Web Conferencing Reviews – 2017

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WebEx Meeting Center Review

WebEx Meeting Center Review

In our testing of Webex, we found very few issues, and were pleasantly surprised by all of the standard features. It easily garnered our top rating, and would be a good choice for small to enterprise level businesses alike.

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Editor choice
2 GlobalMeet Review

GlobalMeet Review

GlobalMeet is the all around, web conferencing platform. Features like the interactive whiteboard and the option to easily switch presenters and share control make this the perfect option for your meeting.

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3 Join.me Review

Join.me Review

Join.me is one of the top performing web conferencing platforms. Using its simplistic application you can host and participant in an effectively productive meeting from anywhere.

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4 iMeet Review

iMeet Review

iMeet offers a variety of functions that make hosting and sharing during meeting easy without the overwhelm of a complicated platform. Easily share, present, and record during any ad hoc meeting.

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5 GoMeetNow Review

GoMeetNow Review

GoMeetNow is a truly cost-effective web conferencing solution with the flexibility to grow with your company. GoMeetNow offers all of the features of the well-known web conferencing providers without the expensive price tag. If you need guaranteed access to your meetings, then GoMeetNow is a great, affordable solution.

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6 Adobe Connect Meetings Review

Adobe Connect Meetings Review

Connect is backed by software industry giant Adobe, and has a proven track record of stability and feature rich functionality. If you are looking for web conferencing software that does it all and then has some nice additions like mobile support (and you don’t mind paying for a quality product), then Adobe Connect is your safe bet.

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7 ClickMeeting Review

ClickMeeting Review

ClickMeeting offers a user-friendly web conferencing service with fair pricing. Their features are sophisticated, and they offer cross-platform compatibility to make conferencing with vendors, customers and traveling employees a breeze.

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8 GoToMeeting Review

GoToMeeting Review

GoToMeeting offers robust features and one-click meeting capabilities that keep businesses of all sizes connected. Their network is reliable and they offer high-definition video conferencing all for a reasonable price.

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9 ReadyTalk Review

ReadyTalk Review

ReadyTalk is the web conferencing platform for those who want many integrations. It is easy to get started with only one download for the host and options for importing your contacts to easily send invitations. If you don't want to send emails, use your social media integrations to invite participants from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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10 RingCentral Meetings Review

RingCentral Meetings Review

Although RingCentral Meetings is part of a broader product line - RingCentral Office, its low cost and high functionality make it ideal for small businesses with 50 employees or less. Users are not only paying for web conferencing, but business communication solutions as a whole.

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11 AnyMeeting Review

AnyMeeting Review

Using AnyMeeting's features and tools allows you to hold large meetings as if they were small intimate meetings.

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12 Fuze Review

Fuze Review

Fuze offers a clever interface and web conferencing service that has been slowly improving over the past few years. From a free plan to one that costs $20/mo. they strive to offer innovative communication solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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13 UberConference Review

UberConference Review

UberConference is changing the way you hold meetings. Whether you need to have a meeting now or schedule a meeting for later, it uses several integrations to make this easy including a "we will call you" option so you and your attendees never miss a meeting again.

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14 MeetingBurner Review

MeetingBurner Review

MeetingBurner goes beyond the basic integrations; it allows you to integrate calendars, CRMs, social media accounts, and mobiles apps to create successful meetings every time. Using its autopilot option you can successfully run pre-recorded meetings as well.

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15 Mikogo Review

Mikogo Review

Mikogo is very well-suited to small businesses that don’t need webcam support. If you need multiple hosts and don’t want to pay individual host licenses, Mikogo is perfect for you. The service works – and the price is right.

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16 StartMeeting Review

StartMeeting Review

StartMeeting has wonderful screen sharing options, however it does not have an option for webcam integration. Easily begin your next meeting in a few simple steps using their meeting wall feature. Or, schedule a meeting using their Outlook integration tool and invite participants.

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17 InterCall Review

InterCall Review

InterCall boasts an extensive list of features, but unfortunately their interface fails to deliver. They make it difficult for the average user to understand what they are doing, and because of their lack of clarity, most of their innovative features cannot be used. Our multiple attempts to cancel our free trial went unanswered and then they billed us for a portion of the service even though we sent multiple cancel requests well within the 30 day trial period. They refused to refund the charges.

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18 MegaMeeting Review

MegaMeeting Review

Although MegaMeeting’s features can’t be beat, we aren’t sure that many small to mid-sized businesses will justify the monthly price and setup fees to get those features. If it were not for the cost we would rate them higher, but their pricing presents a major obstacle for many businesses.

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