9 Web Hosts Ready to Celebrate Website Designer’s Day with You!

Celebrate Website Designers Day

Website designers are the unsung heroes of the Internet. They do a lot more than you think – but rarely take the credit. Think of your favorite websites. How do you think they came about? A designer was hired by a company to create a branded, functional and dependable website. All of those neat features, buttons and more on your favorite site was created by a virtual artist.

In honor of Website Designer’s Day (yes, a real holiday every May 31st), we thought we would bring a list of five website hosting companies that appreciate your art just as much as you do.

Why Reseller Accounts?

There’s plenty of reasons to go with a reseller hosting account versus a traditional one. Whether you’re designing a slew of websites on a daily basis or you are just taking up a new hobby, reseller accounts give you numerous advantages, including:

  • More features than the basic hosting plan. When creating a site for a client, you might be tempted to pick up basic hosting, but reseller accounts are offered with more features and give you more control over what you’re offering your clients.
  • No maintenance. You don’t have to purchase and maintain your own server with reseller hosting plans. Instead, you have direct access to the technical support and expertise of the host you purchase from.
  • Less expenses. Dedicated servers are costly – especially if you are only purchasing them to design and launch a site for a client. Reseller accounts start with extremely low monthly rates – saving you hundreds. If you are designing multiple sites at once, you can save even more.
  • Faster access to income. When you are not using all of your reseller space, you can resell it. This helps you increase business revenue when you need it.

Best Places to Find Reseller Accounts

You rely on reseller accounts to create the perfect website for your clients – and these hosts get that. A few hosts we recommend for your next design project include:

  1. WP Engine – Starting as low as $249 per month for a Business Account.
  2. SiteGround – Starting as low as $42 per month and includes unlimited bandwidth!
  3. GreenGeeks –Starts as low as $39.95 and offers unlimited everything.
  4. A Small Orange – Get hosting as low as $25 per month and a generous 90 day money back guarantee while you’re at it.
  5. A2 Hosting – Starting as low as $19.79 per month for up to 2TB bandwidth!
  6. InMotion – Enjoy a generous amount of bandwidth and web storage for as little as $22.39 per month.
  7. BlueHost – Join the reseller club at BlueHost and enjoy VPS servers and dedicated hosting (pricing will vary).
  8. HostGator – Choose from three reseller plans starting as low as $24.95 per month!
  9. GoDaddy – Get the Basic Reseller account for as little as $8.99 per month!

In honor of Website Designer’s Day, make sure you take advantage of great deals for resellers just like you – and see if you can’t increase your revenue in the process.

Want to use the best reseller plans out there? Check out our list of the Best Reseller Web Hosting to see our top five picks for website designers.

Need general hosting for your next site or blog? Then browse our in-depth web hosting reviews and take advantage of the special offers exclusively here on Revuezzle.com.

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