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MeetingBurner Review

meetingburner Web Conferencing Review


MeetingBurner is a full-featured web conferencing platform built to run in the cloud. The ability to host conferences online without any downloads makes this one of the most convenient platforms to hose meetings anywhere. There are multiple integrations which make invitations and registration easy. When you want a fast and simple platform, MeetingBurner should be your top choice.

Perfect for keeping contact with particpants before and after the meeting
  • Screen sharing includes region, whole screen, browser, or specific app choices
  • Meeting temperature gauge
  • CRM and Payment integrations
  • Recurring meetings
  • Option to change passwords
  • Facebook registration
  • Multiple calendar integrations
  • Auto share meeting info through social media
  • Email registrants
  • Autopilot meetings
  • Multiple presenters and hosts
  • Need to download screen sharing app each meeting
  • Only Outlook integration for emails
  • Only host can share webcam video

Meeting Setup: (Rating: 10/10)

Setting up your meeting is as simple as a few mouse clicks. You can choose to add as little or as much detail as you would like, plus integrations such as MailChimp and PayPal make it easy to run paid conferences or save your participants into a database.

Features: (Rating: 10/10)

Not only does MeetingBurner have a full lineup of useable features, but they are easy to use. If you want to schedule a meeting simply enter a title and date. Or, if you want to record your meeting all you need is one click of your mouse. One of the best features is MeetingBurner’s option to include a meeting thermometer to give you on the spot feedback. Some unique features worth noting include their ability to make a meeting public so that attendees can listen to recorded meeting minutes. Another is their email follow-up feature, which allows you to send customized and personal messages to attendees afterwards.

They also have their attendance duration tracking, which shows how long each attendant has been in the meeting – showing you who may have skipped out or arrived later.

If you want to integrate your own software or website into MeetingBurner, you can access their API.

Video: (Rating: 2/10)

MeetingBurner gets partial credit here, they only support webcam for the host. When holding a web conference many people may want to use more webcam streams. Although MeetingBurner only allows the host to stream their webcam video, it is very high quality.

Audio: (Rating: 8/10)

The audio quality is quite decent. MeetingBurner could improve its audio quality by using an HD audio system. As for right now the audio is clear and audible, however there is some delay in the presentation and it could definitely be crisper.

Security: (Rating: 8/10)

MeetingBurner offers varying levels of security for meetings. As a host, I had the option to require use of passwords as well as create a new password for each meeting. The meetings are invite only and the host is able to lock the meeting. The host also has the option to remove members from the meeting.

Ease of Use: (Rating: 9/10)

MeetingBurner’s interface and navigation are easy to use. However, one aspect that makes it a little more difficult is the fact that you have to download the screen sharing application every time you begin a new meeting. It is an easy download, but would definitely be much better if you only had to download it once.

Help & Support: (Rating: 9/10)

MeetingBurner has fabulous support. You can always send them an email, however you can also find them on Twitter and Facebook where they will answer your questions. If you purchase the pro or premier accounts you also have phone support during your meetings. This is not to say that you cannot contact them by phone during other times, as they do have an 888 number which you can call with any inquiries you may have. They also include their mailing address if you prefer that route. They do not offer 24/7 support though – something they should consider in the future or beef up their knowledgebase instead.

MeetingBurner Pricing

Pro Plan: $39.95/mo.; 50 attendees

Premeir Plan: $99.95/mo.; 250 attendees, live and autopilot meetings

Free Plan: only up to 10 attendees, no meeting recording or VoIP

MeetingBurner Specifications



Monthly Price: $39.95 - $99.95

Free Version

Free Trial




Help and Support

24/7 Support



Social Media

Online Tutorials


Knowledge Base

Meeting Invitation

Schedule Meetings

Recurring Meetings

Ad-Hoc Meetings

Meeting Calendar

Invite Attendees After Meeting Started

Expel Attendees

Collaboration & Sharing

Change Presenters

Desktop Sharing

Specific Application Sharing

File Sharing

Annotation & Drawing Tools




Video Conferencing

Max # of Video Streams: 4


VoIP Support

Local Toll Dial in #'s

Toll Free Dial in #'s

Mute Participants

Additional Features

Meeting Recording

Outlook Integration

Participant Reporting

Meeting Room Branding

Operated Assisted Meetings


High Security help

128-bit SSL encryption





IOS Iphone/Ipad


Windows Mobile

What We Like about MeetingBurner

Multiple Screen Sharing Options: When sharing your screen you have the option to choose what you share. You can share a specific region, browser, or application, or you have the option to share your whole screen. Multiple presenters can share their screens as well.

Meeting Temperature Gauge: This feature allows MeetingBurner to stand out from all the other web conferencing platforms. You can choose the style of the gauge, whether you want it to show hot/cold or on a scale of 1-10. During the meeting your attendees can move the gauge at the bottom of their feed and you will see immediate feedback as to how your attendees feel the meeting is going. This gives you the opportunity to change your meeting if it is not going well.

CRM and Payment Options: As a host you have the option to connect your registration forms with Aweber, Infusionsoft, MailChimp, or GetResponse to directly put your registrants into your mailing list. With the premier plan you also have the option to integrate PayPal so that you can charge for your meetings; this is a great option if you are holding a webinar.

Easy Registration Options: Your attendees have the option to register using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or email address. This makes it easy for them to register for your meeting. On the other side, you have the option to gather information about your attendees by creating registration questions. You can also send out invites using your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts.

Email Registrants: Once your attendees have registered MeetingBurner offers an option to email them. This is a great way to stay in touch with your attendees, gather more information, or send out reminders.

Autopilot Meetings: If you have ever wanted to record your meetings have them occur again, you can do this with the autopilot option. Once your meeting is recorded, you can schedule it to play again at an indicated time. You can be in attendance, or you do not have to be there.

Multiple Presenters: You can always switch presenters throughout the meeting, however MeetingBurner has one more option which will create much more ease in your meetings. You can have all the presenters sign in using the host PIN. When they do this they do not follow the “all muted” rules when you mute your attendees. Their lines will stay open allowing them to freely speak.

What We Don’t Like about MeetingBurner

Screen Share Download Every Time: One thing that makes using MeetingBurner a bit frustrating is that you have to download their screen sharing application every time you are in a new meeting. Unlike many other platforms, you cannot download it the first time and be done.

Only Outlook Integration: You do have the option to integrate Outlook into your MeetingBurner account so that you can send emails from your contact list. However, if you use any other email service you have to copy and paste the conference information email into your own provider.

Only One Webcam Feed: Multiple presenters can share their screens, however only the host of the account has the option to share their webcam feed.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to run a large web conference or a small meeting, MeetingBurner has an easy to use platform. You are able to gather information about your registrants, keep in touch prior to the meeting, and receive immediate feedback throughout your meeting; these features make MeetingBurner one of the best web conferencing platforms available.

8 Total Score
Comprehensive Integration Features

MeetingBurner goes beyond the basic integrations; it allows you to integrate calendars, CRMs, social media accounts, and mobiles apps to create successful meetings every time. Using its autopilot option you can successfully run pre-recorded meetings as well.

Meeting Setup
Ease of Use
Help & Support
  • Screen sharing includes region, whole screen, browser, or specific app choices
  • Meeting temperature gauge
  • CRM and Payment integrations
  • Recurring meetings
  • Option to change passwords
  • Facebook registration
  • Multiple calendar integrations
  • Auto share meeting info through social media
  • Email registrants
  • Autopilot meetings
  • Multiple presenters and hosts
  • Need to download screen sharing app each meeting
  • Only Outlook integration for emails
  • Only host can share webcam video


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