Best Web Conferencing Services and Software

Whether you are a home-based, small, medium, or large business finding the best web conferencing for your web meeting needs can be a challenge with so many companies available today and each with varying features, security levels, and reliability.

We researched over 30 different web conferencing companies and software and came up with 18 that are worth a closer look, with WebEx and GlobalMeet and leading the pack with their unmatched features, functionality, reliability and customer support.

Our Top 5 Best Web Conferencing Picks

Check out all our Web Conferencing Reviews and use our filtering and sorting features to narrow down the merchants that best suite your needs!

Our Lists of Best Web Conferencing Services by Need or Feature - Coming Soon!

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Best Web Conferencing Services

How we chose the Best Web Conferencing Services

While researching and reviewing each merchant we developed specific criteria to base our scores on.

What Web Conferencing Features Matter and Why?

  • What types of plans are there?
  • What is the monthly price of the plans and do they have a free version?
  • Is there a free trial?
  • What is the max participants per plan

Meeting Setup
  • How is the process for setting up a meeting? Is it easy or is there a learning curve?
  • Do you have to download anything to start or setup a meeting?
  • How do you invite others to the conversation and will they need to download anything to get started? Will they need an account?
  • Can you integrate the service with any social media services, such as Google or LinkedIn.

  • What features are included as part of the service? Are there premium or upgraded features available?
  • Do you have the option to use a webcam?
  • What collaborative features do they have aside from the actual conference call? For example, do they have a meeting schedule tool, application or screen sharing, file uploads, file transfers between participants, etc.
  • What presenter tools do they have, such as polling, control passing, post call reporting, preparation modes, screen shots, etc.
  • Do they offer mobile enabled conference calls, breakout rooms and cloud storage?

  • Can you use a web cam or live video feed during your conference? What is the quality of that video?
  • Do they offer HD Quality Video Streams?
  • How Many Video Streams are Allowed?

  • What Audio Options are Available?
  • How is the call quality via this service?
  • What options do you have for audio (such as headsets, built-in mic, etc.)
  • Do they offer toll-free calling?

  • What is the security of the web conferencing service? Do they have encryption?
  • Is there a PIN number option to ensure no one can drop into a conference call?
  • Can you select the PIN number or is it automatically generated by the site?
  • Is there a no code option?
  • Can you select the PIN number or is it automatically generated by the site?
  • Is the PIN or security options part of their basic service or does it cost extra?
  • Any security issues recently (past 10 years) in the news?

Ease of Use
  • How easy is the service to use?
  • Is their navigation panel and interface simple?
  • Can you customize the conferencing?
  • What options are there for notifying you of participants joining or pending conference meetings?
  • Is the setup process easy and what tutorials or help options are available in case you are not sure where to go?

Customer Service
  • How can you reach customer service?
  • What hours are various types of support available?
  • Do they have tutorials, forums and help guides online for new users?
  • Are there complaints about their customer service?
  • What is their overall BBB rating?

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