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ClickMeeting Review

ClickMeeting Review


ClickMeeting’s clean, user-friendly interface requires little to no learning curve. With its fair pricing, sophisticated features, and cross-platform compatibility, ClickMeeting is a good choice for small businesses in need of a web conferencing solution.

Founded in 2008, ClickMeeting’s focus on no-download, function-rich web conferencing has proved a winning combination thus far. This competitively priced platform has plenty of premium features for a less-than-premium price: ClickMeeting supports 25, 50, or 100 attendees on their MyWebinar for $30 per month ($25 with an annual plan), MyWebinar Pro lets users host meeting for 50, 100, 500 attendees for $45 per month ($35 with annual subscription), and you can get customizable packages via their Enterprise Plans for 500 to 5,000 attendees for $209 per month ($165 with annual subscription).

ClickMeeting is a product of Implix, who also owns the email marketing product GetResponse. Implix was founded by internet marketing entrepreneur, Simon Grabowski. Implix currently maintains worldwide operations, with offices in the U.S., Poland and Canada, serving more than 180,000 customers in 200 countries. Implix lives by a simple mission statement – “to be the premier provider of affordable, feature-rich, self-service solutions that help small and medium businesses around the globe improve efficiency, reduce costs & increase profitability.”

  • No downloads for participants
  • Customizable interface for branding
  • Complete control of sharing and chat options
  • Chat translator for 52 languages
  • Sophisticated whiteboard
  • Multiple layout options
  • User-friendly interface
  • Premium features included
  • Phone Support not easily available.
  • Support is not 24/7
  • No Individual Application Sharing

Meeting Setup: (Rating: 9/10)

Clickmeeting offers completely customizable email templates – insuring your meetings stand out. You can also import contacts into ClickMeeting's address book – making future meetings easy to schedule. With Clickmeeting's cool webinar timeline feature, you can easily view past and future webinars, view statistics and custom reports, and create new events from scratch or duplicate existing events. You setup one-time meetings, recurring meetings and meeting rooms with ClickMeeting. To get started on those, you simply go to your schedule, create an event and set your date. You can also select if it will be a permanent meeting or not. You can also embed meetings on your website for easier access and registration.

Features: (Rating: 8/10)

ClickMeeting does have some unique features compared to the competition, but may not be as robust as other companies. Some features you will find include meeting room rebranding, which allows the host to add their logo, graphics, barnd colors and more to their meeting and meeting waiting rooms – a unique and fun feature we think. They also offer full desktop sharing and control – with the ability to pass control to another user when needed. They also have their moderated Q&A sessions and private chat for those that want to chat on the side.

The simultaneous chat translation is a very unique feature – letting companies go global on a true scale. With Google's translator built in, what you type can instantly be translated into the language your clients, vendors or employees need in order to understand.

Video: (Rating: 9/10)

ClickMeeting supports up to four video streams at a time. High Definition video is available on the MyWebinars Pro Plans($10/month more) and above. The lower plans without HD video are mostly likely more than adequate for most businesses’ needs, however.

Audio: (Rating: 9/10)

Clickmeeting offers VoIP audio standard with all meetings and users can opt for using either their computer microphone or they can call in via phone. With Clickmeeting you have four audio modes – Presenter Only, Q&A, Listen Only, and Discussion – offering maximum flexibility in controlling who is speaking during meetings. Toll-free call in numbers as well as local(to organizer) are now available for all meetings.

Security: (Rating: 10/10)

Upgraded to 256-bit AES encryption keeps ClickMeeting customers secure. A meeting invitation is required to attend a meeting. Meetings are all password and token protected – providing the ultimate secure meeting. Privileges during meetings are assigned based on role – Organizer, Presenter or Attendee.

Ease of Use: (Rating: 9/10)

Overall, ClickMeeting was very easy to use. However, we weren’t pleased with having to download two separate plugins mid-meeting to share screens. This is something that they need to fix – especially because some users may be unfamiliar with the process or find it too cumbersome for their beginner computer using attendees.

Help and Support: (Rating: 8/10)

Online chat and email are both available, but they don’t seem to have telephone support readily on hand. That being said, there is a telephone sales team available for questions before you buy, but after that, tech support is limited to chat and email.

ClickMeeting Pricing

MyWebinars: $25/month, 25 – 100 attendees, 2 presenters

MyWebinars Pro: $35/month, 50 – 500 attendees, 4 presenters, HD Video

Enterprise: $165/month, 500 – 5,000 attendees, customized packages




Monthly Price: $25 - $165

Free Trial







Help and Support


Social Media

Online Tutorials

Meeting Invitation

Schedule Meetings

Recurring Meetings

Ad-Hoc Meetings

Meeting Calendar

Invite Attendees After Meeting Started

Expel Attendees

Collaboration & Sharing

Change Presenters

Desktop Sharing

File Sharing


Annotation & Drawing Tools




Video Conferencing

HD Video

Max # of Video Streams: 4


VoIP Support

Local Toll Dial in #'s

Toll Free Dial in #'s

Mute Participants

Additional Features

Meeting Recording

Outlook Integration

Participant Reporting

Meeting Room Branding


High Security help

256-bit AES Encryption





IOS Iphone/Ipad


Windows Mobile

What We Like About ClickMeeting

No Downloads for Participants: Participants can enter meetings sans downloads, saving time and making for more effective meetings.

Customizable Interface for Branding: ClickMeeting lets small businesses incorporate their company colors and logos into the ClickMeeting interface. This adds an extra level of professionalism to the web conferencing platform. It is an impressive feature for businesses that use ClickMeeting to communicate with current or potential customers.

Chat Translation: ClickMeeting’s nifty chat translator lets people who speak different languages communicate in real time. Choose from 52 different languages. Although the system no doubt isn’t foolproof, it could be very useful if participants were to stick to the short, simple sentences that auto-translators can handle.

Multiple Layout Options: Pick layouts that feature chat menus, screen sharing, webcams, and more. ClickMeeting has a layout to fit any situation.

User-Friendly Interface: Web conferencing software with overly complex interfaces are virtually useless. Business owners are busy and do not have the time to spend hours learning how to use such programs. ClickMeeting is very intuitive to use, with its attractive, clear control panel. It requires no learning curve, simplifying the web conferencing process for its customers.

Premium Features Included: While some other web conferencing companies charge extra for features such as multiple webcam streams and meeting recording, ClickMeeting includes these features with all of its packages.

What We Don't Like About ClickMeeting

No Phone Support: Clickmeeting only offers live chat, and email support. And that support is not 24/7 (see our next comment) The fact that phone support is not available is a big drawback considering most of their competitors offer it, and sometimes talking directly to a person can be the quickest, easiest way to solve a problem.

No 24/7 Support: Support is only available Mon-Fri: 3AM – 5PM EST (9AM – 11PM CET), Saturday: 3AM – 3PM EST (9AM – 9PM CET), and Sunday: 8AM – 2PM EST (2PM – 8PM CET). Again many of their competitors offer 24/7 support.

Two Downloads Required for Application Sharing: In order to share their screens, participants have to download two separate applications: a ClickMeeting app and an Adobe app. This is disruptive to meetings, as it takes several meetings to complete.

Weird Partial Screen Sharing: Rather than offering individual application sharing, ClickMeeting lets users choose a portion of their screen to share. Applications can be moved in and out of this shared area. Presenters could easily click on an app they do not want to share and have it pop up within the shared portion of the screen.

8.9 Total Score
User-friendly and unique features.

ClickMeeting offers a user-friendly web conferencing service with fair pricing. Their features are sophisticated, and they offer cross-platform compatibility to make conferencing with vendors, customers and traveling employees a breeze.

Meeting Setup
Ease of Use
Help and Support
  • No downloads for participants
  • Customizable interface for branding
  • Complete control of sharing and chat options
  • Chat translator for 52 languages
  • Sophisticated whiteboard
  • Multiple layout options
  • User-friendly interface
  • Premium features included
  • Phone Support not easily available.
  • Support is not 24/7
  • No Individual Application Sharing

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Lynn is the founder and chief editor at She is responsible for strategy and business development. Her background is in software development, marketing, and project management. She loves camping, traveling, and all things soccer related. She has been married for over 30 years to one great guy and has two adult children. Lynn is also the human companion to two cats - Jynx and Spanky. She is based in Minnesota, USA.

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