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Top 5 Best Web Hosting Services

You don’t have time to test out different services or even try out the whole money back guarantee. That is why we have narrowed down the selections to our top five picks for best web hosting services. These companies have been scrutinized for their plans, pricing, reliability, ease of use and much more. When you choose anyone of these five (and any of their plans), we know you will be satisfied with the service and results.

See the Top 5 Best Web Hosts

Best Affordable Web Hosting

Best Affordable(Cheap) Web Hosting

Sometimes your hosting needs come down to what is affordable. Whether you’re just starting out with a site or you want to try a host that won’t break the bank, we have compiled a list of our favorite Best Affordable Hosting plans. While they’re affordable, these services still offer the features and reliability you need to get started – and you have the option of upgrading to something more robust later on.

See the Best Affordable Web Hosting

Best Web Hosting for Novices

Best Web Hosting for Novices

You’re new to the hosting world and you don’t know where to start. That means you need something affordable, possibly with a money back guarantee, and something that is extremely easy to use. We have selected the Best Hosting for Novices with higher ease of use scores, multiple tutorials and everything a newbie needs to get their site up and running.

See the Best Web Hosting for Novices

Best WordPress Web Hosting

Best WordPress Web Hosting

These days WordPress is the platform of choice for companies, bloggers and individuals alike. While most hosting companies offer some sort of WordPress-friendly plan, not all are created the same. Our list of the Best WordPress hosts were selected for their ease of use – including one-click install options – management and how they specifically optimize their service for WordPress sites so that you get the most out of your hosting plan.

See the Best WordPress Web Hosting

Best Shared Web Hosting

Best Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is a great place to start if you’re new to creating a website or you just want something cheap for your website. While all hosts offer a shared plan (or two), we have come up with our own picks for the Best Shared Web Hosting out there. These companies are not just affordable, but they are reliable, easy to use and have the right combination of features for you to create a great website.

See the Best Shared Web Hosting

Best Dedicated Web Hosting

Best Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated hosting, also known as dedicated servers, means you aren’t competing for space and reliability on a shared or cloud server. Instead, you are purchasing space inside the host’s data center. We’ve found a list of the Best Dedicated Hosting services that have reliable and reasonably-priced dedicated server plans for businesses and individuals.

See the Best Dedicated Web Hosting

Best VPS Web Hosting

Best VPS Web Hosting

VPS Hosting or virtual private servers are more reliable than cloud and shared hosting plans – but that comes with a price. Instead of risking your budget on just any VPS hosting plan, we have come up with a list of the Best VPS hosting services that offer excellent storage space, bandwidth and a reasonable monthly price.

See the Best VPS Web Hosting

Best Web Hosting for Multiple Domains

Best Web Hosting for Multiple Domains

These days it isn’t uncommon to have multiple websites and blogs. If you need to host more than one site, you want a plan (and host) that can accommodate. Not all hosting plans allow multiple domains and there are some that limit you so much on storage that you could never fit more than a single site on that plan. Our list of the Best Hosting for Multiple Domains looks at those companies that tailor their services to companies and individuals with broadening needs – so that they can grow with you.

See the Best Web Hosts for Multiple Domains

Best Web Hosting with uptime guarantee

Best Web Hosting for UpTime Guarantee

An uptime guarantee is something a web hosts offers to prove they are reliable. But, numbers are not the only thing we consider here at Revuezzle. Just because a company claims to have 99% doesn’t mean they actually deliver. Instead, we picked our Best Hosting for Uptime Guarantee based on a company’s true uptime numbers, service level agreement promises, and what they do when their uptime fails.

See the Best Web Hosts for UpTime Guarantee

Best Web Hosting for eCommerce Sites

Best Web Hosting for eCommerce Sites

Whether you’re selling t-shirts from your parent’s garage or creating a full-fledged online shopping center, the host you choose matters. Not all hosts are designed for eCommerce and some can actually hinder your online store’s ability to sell. Our Best Hosting for eCommerce Sites provides you with a list of the top hosts used by eCommerce sites around the globe.

See the Best Web Hosting for eCommerce Sites

Best Reseller Web Hosting

Best ReSeller Web Hosting

You aren't there to create your perfect website; instead, you are there to create and resell to others. Not all web hosts offer reseller plans and a lot that do will charge you a fortune – leaving little room to generate profits. That is why we have come up with a list of the Best Reseller Hosting so that you can establish, create and sell – all while maximizing your return.

See the Best Reseller Web Hosting

Tips for Selecting the Best Web Host

  • Type of Site

    The needs of a WordPress blog can vary greatly from an eCommerce site. Decide exactly what type of site you’re hosting and your goals before you pick a host.

  • Reliability

    You don’t want a host that doesn’t have an uptime guarantee or take steps to reimburse/refund customers when their reliability fails. Aim for a company with an uptime guarantee of 99% minimum.

  • Value

    While the overall price does matter, it is what you get for the price that matters more. Some hosts offer low monthly prices and sacrifice server loads, features and even usability. Make sure you know what you’re getting for every dollar you spend on your hosting.

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