5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Web Conference Platform

Before buying, consider these top things for web conferencing first.
When you decide to choose a web conferencing provider there are many factors that you need to consider.  Factors such as user experience, ease of use, reliability, capacity, versatility, security, and what will meet your needs are all things to be considered.

Think about the last time you purchased anything.  You had questions such as “How do I turn it on?” “How do I make it work for me?” and “Did I pick the right one?”   Purchasing a web conference platform should not be any different.  Throughout the rest of this article we will uncover the 9 most important things to consider before choosing a web conferencing provider.

Ease of Use

Any system you choose should be easy to use.  Scheduling and starting meetings, setting up the meeting, and running and interacting during the meeting should be easy for both you and your clients, or anyone else who is participating in the meeting.

When these processes are difficult, the rest of the meeting will be difficult making it ineffective and unproductive.  Along with easy to use, you want the system to be intuitive.  This way when you sit down to use it, it will be almost second nature.  You will be able to gain the feedback you need and smoothly run your meeting.


When you choose a service you want it to be reliable.  You want to be able to trust that it will work when you need it to and that you will receive the aid you need if something was to go wrong during your meeting.

You want to look for products that have high uptimes, low outages, and extremely high quality customer service.  A service such as ReadyTalk provides assisted meetings and 24/7 chat or phone calling to help you solve any issue as it occurs.

What You Need

Many services offer “add-ons” that can be added to any package to suit your specific needs.  StartMeeting and other web conference platforms offer customizations from the beginning of your plan.  When you begin with StartMeeting, you only pay for what you need and are able to add on as you discover you need more.

It is very important that you determine what you need for your meetings whether it is a whiteboard, public and private chats, video integration, whole screen or partial screen sharing, or any other features that you may need to have a successful meeting prior to making your decision.

Knowing these specifics will help you make the best choice for you and your company.


When you have a highly mobile employee base or client base, it is extremely important that you find a platform that allows mobility.  Whether you want to hold meetings internally or externally, or both is going to be a big deciding factor.  Web conferencing services such as join.me allow presenters and participants to attend your meetings from anywhere.  There are many services that provide Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and desktop apps to ensure that you are able to hold an effective meeting from anywhere.


Security is by far the most important consideration.  It does not matter if you are the owner of a small home business or a large enterprise, you want your employees and clients to be safe.  In this modern age of technology where cyberattacks and identity theft run rapid, it is important that the web conferencing provider you choose offers a security level that helps you feel safe.

You want to use a provider that is going to ensure any data entered is secure as well as any meetings.  Providers such as MeetingBurner, iMeet, and AnyMeeting all offer lock features in their meetings which allow the host to control who is actually participating and listening in on the meeting.

Jessica Hentges is Senior Researcher and Editor at Revuezzle.com. As a small business owner and article writer she has a passion for helping others achieve their goals by taking the research time out of their struggles. She provides detailed advice and strategies for attaining any life ambition. Her articles have been featured on several blogs, online magazines, and in many other publications. Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama her extracurricular activities include having quality adventures with her family, living a healthy lifestyle, health and fitness, and volunteering her time with Toastmasters International.

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