you high-rated, rare and boutique wines from around the globe.

You’ll receive two bottles of premium wines each month – two reds or one red, one white.

A Few Details about this Club:

Connoisseur’s Choice comes with a price tag of $75 for two bottles each month and free shipping. So, you are paying $37.50 per bottle. While you won’t get any vintage wines from this collection, you still receive wines with a 90+ rating and access to limited production, rare varieties of wines.

Direct Cellars includes tasting notes and even lets you sign in to see which wines you’re receiving so you can decide if you want to skip a shipment or swap them out.

If you are unsatisfied with a wine you receive, especially at such a high price, Direct Cellars will replace or refund you the cost.

Worried about not getting the fine wines you crave? No need to worry. Direct Cellars has members fill out a flavor profile to ensure they send you the best bottle of wine to suit your tastes.

4 bottles4 bottles4 bottles4 bottles For $165.00

$165.00 per shipment + shipping

$41.25 per bottle price

shipping frequency 4 times a year

A true wine collector knows what goes into a fine wine – and rating has a lot to do with it. The Diamond Series from Gold Medal Wine Club features 93+ or higher wines only – which are the crème of the crop in wine.

Gold Medal Wine Club has a panel of experts taste every wine before it is featured and they have traveled the world seeking out these rare, highly acclaimed wines for the Diamond Series. For the price, you get a lot of wine and a great per bottle price too – which makes them even more appealing if you are trying to fill a cellar without losing the budget.

A Few Details about this Club:

The Diamond Series from Gold Medal Wine Club starts at $165 to $195 per shipment. Price will vary depending on the four bottles that are selected for that quarterly collection. Each shipment will come with a newsletter featuring information about the wines so that you can add that portfolio to your collection as well.

There are no commitments with Gold Medal memberships and you can cancel at any time. If you want to try just one shipment you can with Gold Medal Wine Club too – something not all clubs offer.

Want a few international varieties too? There are add-on programs for the Gold Medal Wine Clubs, but if they don’t suit your taste and you want to explore globally, sign up for the International Series – starting at $65 to $85 per quarter and $24.95 for the Adventure Package.

#4 Rated

Reserve Club

By: Laithwaite’s Wine Club


6.4 Great introductory offers and wines.
Laithwaite's Wine Club Review
 6 bottles For $219.98

$199.99 per shipment + $19.99 shipping

$18.33 per bottle price

shipping frequency 4 times a year

Get exciting, international and local special bottles of wines delivered to your door with the Reserve Club by Laithwaite’s Wine Club. You get access to small batch, limited production wines from the most renowned estates in the world – including Bordeaux.

Because they deal in cases, you will get a better per bottle price for these high-rated wines. Every three months you will receive a selection of 12 expertly curated wines with expert tasting notes and access to limited edition wines. You can choose between all reds or a mixture.

A Few Details about this Club:

The Reserve Club will cost you $199.99 per 12-bottle shipment with an added $19.99 shipping. So, you will pay $219.98 per case or $18.33 per bottle.  With the initial shipment you get 3 extra bottles at no additional cost.

The club lets you login and see your upcoming case. You can change out options or skip the entire shipment so that you never receive a bottle you don’t want. And, if you are unsatisfied, you can still get a refund or replacement bottle.

Want a great introductory offer? You can sign up for Laithwaite’s 4 Seasons Club and get 12 bottles for just $69.99 on the first shipment with three extra bottles added in. Pair this with your Reserve Club and keep your cellar stocked at all times.

#5 Rated

Cellar Series

By: Wine of the Month Club


8.61 A club that devotes itself to quality and variety.
Wine of the Month Club Review
6 bottles For $65.95

$65.95 per shipment + shipping

$10.99 per bottle price + shipping

shipping frequency 6 times a year

Get a great selection of superb wines without paying a fortune by signing up for the Cellar Series by the Wine of the Month Club.

Every other month you will get four reds and two whites that were chosen for their regional character and variety. You’ll also receive a 20-page newsletter that discusses the wines origin, grape, the vintner behind it, and the winery. And, you’ll get expert recipe pairings and tasting notes to finish it off.

A Few Details about this Club:

For the Cellar Series, you will pay $65.95 per shipment plus anywhere from $13.16 to $19.11 for shipping. Shipping fees are based off the zone you live in – which is then calculated from where the original shipment comes from.

For example, Zone 2 (California) is charged $13.16 per shipment, while Zone 8 (Florida) would be charged $19.11. So, if you were shipping to California, it would be a total of $83.11 or almost $14 per bottle.

With the Wine of the Month Club, you can skip a shipment as well as preview your upcoming shipment to swap out any bottles you do not want. And, if you ever receive a wine you are not satisfied with, you can request a refund.

Looking for limited production? If you don’t care about rarity and score, but do want limited production wines, then sign up for the Limited Series Wine Club for just $41.95 per month instead.

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