Top Benefits of Using Web Conferencing at Work

Think web conferencing is good for only one thing? Think again.
There is a multitude of benefits of using web conferencing at work.  The benefits range from saving money, improving communication, increasing productivity, and becoming more efficient to meeting with clients, holding demos, and collaborating with other team members.

Save Money and Time

Before web conferencing if you wanted to hold a meeting with clients or team members who lived across the country, someone had to travel.  This incurred a travel expense as well as time spent traveling.   Not only that, but time was spent trying to find a date and time that worked for everyone.   This could sometimes takes weeks and a lot of changing the date and time which let to confusion.

Now, with web conferencing you can save time, money, and confusion.  Wouldn’t it be much more cost effective to spend $9 a month on a service such as iMeet instead of having to pay 100s of dollars in travel expenses each month for each person attending the meeting?

Instead of spending extra time traveling when you could be productive, you can easily log in and hold a meeting within a few simple minutes.  There will not be any time wasted at the airport or on the road.  You also save ticket and travel money.

Even when you pay for your web conferencing service it is usually less than the travel expenses that would be accrued.

Improved Communication

The desktop sharing, application sharing, file sharing, and presentation capability of web conferencing ensures that you can work collaboratively over the internet.  As a team you can plan, set goals, and develop solutions without anyone being out of the loop.  Even if they miss the meeting, a team member can get all the meeting details without relying on someone else’s notes by watching the recording.

Not only does engagement increase as each person is able to interact in real-time but the communication between team members increases as well.  All team members who attend the web conference are able to share their ideas and receive on the spot feedback.

Stop Giving the Same Presentation Over and Over

Web conferencing platforms such as ReadyTalk allow you to record your meetings.  This eliminates the need for you to repeat yourself.  You can easily record any presentation and share it with all of your colleagues.  Those who can attend live do so and those who can’t are able to watch a recording.

Have you ever been in a situation where you gave a great presentation and then were asked to give it again in front of another group?  As a way to save time and money, you can simply share the recording with that second group.  They will receive all the vital information without you needing to rearrange your schedule.

Hold Events and Demos

Does your business have a product that it is selling, or a system that it needs to teach its employees how to use?  Then web conferencing can be your solution.  You can easily hold events and demos using a web conferencing platform.  Your clients will be able to interact, ask questions, and even test the item while in the meeting with you.

It is possible for investors, clients, and business partners to use web conferencing to keep lines of communication open, save money, record meetings, and increase productivity in the office.  Saving travel time has an extra benefit of helping your business be more environmentally friendly.

Jessica Hentges is Senior Researcher and Editor at As a small business owner and article writer she has a passion for helping others achieve their goals by taking the research time out of their struggles. She provides detailed advice and strategies for attaining any life ambition. Her articles have been featured on several blogs, online magazines, and in many other publications. Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama her extracurricular activities include having quality adventures with her family, living a healthy lifestyle, health and fitness, and volunteering her time with Toastmasters International.

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