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Whether you are a home-based, small, medium, or large business finding the best web hosting for your needs can be a challenge with so many companies available today and each with varying features, security levels, and reliability.

We researched over 50 different web hosting companies and came up with 17 that are worth a closer look, with WPEngine leading the pack with their unmatched speed, security, reliability and customer support.

Our Top 5 Best Web Host Picks

Check out all our Web Hosting Reviews and use our filtering and sorting features to narrow down the merchants that best suite your needs!

Our Lists of Best Web Hosts by Need or Feature

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Best Web Hosting Providers

How we chose the Best Web Hosts

While researching and reviewing each merchant we developed specific criteria to base our scores on.

What Web Hosting Features Matter and Why?

Hosting Packages
  • What Types of Hosting do the offer?
  • Do they offer private domain registration?
  • Is there a limit to the number of domains?
  • How does their pricing compare for packages offered?

Features and Functionality
  • Do they offer SSL certificates?
  • Do they offer templates for building a website?
  • Do they offer backups? Daily? Weekly?
  • Do they offer a staging area for development and testing?
  • Do they offer WordPress, Joomla, or other CMS's?
  • Do they offer any type of Caching or CDN for speed?
  • What other advanced features do they offer other than basic hosting?

  • Do they do proactive scans?
  • Do they do managed upgrades to wordpress?
  • Do they have secure data centers manned by real people?

  • Do they offer one click installs?
  • Do provide automatic managed upgrades?
  • Do they offer setup tutorials for WordPress users?
  • Do they offer daily automatic backups or backups of any kind?
  • How comprehensive are the backups – do they include images, etc.?

Usability and Ease of Use
  • How easy is their hosting program to use?
  • How easy is their back-end stuff to use?
  • Do they have tutorials for those new to web design?
  • Do they have templates for those with little to no programming experience?

  • What is their uptime averaging and do they guarantee a specific uptime percentage?
  • Where are their servers and what do they do to ensure uptime?
  • Do they offer an SLA(Sevice level agreement) or is all just verbiage to look good.

Customer Service
  • How can you reach customer service?
  • What hours are various types of support available?
  • Do they have tutorials, forums and help guides online for new users?
  • How user-friendly is the program overall?
  • What is their overall BBB rating?

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