How Web Conferencing Improves Productivity

Web Conferencing Improves Productivity

Over the past decade web conferencing has been a common way to hold meetings for any business.  Whether you own a small business or a large enterprise web conferencing has been making meetings even easier have, no matter where your employees are located.

As it has become more and more popular, the web conferencing platforms have needed to grow to meet the needs of their clients.  Most companies have gone from simple telecommunications to video communications platforms.

Web conferencing platforms allow their clients to see each other either through video or image cards, share their screens, share applications, use whiteboards, and share files and documents all while having private and public chats.

What does this mean for you and your business?

Your meeting productivity goes up.  It does this because you are able to save time and money by not having to make sure everyone can get to the same location at the same time.  Instead you and your team members can join in on meeting from anywhere.

Using web conferencing services such as GlobalMeet and UberConference allow you to join and present meetings from anywhere using mobile devices.  Being able to join a meeting from anywhere helps employees create a better work-life balance all while ensuring they are able to meet their deadlines and goals.

How is this done?

There are a variety of web conferencing platforms available to meet a multitude of needs.  You and your teammates are able to pick a platform that accomplishes the tasks that you need.

Since there is a high need in the mobility of working from anywhere, several of the web conferencing platforms also have mobile apps available.  This makes it even easier to attend meetings from your phone or mobile device.

The switch from telecommuting to virtual workplaces

Business owners are finding it easier and easier for both themselves and their employees to work from home.  The concept of working from home has been around for many years, but it has only recently been acknowledged that people can now work from home and be even more productive than they were in the office.

One way this is done is through virtual workplaces.  A virtual workplace means more freedom for you, your employees, and your clients.  MeetingBurner is one excellent example of this.  You have the ability to schedule meeting, link calendars, share files, and link your social media profiles.  It is an all-inclusive workspace that also gives you the ability to collect email addresses and send emails using your favorite CRM.

Using these virtual workplaces, you no longer have to have an office.  This saves both time and money for you and your employees.  When money and time are saved, people become more productive.

Add in the ability to use web conferencing to hold your meetings and you have an equation for success.  Web conferencing companies recognize your desire to work from anywhere; this is exactly why many of them offer the ability to host their platform from your own virtual workplace, or the ability to create a virtual workplace through their platform.

When employees are happy, then the boss is happy.  Right?

Allowing employees to attend meeting from anywhere allows them to be more creative, productive, and organized while they better meet the needs of your clients.

Jessica Hentges is Senior Researcher and Editor at As a small business owner and article writer she has a passion for helping others achieve their goals by taking the research time out of their struggles. She provides detailed advice and strategies for attaining any life ambition. Her articles have been featured on several blogs, online magazines, and in many other publications. Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama her extracurricular activities include having quality adventures with her family, living a healthy lifestyle, health and fitness, and volunteering her time with Toastmasters International.

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