Which Hosting Option is Best for Your WordPress Blog?

Which Web Hosting Option is Best for Your WordPress Blog?
Choosing a Web Host for your WordPress Blog can be a daunting decision.  There are many choices - we've tried many of them and we give you some great options to choose from.
A blog for personal or business use can be an innovative, insightful, and consistent way to reach an audience. Writing a well-crafted blog is half the process of unleashing your ideas or thoughts onto the world. The other half of blog success is choosing the best hosting option for your WordPress blog.

No-one likes visiting a blog that takes forever to load a page or transition from page to page. If your readers get frustrated they will leave and may never return to give you a second chance to make that first impression.

Each person’s wants and needs for WordPress blog hosting will depend on the amount of content – pages, posts, pictures, videos, etc. – that you plan to have, the number of visitors – think ahead, and the unique features you may want.


With WP Engine, there are no real domains given. Every install does come with a temporary URL for testing. Then, you must register a domain through a third party when you want to go live. But we personally recommend keeping your domain registrations and hosting separate – this way if you ever have an issue with one or the other you aren't scrambling to transfer both and risking potential down-time.

SiteGround offers one domain registration free with any of it's WordPress Hosting plans. Their least expensive plan allows for one website, but if you invest in GrowBig or the next step, GoGeek, you can host unlimited websites.

DreamHost indicates one domain name is free for the first year. But, you can manage hosting of multiple websites or manage unlimited client websites under one hosting account for just the additional fee of the domain without increasing your plan price. After the first year, domains are charged at regular prices depending on the domain extension you have selected.

GreenGeeks allows you to host as many websites as you want. With their shared hosting plan, if you prepay for 1, 2, or 3 years, you have a free domain name for life. You can also order as many additional domains as you would like for an extra fee.

FatCow offers one free domain registration. You can pre-register a domain in order to protect one you really want. With FatCow you can host unlimited websites.

Costs Per Month

Cost is always a concern for users. There is a wide range of pricing options for the following WordPress hosting services, which is relative to the amount of features, reliability, and quality of service.

WPEngine has several plans that cost more than other hosting services for a number of reasons. Namely, they were specifically created for the purpose of WordPress hosting and boast the fastest and most reliable service. They claim to be four times faster than competitors and express that this saves money and headaches over lost revenue or downtime. WpEngine also boast strong security features – such as proactively keeping your site secure with automatic WordPress updates and security and malware scans to ensure that your WordPress sites are free from intrusions.

WPEngine Plans/Pricing
  • The Personal plan costs $29/month
  • Their Professional plan is $99/month
  • Business is $249/month

Their next two levels do not list a monthly price but say prices vary and depend on features chosen. They have a 60 day money back guarantee.

SiteGround starts at an affordable $3.95/month for shared hosting and their highest priced plan is only $14.95/month.

DreamHost has one plan for $19.95 and has a 97 day money back guarantee. They do not offer a free trial.

GreenGeeks has one WordPress hosting plan that is part of a shared hosting plan. It costs $3.96/month on sale. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

FatCow has two WordPress hosting options. WordPress Starter has an introductory price of $3.75/month and Essentials has an introductory price of $6.95/month. Their prices then rise to $10.49 and $12.49.

WordPress Specific Features

Features can make or break a choice for best host for WordPress blogs. Some common features needed by most blog creators include:

  • One click installs are offered by WPEngine, SiteGround, and GreenGeeks
  • Free transfer of existing WordPress sites is offered by SiteGround and GreenGeeks
  • Automatic updates when changes are made to the core of WordPress is offered by WPEngine, SiteGround, DreamHost, and GreenGeeks
  • Automatic backups are offered by WPEngine, SiteGround, DreamHost, and GreenGeeks
  • A separate staging environment (copy of your website for testing purposes) is provided by WpEngine
  • Themes and plugins are offered by DreamHost, FatCow, and SiteGround. The themes and plugins help you build the site you want with specific features, security tools, and the extras that will set the look and usability of your site apart from the rest.

  • Speed and Reliability

    Choosing the best host for WordPress blog services may depend on the speed and reliability features – which can dramatically set one host apart from another, especially if you have a high traffic blog. Most importantly, you never want a blog that experiences downtime because of a failed server or a blog that continually crashes because it is overloaded.

    While every other blog service typically offers 99% uptime guarantees, DreamHost boast a 100% uptime guarantee. With DreamHost, you have to pay an upgrade for support services.

    FatCow offers super-speed with optimized servers as part of its Essentials plan, along with enhanced security.

    SiteGround has an in-house WordPress expert for users and priority tech support for those enrolled in its higher level plan.

    WPEngine has three data centers which users choose from as a server location and since it only host WordPress sites, no other sites can bring down WPEngine’s services.

    GreenGeeks offers free enhanced security but does not provide specifics about downtime statistics for reliability rating purposes.

    Which WordPress Host is Right for You?

    WPEngine is an ideal option for business bloggers who need a wide variety of features, plan options, increased security needs, and professional services. Personal bloggers may find WP Engine a viable choice once their site begins to draw in a larger volume of traffic or if they have a more complex setup and configuration requiring the added speed. Revuezzle currently uses (and adores) WPEngine – and you can tell how fast and reliable our site is just by browsing it! Their customer support is also top-notch and always available(24/7) via phone or live chat.

    GreenGeeks and DreamHost are both ideal for personal bloggers and small businesses who want premium features and a professional look for minimal investment.

    SiteGround and FatCow are also geared perfectly for the personal blogger. However, the upgrades for pricier plans make these two just fine for personal bloggers who want to grow and add on features or services.

    Each of the five WordPress hosting services outlined above provide professional quality services, security, reliability, and options for today’s personal and professional blogger.

    Before making your final choice, be sure to explore our in-depth reviews of these service providers and others so you can make the most informed decision for your needs. Revuezzle’s web hosting reviews can give you the most comprehensive reviews of hosting services all in one place to make the choice easy.

    You can find more information on these five web hosts and why we feel they are the best Web Hosts for WordPress Blogs. If you want to compare these five web hosts in much more detail, you can find our comparison chart here.

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    Happy Blogging!

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