The Many Types of Web Hosting Services

The Different Types of Web Hosting Services
When you start a website, the first thing you will research is web hosting. Unfortunately, they don’t make it easy on newbies or even seasoned website creators. There are dozens of providers and a daunting number of options when it comes to hosting. The easiest way to narrow it all down is by learning the different types of web hosting services – and what they entail.

Shared Web Hosting

This is a shared server that hosts your site as well as others. They are much more affordable and can cost as little as $5 per month. You will, however, share your servers with several hundred websites. Shared hosting puts you at the mercy of the server (and its capacity). If a popular website is on the same server as you, it could hinder the performance of your own site and even slow it down dramatically.

We recommend shared hosting for sites just starting out or those that don’t need to accommodate high volumes of traffic. They’re great starting points, but after a while you will feel their limitations.

A few shared web hosts that we have tried out include HostGator (starting at $3.48), GoDaddy (starting at $3.99), SiteGround (starting at $9.95) and BlueHost (starting at $3.49). WP Engine is also a shared host offering up to 25,000 visits per month and one WordPress for $29.00 per month.

Cloud-Based Web Hosting

This is a newer form of web hosting technology that allows hundreds of separate servers to work together like a single giant server. The purpose behind this technology is growth. These companies want to accommodate the growing website needs of a business. So, they offer cloud-based hosting and as the need increases, they can add hardware to create a larger grid – accommodating more sites and more needs.

These types of services often charge based on how much you need for storage and to host your site rather than a flat rate.

Virtual Private Servers

Commonly referred to by us techies as “VPS”, these servers have one physical server, but it acts like multiple servers. VPS hosting is a cross between shared hosting and upgrading to your own in-house hosting. VPS shares hardware resources and is allocated by dedicated computer resources.

With VPS, you can avoid having a hosting neighbor bring down your website or slow down your performance simply because they demand more on the servers. These servers cost anywhere from $50 to over $200 and the price is based on the guaranteed RAM and CPU you need.

Some common providers of VPS include GoDaddy (starting at $19.99), BlueHost (starting at $14.99), and MediaTemple (starting at $30).

Dedicated Web Servers

Dedicated servers are more expensive, but more reliable. They offer you the ability to rent a physical server from a hosting company. You will have full control of the permissions in that server and more reliability compared to other types. The only issue, however, is it does require some technical knowledge.

A few companies that offer dedicated web hosting include BlueHost (starting at $74.99), GoDaddy (starting at $129.00), iPage (starting at ($149.99) and SiteGround (starting at $229.00). WP Engine is what Revuezzle uses and it is a great dedicated web host. For businesses, you can get up to 25 WordPress installs and a maximum of 400,000 visits per month as well as 30GB of storage all for $249.00 per month.

Finding the right web host can be daunting, which is why we recommend doing a quick comparison. Revuezzle offers our comparison page so that you can look at all of the vendors we’ve tried and reviewed – including their prices and features – to narrow down your list of choices.

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