Healthy Paws Insurance and Foundation Review

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Great rates, excellent coverage and a company that puts your pet's health first.

as low as $16 to $24 per month

Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws is ideal for owners who want to be insured by a company that puts customers and pets needs first, and for those who want to avoid lifetime limits on claims. #pets #insurance #cats #dogs
Healthy Paws Insurance and Foundation was created by Steve Siadek and Rob Jackson after they met at a no-kill animal shelter and realized that there was a need for a way to help owners, or “pet parents” as they prefer to call them, deal with the financial burden of providing veterinary treatment. This belief has only grown along with the company, and they continue to do as much as they can to relieve the unforeseen costs of owning a pet.
An ideal pet insurance for owners that want a company that puts pets first.

  • Extremely easy to submit claim and get reimbursed
  • Great Customer Service
  • Ethical Company

  • Lots of Exclusions
  • No Wellness Add-ons
  • Do not offer a 100% Reimbursement Rate

Plans/Pricing: (Rating: 7/10)

Plans start from as low as $15 for cats and $25 for dogs, however the total cost depends on the deductible and reimbursement level that you choose. They have a one-size-fits-all plan and do have any additional add-plans or upgrades, so every customer will receive the same amount of coverage.

Healthy Paws does warn that customers should expect rate premiums to increase slightly from year to year due to rising cost of veterinary care. Fortunately prices will never rise as a result of you filing a claim, not matter how many times you do.

Waiting Period: (Rating: 7/10)

There is a 15 day waiting period after enrollment in order to be covered for accident or illness and if your pet is younger than 6 there is a 12 month waiting period to be covered for hip dysplasia. Also, pets being insured for the first time under Healthy Paws who are older than 6 cannot be covered for hip dysplasia.

Owners should expect their claims to be processed within 3-10 business days, and will be reimbursed within 72 hours of Healthy Paws receiving medical records from your veterinarian.

Availability: (Rating: 10/10)

Healthy Paws is available in all 50 states and even covers pets that are temporarily in Canada. You can also visit any licensed veterinarian anywhere in the country.

Exclusions: (Rating: 6/10)

The list of problems that Healthy Paws excludes from coverage is quite long. It includes; pre-existing conditions, veterinary examination fee, preventative care (i.e. spaying/neutering, flea/tick control, deworming, heartworm medication) dental cleaning, de-clawing, and micro-chipping. As well, hip dysplasia is not covered for dogs that enroll above the age of 6.

Claims/Deductibles: (Rating: 7/10)

Healthy Paws allows you to choose three different options for both your reimbursement level and your annual deductible. The reimbursement levels you can choose are 70%, 80%, and 90%. The annual deductible amounts you can choose are $100, $250, and $500. The most popular are 80% reimbursement and $250 deductible.

Payouts/Limits: (Rating: 9/10)

Healthy Paws has no annual or lifetime limits on payouts. The only thing preventing them from receiving a 10/10 for this category is that they do not offer a reimbursement level of 100%. Having a 100% reimbursement level would give owners with the peace of mind that they will be fully reimbursed no matter the cost.

Extras: (Rating: 9/10)

Healthy Paws unfortunatly does not include a wellness add-on that covers routine check-ups. They do however include alternative care in their coverage, which provides things such as chiropractic care and acupuncture.

Although they do not cover dental cleaning, dental problems that are a result of trauma are included in the coverage.

Healthy Paws runs a foundation called “Every Quote Gives Hope” that provides medical grants for homeless pets. A percentage of each payment is given to this foundation to help fund the grants.

Healthy Paws was also the first pet insurance agency to create a mobile app. This app is available for both Android and iPhone and allows you to update your billing information, submit a claim, and check the status of your claim. This makes your interactions with Healthy Paws quick and easy.

Ease of Enrollment: (Rating: 9/10)

Enrolling with Healthy Paws is also very easy. You can set everything up online and only have to fill out 1 claims form. After that you never have to complete a claims form again.

Customer Service: (Rating: 10/10)

Healthy Paws has very good customer service. Their customer service team responded to an e-mail inquiry in an impressively short time with very useful and friendly advice. They can be reached by phone at 855-898-8991 or by e-mail at They are available Monday-Friday from 6am-6pm PT and Saturday-Sunday from 8am-5pm PT.

Pricing and Details

Pricing: Prices depend on breed, size, and age, as well as deductible and reimbursement level. Dog owners can expect to pay around $24/month small dogs, $27/month for medium sized dogs, and $31/month for large dogs. Cat owners should only expect to pay $16/month too.
*Sample costs are based on a 2 year old mixed breed pet from Michigan with a $250 deductible and 80% reimbursement level.

Contract Type: You will pay a yearly deductible along with a monthly fee.

Enrollment Age: The lower limit of enrollment for a pet’s age is 8 weeks, and the upper limit is 14 weeks.

Wellness: Healthy Paws does not offer a wellness plan for routine veterinary checks. They believe that “making the office visit part of the pet parent’s financial responsibility allows us to offer a complete accident and illness plan at an affordable monthly premium”.

Accident/Injury: Plans are specifically designed to cover accident and injury.

Deductible: Annual deductibles of $100, $250, $500. $250 is the most popular.

Claims: There will never be an increase in price when claims are made.

Limits: There are no limits on annual or lifetime claims with Healthy Paws! This is a great offer and can really ease the burden of a pet’s accident or illness.

Special Coverage: Alternative treatments such as acupuncture and chiropractic care are covered.


Pricing and Claim Info

Price Range for Dogs: $24 to $31 per month

Pricing Rage for Cats: $16 per month

Pricing Based on: 2 year old mixed breed with a $250 deductible and 80% reimbursement level

Enrollment Age Minimum: 8 Weeks

Enrollment Age Maximum: 14 Years

Effective Date: 12:01am the following day after enrollment

Waiting Period - Illness: 15 Days

Waiting Period - Heredity/Congenital/Other Conditions: 12 Months

Coverage: Both In-State & Out of State

Claims Cause Policy Increase?: No

Contract Type






Limits on Payouts




Per Incidence Limits

No Limits

Annual Claim Limits

No Limits

LifeTime Claims Limits

no limits

Covered Animals






Congenital Conditions: Yes

Wellness Coverage: No help

Dental: No, except for trauma

Pregnancy: No

Special Coverage: Yes help

Help and Support



Benefits/Statements Online

Who is This Insurance Plan Ideal For?

Healthy Paws is somehow able to maintain the balance between fairly low prices and unlimited coverage. This is a fantastic offer that will benefit any pet owner. This means that Healthy paws is the perfect pet insurance for anyone who wants to have as much coverage as possible without having to break the bank.

What We Like

Company that has good values
The offer of no coverage limits as well as the foundation they run are examples of how much Healthy Paws cares about the well-being of animals.

Unlimited lifetime and annual claims
Unlimited lifetime and annual claims will be extremely helpful for any owner whose pet has to undergo expensive surgery.

Fairly low monthly fees when considering the no limits on claims
Healthy Paws is inexpensive when compared to other pet insurance companies that charge more per month and have low limits on annual and lifetime expenses.

What We Don't Like

Lack of 100% reimbursement level
A reimbursement level limit of 90% means that owners can never be fully reimbursed for the costs of veterinary care. Having an option for a 100% reimbursement level would be very beneficial to some pet owners.

No wellness add-on
Healthy Paws does not provide any coverage for routine wellness care, and unlike other pet insurance companies does not offer any add-on for this type of coverage.

Long list of exclusions
The list of problems that Healthy Paws does not cover is quite long. This means that owners are solely responsible for the costs of many common problems.


Healthy Paws is a company that truly cares about pets. Not only do they run the “Every Quote Gives Hope” foundation which pays for medical treatment for shelter animals, they also provide very friendly and welcoming customer service that makes you feel like a valued customer. They unfortunately do not offer a wellness plan which that covers regular vet checks, and like all pet insurance companies they have a list of problems that they will not cover. Despite all of that, the no limit on annual or lifetime claims coverage that Healthy Paws provides is one of the best offers in the industry and it is extremely beneficial in providing peace of mind for all pet owners.

Overall, Healthy Paws is an ethical company that will put the needs of your pet first while making sure that you do not have to worry about any financial repercussions of an accident or illness that your pet suffers.


Great rates, excellent coverage and a company that puts your pet's health first.

as low as $16 to $24 per month

Healthy Paws
8.2 Total Score
An ideal insurance for pet owners.

Healthy Paws is ideal for owners who want to be insured by a company that puts customers and pets needs first, and for those who want to avoid lifetime limits on claims.

Waiting Period
Ease of Enrollment
Customer Service

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