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Media Temple Review

MediaTemple Web Hosting Review
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This one of a kind cluster hosting is designed to be fast, flexible, and have effortless management. There are 3 plans to choose from, even with the most basic option ...



Founded in 1998 by Demian Sellfors and John Cary, Media Temple is known for creating “the Grid”, which is a cloud hosting service. The company also had the spotlight in 2013 when the Wall Street Journal asked it to evaluate the website Later that year, Media Temple was taken over by Go Daddy, although it retains its name and services.

  • Straightforward hosting plans
  • 24/7-365 customer support
  • Refer a friend program
  • Voted “Best Place to Work in LA”
  • Varied hosting options and level of features
  • More expensive than competitors
  • Delayed action to resolve issues
  • Delayed bug fixes and stalled new features

Hosting Package: (Rating: 8/10)

Media Temple provides several hosting packages aimed at today’s small and growing business sector. The packages include24/7 support, which is vital in the digital commerce and marketing world. The four packages include WordPress, Shared, VPS, and AWS Cloud.

Their WordPress hosting package is ideal for bloggers, designers, and developers. Media Temple provides automatic core updates for this package. The Shared hosting option is marketed towards freelancers and marketing teams. It is billed as fast and reliable for shared services. VPS has professional grade private servers and works well for those whose needs are rooted in e-commerce and for digital media companies. One benefit of VPS from Media Temple is root access for complete control. The AWS Cloud hosting package works great for agencies and content creators.

The varied packages gives businesses what they need, including versatile options to compete in a digital market. Each hosting package has specific packages and levels of services, providing just the right fit and pricing options. A basic package can be as affordable as $20 a month and a premium package for AWS Cloud services can reach $499 a month, meaning there truly is an option for all size enterprises. Payment plans with free additional months of services make larger packages more appealing.

While more options may ideal for some, other enterprises may find the varied packages within hosting packages to be overwhelming. The price range of packages was also quite extensive, which could be confusing for those who are unsure of what plan may be best for them.

Features: (Rating: 9/10)

The features offered by Media Temple provides truly customized experiences. The basic WordPress hosting options provide malware detection and up to 50 sites on WordPress. Features for WordPress also include daily back-up, 24/7 uptime monitoring, SSH access, site cloning, and custom control panel.

The Shared hosting packages include daily back-ups. You can add more site storage and bandwidth to accommodate changing tech needs. It also includes one click app installs and Google apps.

VPS hosting provides generous SSD storage capabilities and claims to have a 99.9% uptime. You can also decide between self-managed, managed, and fully managed options.

Versatility seems to be the biggest feature offered by Media Temple so any size enterprise or business can customize needs. Support is a feature with each plan as customers can chat, tweet, or use the phone to get answers and upgrade features.

Security: (Rating: 8/10)

Media Temple boast exemplary security for all customers. All servers on the west and east coast are staffed non-stop and physically guarded 24/7 all year. Both technicians and armed guards are on site to minimize any threat. Top CloudTech engineers and SiteLock security technology specialists are ready to tackle any malware threat as daily scans are conducted. Media Temple stays on top of any phishing or hacks to ensure consistent and reliable security day and night. Media Temple seems to take security as seriously as any other service provided.

CloudTech protection comes with specific features at a price. CloudTech Essential is $199 a month and includes daily scans, malware removal, and instant alerts. The other CloudTech option is $399 and also includes daily scans, malware removal, and instant alerts. The only difference between the two options is the more expensive coverage also includes web application firewall and expedited manual malware removal. However, it is unclear if the upgrade is worth the hike in price.

WordPress: (Rating: 7/10)

WordPress capabilities are extensive with Media Temple. Some of the options and features include: daily automatic backups, email addresses, one-click staging, 30 day backup and restore, and malware detection and removal for 5 sites. The support and options for beginners seems to be extensive, also. There are standard WordPress themes offered and along with access to custom themes and Media Temple designed themes. The various themes are unique and comprehensive for a wide variety of sites and purposes.

WordPress hosting services can include Google apps and booster packs for the control panel for extra fees. One downside to WordPress hosting with Media Temple is the fact that they don’t support WordPress multi-site to the text. Most other hosting companies do as this is not a new or unique feature. The support offered is in line with other media Temple security and support. There is 24/7 certified support and monitoring of sites for uptime or any security issues. Support can be reached via chat, phone, or Twitter.

Ease of Use: (Rating: 7/10)

Media Temple presents its services as extremely easy to use and does have high reviews online regarding the extensive package options and ease of use of those hosting packages. The capabilities and features of each are clear and informative. Customization is also presented as a plus. While Media Temple has an uptime guarantee, there are some complaints about downtime and delayed responses to questions and concerns, despite 24/7 support offered.

Pros: wide range of options, availability of communication through chat, twitter, and phone, helpful walk-throughs, expansion of services when needed, and straight-forward packages.

Cons: online reviews discuss lack of action about complaints in a reasonable time-frame, which could prove difficult for those who need immediate help.

Reliability: (Rating: 7/10)

Media Temple has a 99.999% uptime guarantee. They also have a refund offered if uptime becomes an issue. The refund is 20% off hosting service fees for each 20 minutes of downtime. The exceptions include periodic scheduled maintenance, 3 party application issues, and other rare occurrences that may impact uptime.
Despite this guarantee and servers on both the east and west coast, online reviews from past and current users express frustration over downtime and slow reactions to support needs. The refund exceptions can also make the process of getting that refund seemingly cumbersome.

Help and Support: (Rating: 7/10)

Support for Media Temple services and problems is advertised as a 27/7, 365 day service. Representatives are advertised as being available via twitter, chat boxes, and phone. The company also states there are plenty of live representatives just waiting to handle any issues or answer questions. Online reviews from other sources express that while support personnel may be easily reached, actual action to resolve issues may be delayed for unacceptable periods of time, some complaining of 24 hours before issues are properly addressed.

MediaTemple Pricing

  • Shared Hosting Plan: All shared hosting plans take advantage of the Grid. Customers can host up to 100 sites with a total of 1 TB bandwidth, 100 GB storage, and 1,000 email accounts. Starting at $30/month
  • WordPress Hosting Plan: Runs up to 2 WordPress blogs with a 1-click staging environment and automatic security updates. Starting at $20 /month. Agency packages for $240/month include up to 50 sites
  • VPS Hosting Plan: With a guaranteed uptime of 99.999%, 200+ one-click installs, and 1 GB to 32 GB RAM, the VPS hosting plan is very flexible. Choose between cPanel and Plesk control panels. Starting at $30/month with 2 months free when purchased annually.
  • Managed Hosting Plan: Comes with premium support, proactive security monitoring, and other exclusive features. Call for Quote.
  • VIRB Site Builder: The site builder is a stand-alone plan from Media Temple. It’s purely a premium site builder that can be used for any website, even if it isn’t hosted by Media Temple. Although it isn’t a hosting package, it’s a useful product offered by mt. It’s offered at a flat rate of $10/month.

MediaTemple Specifications



Starting Monthly Price: $20

# of Domains: 3 to 100

Money Back Guarantee: Limited


Bandwidth: 1TB

Disk Space: 100GB

# of MySQL Databases: 100

International Domains

Unique IP Address

Staging Area

CDN help

Server Types


Hosting Types







# of Email Addresses: 1000

Email Storage: 50MB to 500MB

Auto Responders

Spam Filters


Additional Features

Control Panel

Site Statistics

Website Builder

Shopping Carts

e-Commerce Software

1-Click App Installs

Custom Cron Jobs

Script Library



FTP Manager



Dedicated SSL Certificate

Shared SSL Certificates

Secure FTP

Help and Support

What we Like About MediaTemple

Straightforward Hosting Plans: It can be downright frustrating to choose a plan when a host offers dozens of different services and even more add-ons. Media Temple follows the acronym and design principle “KISS”: Keep It Simple, Stupid. It may seem counterproductive as a customer, but research shows that buyers are happiest when they can easily decide what to buy.

24/7-365 Customer Support: In today’s age where fewer people work the typical 9 to 5, it’s important to have 24/7 customer support. Media Temple recognizes this need, meets it, and then exceeds expectations by also employing support staff on every holiday.

Refer-a-Friend Program: Nearly all web hosts have a reseller program, but it’s uncommon to find one with a decent refer-a-friend program. Media Temple is proud that a majority of their customers are referrals and so they offer 20 percent off one month of web hosting services to those who are referred, in addition to giving the referrer one month free.

Voted “Best Place to Work in LA”: Most services have enough providers that customers can be choosy about to whom they give their money. Web hosting is one of those services. If features, discounts, and who-owns-what is starting to run together, focus on other aspects of the business. For example, Media Temple has been voted both “Best Place to Work in LA” and “Fastest Growing Company in North America” by the Los Angeles Business Journal. You can rest assured that the support staff is reasonably happy with their workplace culture, and they aren’t going to use high-pressure sales tactics on anyone.

What we Don't Like About MediaTemple

Lack of Features: Media Temple doesn’t have much that can be classified as a feature. Aside from their one-click installs and the VIRB sitebuilder (which costs an additional $10 per month), they’re not big on extra gadgets.

Child Product of Go Daddy: Go Daddy is now the parent company of Media Temple. MT wasn’t created by Go Daddy, however. Still, some people might take issue associating with a Go Daddy product. Granted, Media Temple is still its own company for all intents and purposes.

Delayed Bug Fixed and Stalled New Features: According to Glass Door reviews, a website for former employees to review the company, Media Temple has a poor track record of fixing bugs. A disturbingly large percentage of reviews also mentioned that the production of new features is routinely halted or scrapped entirely because of confusing management.

This isn’t a deal breaker, and the reviews of former employees should be taken with a grain of salt, anyway. However, this is a telltale sign of a big company with too much management and no direction. The same problems are reported with Bank of America, for example. It’s something to keep in mind as the company grows. Right now, Media Temple is only a medium-sized company, and they haven’t been there for long either. On the bright side, the company must be doing something right because even Glass Door reviews rave about the otherwise positive company culture.

High Number of Online Complaints: While online complaints about fixing issues is not uncommon for any web hosting company, Media Temple seems to be plagued by a high number of negative reviews regarding frustration over attention to fixing downtown and reliability problems. The high cost of some packages also plagues the company online. However, despite the high cost of some packages, there are lesser priced options that are plentifully and certainly affordable considering the amount of services offered.

Who is This Web Host Best Suited For?

Media Temple offers a variety of services and can meet the needs of both individuals and businesses. The professional quality of sites and package options make it suited for the company who understands you get what you pay for and a professional look and functional site is important. It has options for personal sites and blogs that are high-quality. Media Temple is easy to use and has options for the beginner who is unfamiliar and who wants the pros to handle every aspect of hosting, namely through managed hosting packages.

8.3 Total Score
Good Web Host offering customizable packages to meet a variety of business needs

Media Temple provides a wide variety of hosting packages, each with customized levels of services and features. The price range exemplifies the fact that there is a feature or option that may suit the needs of anyone. Bloggers, freelancers, developers, entrepreneurs, and corporate entities can all find a package and optional features to meet the technology needs of anyone. They truly provide affordable options for any price range and web hosting needs.

Hosting Package
Ease of Use/Usability
Help & Support
  • Straightforward hosting plans
  • 24/7-365 customer support
  • Refer a friend program
  • Voted “Best Place to Work in LA”
  • Varied hosting options and level of features
  • More expensive than competitors
  • Delayed action to resolve issues
  • Delayed bug fixes and stalled new features

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