WebEx vs. GlobalMeet: Which is the Best Web Conferencing Solution?

WebEx vs. GlobalMeet

Despite changing technologies, business etiquette, and the varying needs of businesses large and small, one thing may never change—the all-important business meeting. Meetings matter whether you’re a business of three or 3,000. Thanks to web conferencing, all types and sizes of meetings can unfold regardless of members’ locations. Business can happen, ideas can be shared, and plans put into motion even when movers and shakers are a world apart. Businesses just need to decide which service has the best web conferencing tools for their needs. Then, just a few clicks is all that is needed to make it happen.

Two services that have proven to be invaluable when it comes to web conferencing tools are WebEx and GlobalMeet. A comparison of the two can help a modern business of any size decide which service has the best features, choices, and bang for the buck.

Let’s Talk Plans

WebEx has three plans to choose from and each includes up to 7 video feeds.

  • Premium 8—this plan accommodates up to 8 people per meeting
  • Premium 25—this plan accommodates up to 25 people per meeting
  • Premium 100—this plan accommodates up to 100 people per meeting

GlobalMeet also has three distinct plans to choose from. They also offer a free trial.

  • Pay as You Go—this plan is a pay-per-minute plan that can handle up to 25 participants
  • Unlimited Web—this plan accommodates up to 10 participants for a monthly fee
  • Unlimited Web and Audio—this plan accommodates up to 125 people for a monthly fee

What About Features?

WebEx has a wide range of features that help businesses manage meetings and make web conferencing an effective communication and idea-sharing tool. Some of the features worth considering include:

  • Extensive sharing capabilities of desktop, browser window (giving the option to not share everything on your screen) and web page
  • Ability to switch presenters
  • File sharing
  • Recorded meetings that become a link to watch or share later
  • High Definition video and audio
  • Recurring meeting scheduling which appears on Microsoft Outlook calendar
  • Lock meetings
  • Ability to invite people after meeting has started
  • Sketching ideas on virtual whiteboard
  • Ability to engage in live chat and post comments without leaving meeting
  • Create task to share during meeting
  • Files added during meetings can be uploaded and notes can be added
  • Mobile use for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, and tablets. (no file sharing is available on mobile devices)
  • No software installs needed for web conferencing

GlobalMeet also has a number of features that can ensure a productive and successful meeting for all. Those features include:

  • Ability to switch presenters
  • Screen sharing (with option to pause to do other things privately)
  • Recordings of meetings
  • Ability to lock meetings
  • Ability to dismiss people from meetings and invite people after meeting has started
  • Ability to schedule recurring meetings
  • Meeting room branding
  • File sharing and ability to transfer files and folders for guest to download
  • Cloud-based file library for files presented during meeting
  • Whiteboard and annotation capabilities for all participants (not available on iPad)
  • Polling and survey features for use during meeting
  • Active talker feature (you can see live feed of person talking)
  • Operated assisted meeting capabilities
  • Mobile use
  • Can switch between devices, mobile or desktop, during meeting without leaving to do so
  • Q and A features to ask and share questions and answers during meeting (openly or privately)
  • Live chat features

Mobile Capabilities for the Best Web Conferencing Services

WebEx has a mobile app for download on all Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and tablets. However, WebEx mobile users can’t share files during a meeting.

GlobalMeet says they also have excellent mobile use capabilities. With GlobalMeet, you have the ability to switch to or from a mobile device during the meeting all without logging out to switch.

Considering Cost

WebEx has affordable plans starting at $24/month, with a discount of $19/month when you pay annually. Their most expensive plan is $69/month, with a discount when paid annually. The annual cost of their highest priced plan is $49/month.

GlobalMeet has an option other web conferencing services rarely provide—a pay per minute plan. This only cost .19/minute and can be a great option when meetings are quick or far and few in between. Their monthly plans range from $15/month to $49/month. Their free trial also sets them apart from WebEx.

Ease of Use

GlobalMeet has lots of unique features making meetings simple to join and share information. One thing that sets it apart as far as ease of use in concerned is the ability to switch between a mobile device and desktop all without leaving the meeting. It is also easy to schedule meetings and upload documents quickly. However, invites can be cumbersome as you need name, email, and web addresses before logging in. You can also use a pin number to enter meetings.

Any presenters need to download the GlobalMeet app before they can present. Going over 5 video feeds is not recommended as there may be lag time. It has also been noted that using Google Chrome for meetings can cause issues for users.

WebEx has lots of tutorials for those new to web conferencing and the many tools available. There are no software install requirements, making it easy for anyone to join a meeting. The High Definition video and audio make it easier than others who have lag time or limited video feeds. WebEx list ‘ease of use’ as their top priority for members. It also makes keeping track of meetings simple because as soon as you accept an invite, the meeting will appear in your calendar.

Which is the Best Web Conferencing Solution for You?

If you are new to web conferencing, it may be overwhelming to choose a service and confusing when you aren’t sure which features you really need. If you have used other services in the past, newer features or pricing might weigh heavily in choosing a new way to meet and share ideas with team members. If you are new to web conferencing, the ability to give a service a test run may be most appealing.

WebEx will appeal to those who will need 7 video feeds and those who want a discounted price if paying for the year upfront. If you are unsure you want to invest in a yearly plan right away, GlobalMeet may be best as it offers pay as you go and a free trial. Since both can essentially handle meetings of the same size with their highest priced plans, the individual nuances of both services may be the deciding factor, including video feed needs, ability to switch devices mid-meeting and other features that set them apart.

We have personally reviewed a great number of the best web conferencing services on the market today and have also outlined comparisons between specific services. These comparisons and reviews on our website can make the choice clearer for anyone looking to tap into this technology to get a leg up on the competition, stay connected to a global team, and bounce ideas around the world in real time with ease and affordability.

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You can trust our reviews to paint a full and unbiased picture of each service provider and help you decide which one to invest in for your particular business needs.

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