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LiquidWeb Review

LiquidWeb Review



LiquidWeb is a privately owned hosting company that got its start in 1997. They currently own and manage three data centers and are one of the smaller hosting options out there. While they may be small, they still offer big-level services. They focus mostly on enterprise and corporate hosting as well as managed WordPress, VPS and shared hosting options. But, you may notice LiquidWeb’s pricing to be a titch higher than the competition – primarily because their focus is dedicated hosting and VPS instead of cloud and shared hosting plans.

  • Generous WordPress options
  • 100% uptime guarantee (VPS and dedicated only)
  • SSD storage

  • Focused more on corporate and enterprise
  • High prices
  • No 100% guarantee or any uptime guarantee for shared hosting

LiquidWeb Scoring and Rating

Hosting Package: (Rating: 9/10)

There is a dizzying array of hosting packages on LiquidWeb and those new to web hosting may find themselves quickly overwhelmed – our own in-house editors were and we understand hosting. That being said, some may appreciate the fact that LiquidWeb offers so many choices – that way they can accommodate everyone.

LiquidWeb primarily offers dedicated servers (including single and dual processor servers), cloud hosting, VPS hosting and shared web hosting. They also offer WordPress managed hosting for those that need a WordPress-friendly option.

Domain registration is included and they are much more generous with their hosting packages when it comes to storage capacity, visitor counts (unlimited on all WordPress plans) and they even offer SSD storage for majority of their hosting plans. That being said, you will find their entry-level prices start out much higher than other companies, but in the hosting world, you get what you pay for.

They have four WordPress plans, ranging from $89 to $229 per month. For shared hosting, their cheapest plan starts at $14.95 per month and they go as high as $40 per month. They don’t have unlimited bandwidth on all plans or unlimited storage – something you would expect for such a high price.

With LiquidWeb, dedicated servers can be selected in a large variety of packages and you can choose between operating systems (Windows or Linux). They also offer Smart SSD and multiple plans on a sliding price scale for VPS.

It is important to note that most of LiquidWeb’s plans are designed for the corporate shopper – not your average blogger. Hence the higher prices.

Features/Functionality: (Rating: 9/10)

LiquidWeb is a hybrid host. They offer remarkable power, speed and reliability as well as functionality. When you sign up for a LiquidWeb plan, the features will vary depending on what type of hosting plan you choose. But, there are some features you can look forward to such as solid state drives (SSD), fully managed hosting options, high RAM rates, pay as you go pricing for VPS plans, cloud backup and online storage, cPanel, scalability (add or decrease services at any time), firewalls, free incoming bandwidth, unlimited users and unlimited email, real-time monitoring tools, easy clone options, instant provisioning, multiple domains per account, free standard SSL with higher plans, and redundant nightly backups.

They do offer a website builder for sites on certain hosting plans as well.

Security: (Rating: 9/10)

The company’s data centers are located in three separate locations. They are privately owned and operated by LiquidWeb – so they aren’t sharing space with third parties. They use Tier 1 premium bandwidth, high electronic security systems and they have dedicated power transformers as well as backups and generators. They have not attracted any bad press in terms of security breaches as of yet – which is always a good thing.

They also work hard to protect their dedicated and VPS client safety.

WordPress: (Rating: 9/10)

There is managed WordPress hosting available with LiquidWeb. They advertise it as the hassle-free way to use WordPress. Most of their plans, however, are designed for corporate clients and developers that need to create numerous sites.

They do offer a few great WordPress features, such as lightening fast load speeds, free migrations, automatic and plugin updates, automatic backups, SSL, content delivery networks, WP-CLI, WordPress multi-site, etc.

All of their WordPress hosting packages come with unlimited visitors and an SSL – something you typically pay extra for. You can also add 10 to 200 sites per account depending on which package you choose, which is very generous compared to most companies that limit you at five.

The price for these managed WordPress accounts is high – even with their entry level plans starting at $89 per month. So, unless you need to setup 10 or more WordPress sites, you may find that they are too costly for your managed hosting needs.

Usability/Ease of Use: (Rating: 9/10)

LiquidWeb is very easy to use, especially because they utilize cPanel – something everyone can figure out and there is plenty of information online to guide you through it if you are new to web hosting. They also offer templates on some of their plans and when you use their managed WordPress plan you get everything pre-installed with automatic updates.

The only drawback is their site itself. It is not user-friendly and you may find yourself overwhelmed looking at hosting options – and possibly unable to find the package you were looking for. Hopefully they organize their information better in the future.

Reliability: (Rating: 8/10)

Those that sign up for the VPS or dedicated hosting plans are given a 100% uptime guarantee. You also get a 30-mninute hardware replacement guarantee as well as a 30-minute initial response time guarantee. For each hour of downtime you get ten hours of credit. The compensation must be manually claimed by the customer.

Their SLA (Service Level Agreement) also states that the host will use reasonable efforts to provide continuous service. So for managed hosting plans, you are guaranteed no uptime or refunds for downtime.

They do offer backups, but this is an extra service you must pay for – other than doing it yourself via cPanel.

Help and Support: (Rating: 9/10)

LiquidWeb Hosting claims that they will answer support calls in about 20 seconds and emails within 10 minutes. While we didn’t have the chance to test this, the majority of consumer reviews online and user input suggests that this estimate is not far off – though we don’t recommend solely relying on a call being answered in 20 seconds at all times. All of their staff is based on-site, so they have direct access to the data center in case of a physical server issue.
They also offer three levels of support, which include phone, tickets, live chat and managed care. The support you receive will depend on which package and hosting type you are paying for – some will require support upgrades.
They also have a massive knowledgebase that answers just about any hosting or setup question you may have. But, it isn’t the easiest to navigate and some of their blog posts are ridiculously long.

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LiquidWeb Pricing

Dedicated Hosting:

Ranging from single to dual processors, 16GB to 64GB RAM, 4 to 28 cores, 250GB SSD, 7200RPM SATA, 5TB outbound bandwidth and free unlimited incoming bandwidth. Starts at $199 per month to over $1,099 per month.

VPS Hosting
  • 1GB: 1GB memory, 50GB SSD storage. Starts at $50 per month.
  • 2GB: 2GB memory, 100GB SSD storage, free SSL certificate, free domain registration. Starts at $79 per month.
  • 4GB: 3.9GB memory, 150GB storage, free SSL certificate, free domain registration, 2 CPU cores. Starts at $139 per month.
  • 8GB: 7.8GB memory, 300GB SSD storage, free SSL certificate, free domain registration, 4 CPU cores. Starts at $219 per month.
Managed WordPress Hosting

All are fully managed VPS hosting

  • Personal: Upto 10 websites, unlimited visitors 100GB SSD storage, SSL included. Starts at $89 per month.
  • Professional: Up to 20 websites, unlimited visitors, 150GB SSD storage, SSL included. Starts at $149 per month.
  • Agency: Up to 40 websites, unlimited visitors, 300GB SSD storage, SSL included. Starts at $229 per month.
  • Agency Plus: Up to 80 websites, unlimited visitors, 600GB SSD storage, SSL included. Starts at $395 per month.
  • Commerce: Up to 160 sites, unlimited visitors, 400GB SSD storage, SSL included. Starts at $445 per month.
  • Enterprise: Custom managed servers, up to 200 websites, unlimited visitors, 1TB SSD storage, SSL included. Pricing varies.

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LiquidWeb Specifications



Starting Monthly Price: $14.95 to $1099

# of Domains: 1 to Unlimited

Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days

Uptime Guarantee


Bandwidth: 240GB - Unlimited

Disk Space: 5GB to Unlimited

# of MySQL Databases: 1 to Unlimited

International Domains

Data Backups: Daily

Unique IP Address

Staging Area

CDN help

Server Types



Hosting Types

Optimized Wordpress Hosting






# of Email Addresses: Unlimited

Email Storage: Unlimited

Spam Filters


Additional Features

Control Panel

Site Statistics

Website Builder

Shopping Carts

e-Commerce Software

1-Click App Installs

Custom Cron Jobs

Script Library



FTP Manager



Daily Backups

Dedicated SSL Certificate

Shared SSL Certificates

Secure FTP

Help and Support




Live Chat

Ticket System

Social Media

Online Tutorials



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What we Like About LiquidWeb

cPanel: Most of the hosting plans you will get from LiquidWeb rely on cPanel. Dedicated and VPS customers can also pick which control panel they want simply by installing it on their own server.

SSL Secure Server: Users can get access to an SSL, and it is included on their top hosting plan. For lower-level hosting plans you will need to pay an additional fee, but this is still important.

Unlimited Visitors and Numerous WordPress Sites: Unlike other companies that offer WordPress hosting, LiquidWeb lets you have unlimited visitors to your WordPress sites even with their entry-level plans. You also get a generous number of WordPress sites allowed – ranging from 10 to 200 sites. Most companies limit you anywhere from one to five per account regardless if you are paying for the highest tier plan.

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What we Don't Like About LiquidWeb

Dizzying Array of Plans: We understand why some companies feel the need to create a plan and tier of plans for every possible type of web user, but at a point you have to say enough. LiquidWeb, like many other hosts, has created a dizzying array of plans and products that you have to sort through on their site. While they can cater to just about anyone, they also make it extremely difficult to decipher what core plans they really have – and what’s worth it. For the average consumer, the options are likely to be too overwhelming and they may not even bother with LiquidWeb because they simply cannot find the right plan (and it’s likely lost in the sea of unrelated choices).

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Who Is This Web Hosting Company Best For

With their pricing and plan complexity, most of LiquidWeb’s plans will only work for corporations and enterprises. They are too overpriced for company’s just starting out and their features (for the price) are aimed to please companies with multiple websites or high volume traffic needs. If you’re new to creating a website, you’re a startup or you are just a blogger, LiquidWeb is likely to over exceed your needs at this time – but are still something to consider once your business/website grows.

8.8 Total Score
Excellent Web Host offering maximized speed and on-site 24/7 support!

LiquidWeb may be a smaller company, but offers big-level services and support. You may find them a bit higher priced because of their primary focus on dedicated hosting and VPS instead of cloud and shared hosting plans. If you have the money they are an excellent web host to consider for their top-notch speed, managed hosting, and support!

Hosting Package
Features and Functionality
Usability/Ease of Use
Help and Support

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