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StartMeeting Review

Start Meeting Web Conferencing Review


StartMeeting is an easy to use web conferencing platform that include screen sharing with international and local toll free call in numbers. Using a customizable wall, it is easy to prepare your meeting information and files in advance. Although it does have the option to record your meeting, it does not have the option for a live webcam feed.

Perfect web conferencing platform for those who want simplistic customization.

  • Compatible with all platforms
  • Simple, easy to use features
  • Unique, permanent meeting ID
  • Cloud based file sharing
  • Editable screen sharing options
  • Free Pack contains most of the features
  • Customizable upgrades
  • Customizable meeting wall
  • Free Recording
  • Screen sharing is an upgrade option
  • No live video sharing – no webcam integration
  • No email integration for invitations
  • Download needed for attendees and host
  • Toll free call in number is an extra charge

Meeting Setup: (Rating: 8/10)

Using StartMeeting’s meeting wall feature, it is easy to set up the meeting in advance. It has a simple platform that allows you to fill in the text and documents, links, and videos that you will need for your meeting. You are able to either invite members to a meeting now or schedule a meeting in advance. However, your invitees will need to download the StartMeeting dashboard before they can participate.

Features: (Rating: 6/10)

StartMeeting is a simple platform with very few features. You are able to share resources, use audio conferencing through the computer or over the phone. Up to 1000 callers are allowed with a toll number that comes with the package, however to use a toll free number there is an extra fee to the package. There are additional fees for including other features such as international services, custom greetings, hold music, and extra storage.

Video: (Rating: 0/10)

StartMeeting has great screen sharing options and the ability to share pre-made videos using the meeting wall. Unfortunately, it does not offer the option for the host or any presenter to share webcam video integration. There is not any true video conferencing capabilities with StartMeeting – it is strictly screen sharing.

Audio: (Rating: 10/10)

Audio comes through clearly on both ends of the conference call; the audio on the recording is also clear. As a host, you have the added bonus of being able to control which participants are muted or unmuted. There is a variety of settings to help keep the phone lines clear of unwanted background noise, as well as an option to control ambient sounds.

Security: (Rating: 8/10)

The host has to log in with an ID and password to control their meeting wall, and access to customer’s information is highly restricted. All data collected from attendees is kept secure through an encryption process. Only the host will receive a list of attendee emails when they receive their meeting report once the meeting has ended.

Ease of Use: (Rating: 10/10)

The interface itself is clean and simple. The “meeting wall” allows for host and attendees to easily view and download needed documents, videos, and links. Everyone is easily able to communicate over the phone, through a computer mic, or using the built in chat. The host does have control of mute options for the attendees.

Help & Support: (Rating: 6/10)

Customer service over the phone was very helpful with uncovering my audio problem. They gave me suggestions and walked me through the needed steps. However, there was not any follow up. I did send an email about another question that I had and did not receive any response to that email.

StartMeeting Pricing

50 Seats: $19.95/mo., Includes a free 30-day trial.
200 Seats: $99.95/mo.
500 Seats: $249.95/mo.
1,000 Seats: $349.95/mo.

***Each package includes 1,000 callers

U.S. Toll Free Conference Number – 3.9¢/min per attendee
International Access – $4.95/month

StartMeeting Specifications



Monthly Price: $19.95 - $349.95

Free Trial






Help and Support

24/7 Support




Knowledge Base

Meeting Invitation

Schedule Meetings

Recurring Meetings

Ad-Hoc Meetings

Meeting Calendar

Invite Attendees After Meeting Started

Expel Attendees

Collaboration & Sharing

Change Presenters

Desktop Sharing

Specific Application Sharing

File Sharing

Annotation & Drawing Tools



Max # of Video Streams: 0


VoIP Support

Local Toll Dial in #'s

Toll Free Dial in #'s

Mute Participants

Additional Features

Meeting Recording

Outlook Integration

Participant Reporting

Meeting Room Branding


High Security help




IOS Iphone/Ipad


Windows Mobile

What We Like about StartMeeting

Support for all Platforms: StartMeeting does support both Windows and Macs. It also has apps available that provide support for tablets, iPad, iPhones, and Android phones.

Support for Larger Meetings: Using their free plan you have the option of hosting up to 1,000 callers. In addition, when you purchase the screen-sharing plan, you have the option of sharing your screen with up to 1,000 attendees.

Custom Call in Numbers: Every meeting that you host uses the same call in numbers and meeting IDs. This makes it simple to send out a recurring meeting schedule.

Schedule Meetings: StartMeeting offers the ability to schedule meetings; these meetings will remain on your wall so any one who views your wall will see them. Once you have the meetings scheduled, you are then able to invite members to your meeting. You can invite them ahead of time or during the meeting.

Mobile Support: Attendees are able to download a mobile app that allows them to view the meeting from any location. The app requests a meeting ID and email address for log in.

Customizable Meeting Wall: StartMeeting has a customizable meeting wall, which makes it possible for you to input a company logo, business information, contact information, and meeting information. It also has a location to share all the materials such as PDFs, videos, and presentation slides that you will be using throughout your meeting. The attendees do have to visit the wall themselves to download this information as it does not share through your screen.

Spark Option: Your attendees have an option to join a meeting through their browser without any downloads. The drawback of this feature is that they will not be able to access the remote control feature, become a presenter or VoIP. They do get to experience the entire meeting as an attendee with dial-in information and chat messaging opportunities.

Start and Pause Ability: StartMeeting gives the host the ability to stop or pause the screen sharing. You may do this at any time throughout the meeting. It is especially handy if you are opening extra documents or need to enter passwords.

Free Version and Highly Customizable Pricing: You may start with the free option, which allows for 1,000 callers. Then you build your packages based upon what you need. Each feature is individually added to provide flexible pricing based on the features that you need. This way you are only paying for the features that you need and you can add or remove features at any time.

What We Don’t Like about StartMeeting

Invitations Not Integrated: The option to invite attendees is on your meeting wall, which does make it a simple click away. You also have the option to invite new participants at any time; however, you do have to manually enter each email address. You will also have to send the invite each time unless they save the call in and meeting ID themselves.

Cloud Based Sharing: This feature allows the host to share any materials through the meeting wall. The host may share videos, links, downloadable documents, and any presentation slides they are using. The big downside to this is that the attendee has to view the meeting wall through their browser to download the materials. If they are using a mobile app, they have to leave the meeting to go back to the browser and download the materials. Another drawback is that if the host has a video planned as part of the presentation, each attendee has to open and view the video on their own device as the sound does not play through the conference call.

No Video Conferencing: There is not any ability to use a webcam for live video conferencing. You are able to share your screen and record the meeting; when you pause or stop the screen sharing option during a meeting, your attendees will only see a blank screen.

Single Host: There is only a single host option; however, you do have the option to make an attendee a presenter.

Final Thoughts

StartMeeting is an easy to use web conferencing platform that integrates audio conferencing with screen sharing abilities. Using their meeting wall, you can easily upload documents, videos, and links that you want to share, invite members to the meeting, schedule meetings, and share your screen with those on the call. Your participants even have the option to join any meeting at any time through their browser using the Spark meeting feature. However, it lacks any type of true video conferencing and has no webcam integration.

6.9 Total Score
Affordable Web Conferencing Solution without webcam integration

StartMeeting has wonderful screen sharing options, however it does not have an option for webcam integration. Easily begin your next meeting in a few simple steps using their meeting wall feature. Or, schedule a meeting using their Outlook integration tool and invite participants.

Meeting SetUp
Ease of Use
Help & Support
  • Compatible with all platforms
  • Simple, easy to use features
  • Unique, permanent meeting ID
  • Cloud based file sharing
  • Editable screen sharing options
  • Free Pack contains most of the features
  • Customizable upgrades
  • Customizable meeting wall
  • Free Recording
  • Screen sharing is an upgrade option
  • No live video sharing – no webcam integration
  • No email integration for invitations
  • Download needed for attendees and host
  • Toll free call in number is an extra charge



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