Sun Basket is inspired by the farm-to-table revolution and that was their single mission when they began. They make healthy meals easily accessible with farm fresh ingredients, organic produce and chef-inspired recipes. All of their meals are made with organic, non-GMO sourced ingredients, sent at the peak of freshness and always tasty. They accommodate all types of dietary concerns – from the Paleo to vegetarian to carnivore. Sun Basket also focuses on recycling, which is why they ensure their boxes have limited waste opportunities – and they even help you find local recycling centers to drop off your items.

Organic, non-GMO meal kits delivered to your door straight from the farm.


Rating and Scoring

Meal Options: (Rating: 9/10)

The Good

Sun Basket offers five meal plans – including a breakfast meal plan that you can do instead of dinners (something other meal kit delivery services don’t offer by the way). The plan you choose will determine how many meals you get each week – such as the Chef’s Choice, which gives you three meals per week. The Rise and Shine menu comes with two dinner recipes and two breakfast recipes each week.

Sun Basket Initial Setup

Sun Basket's Initial Setup (click for larger image)

When you first sign up, you will build your order. You start by selecting how many people (two to four), entering your address, then selecting your meal plan.

You can choose two to four servings for each Sun Basket meal. Each week, you will get to choose from the available menu options, which varies from week to week. You always have more options to choose from than your limits and there are no combination limitations either – so you can pick and choose what you want in your meal plan.

The Bad

Sun Basket only lets you order the number of meals per week based on the plan you choose. So, if you choose Chef’s Choice, you only get three meals per week. You can still up the serving count, but you are limited to the three meals. It would be nice if they could increase the number of meals per week – since some companies let you have anywhere from five to seven.

Flexibility: (Rating: 10/10)

The Good

Sun Basket Meal Selection

Selecting Meals (click for larger image)

Based on the menu you choose, Sun Basket will automatically pick three meals for you. But, you can log in and review the meal options. If you don’t like what they’ve picked, you can swap out the selections and choose from the available menu choices for that week. There are no combination limits either – so you can pick and choose what you want.

Sun Basket Delivery Schedule

Delivery Schedules (click for larger image)

If you decide that you don't want food on a particular week, you can just skip it. You can then review your upcoming deliveries on your dashboard to see which meals you are receiving or which weeks you have skipped.

Sun Basket Skip Deliveries

Skipping Deliveries (click for larger image)

There’s no contracts with Sun Basket. You can skip, cancel and move on any time you want. You just need to cancel before the finalization of next week’s menu – otherwise you’ll have to wait another week to cancel.

The Bad

There is nothing bad here with Sun Basket. They are extremely flexible and don’t lock you into anything.

Food Variety: (Rating: 9/10)

The Good

Sun Basket offers some amazing variety and quality ingredients. They aim to elevate flavors, limit prep and expose you to new things – they are definitely all about experimentation. Just the three recipes I received myself were remarkable in terms of flavor. Such as cardamom jasmine rice and a rich ginger-tomato chutney or a steak with a super flavorful chile sauce.

Overall, the recipe options from Sun Basket are very impressive. I found it hard to pick just three I wanted to try – and each week when I took a look at their offerings, I was impressed at how many choices I had.

Sun Basket tries to combine very fresh flavors too, such as fried jade rice, peach tomato salads, mint-pistachio relish and even arugula pestos.

The Bad

My only complaint is that I wish you could order more than three meals per week. There are some great choices there and if they were more flexible, I think they would be surprised to see how many people up their weekly meal count just to try all the unique recipes they have to offer.

Nutrition/Quality: (Rating: 9/10)

The Good

Most of Sun Basket’s recipes have a low calorie count – ranging from 500 to 800 per serving.

Sun Basket Nutrition Information

Nutrition Information (click for larger image)

They do list the calorie count of your recipe on the card – so you know what you’re diving into.

Ingredients are extremely high-quality with Sun Basket. I was impressed that they source their meats from local farms and ensure that there are no GMOs in any food product (including spices) that they provide. They also only use organic produce and stick with the farm-to-table concept. They feature the farms where they source their ingredients on their website too – which makes it a little more personal and you know exactly where your food is coming from.

The Bad

While they tell you the calorie count, they don’t get into the specifics. It would be nice if they would have a more detailed nutritional breakdown – especially for those keeping track of certain intakes. They now do offer a Lean and Clean option that offers meals high in protein and fiber, with no gluten, dairy or added sugars, and all for around 550 calories per serving.

Cost: (Rating: 9/10)

The Good

Considering you get farm-fresh, organic, non-GMO ingredients, Sun Basket is extremely well priced. They don't have complicated pricing models either – you pay $11.49 per person and a $5.99 delivery cost. The first week, they give you free shipping.

For a two person plan, you will pay around $74.93 per week. A four person plan will cost about $143.87 per week. This includes three meals.

The Bad

They are one of the few to require shipping even on a four person plan. Most companies will offer free shipping if you order more than two meals per week – so this gives Sun Basket a disadvantage compared to the competition.

Recipes: (Rating: 9/10)

Want to see how Sun Basket recipes tested with us? Check out our taste test blog.

The Good

Sun Basket definitely has some interesting recipe options – and I like that they force you to experience new flavors. The three recipes I received were all fairly easy to complete.

Sun Basket Recipe Information

Recipe Information (click for larger image)

Each recipe card has a unique information paragraph. They will tell you about the dish, where it originates from or even the main ingredient that they are featuring in that dish. It’s a unique learning opportunity.

Sun Basket Salmon Recipe Back

Back of Recipe Card (click for larger image)

All of the cards have step-by-step instructions. They include the exact measurements of ingredients included as well as what you will need in addition to what they have provided.

Sun Basket What you will need

They clearly lay out each step – so you do not feel overwhelmed.

Taste-wise, their recipes are excellent. In fact, I was fairly impressed with every recipe they sent me. You can taste the difference in their ingredients and their flavor combinations are so unique – I was very impressed.

Sun Basket Diet Information

All recipe cards are also clearly marked as to what type of diet they are for – such as Paleo, gluten-free, etc.

Sun Basket Grilled Steak with Roasted Poblanos and New Mexican Chile Sauce

Grilled Steak with Roasted Poblanos and New Mexican Chile Sauce
(click for larger image)

The recipes turned out pretty much like the cards indicated they would. And, they tasted excellent.

The Bad

Sun Basket Rigatoni Back of Recipe Card

Back of Rigatoni Recipe Card
(click for larger image)

Sun Basket is one of the few to have no pictures on their recipe cards. While I will admit most of the meal delivery kit pictures on cards are useless, they are still somewhat helpful – and give people an idea of what they should be looking at. Sun Basket has a final photo on the front, but the back of the card is text steps – no photos.

Sun Basket Awkward Shaped Ginger

I also had an issue where I needed to peel ginger, but had this piece that was awkwardly shaped. While it wasn’t an issue for myself, those not used to peeling ginger may find that a little difficult to do.

Packaging: (Rating: 10/10)

The Good

Sun Basket Box

Sun Basket Boxing

The box from Sun Basket is clearly labeled.

Sun Basket Box Exterior

Sun Basket Boxing

When you first open your Sun Basket box, they remind you to recycle and even have a link of where to find recycling information on their site. While this may not be a big deal to some, if you realize how much waste meal delivery kits create, recycling and caring about reducing waste is great.

Sun Basket Reuseable Ice

Reuseable Ice Packets

Sun Basket uses ice packs that can be reused. They even make it clear on the ice packs to free and use again.

Sun Basket Box Initial Open

Initial Open of Sun Basket Box
(click for larger image)

The liner for Sun Basket is thick and very impressive. It was one of the first I opened where you could feel the cold coming out of the box as you opened it – always a good sign. You are greeted by the ingredient bags on top.

Sun Basket Meal Kit Packaging

Meal Kit Packaging
(click for larger image)

Each meal was in a brown paper sack and clearly labeled.

Sun Basket Recipe Cards

Sun Basket Recipe Cards
(click for larger image)

All of the recipe cards were bundled together at the top of the box. This is nice – since some companies have squashed them off to the side for you to search for.

Sun Basket Getting Started Guide

Getting Started Guide
(click for larger image)

The getting started guide tells you how the box is packaged, what to refrigerate and even gives you other things to check out.

Sun Basket Almond Education Guide

Almond Education Information
(click for larger image)

The box had a sheet teaching you about almonds. It was a neat little addition – though, I didn’t have any almonds in my recipes. But, in their defense, they did have a few recipes featuring almonds (I just didn’t select those ones for the week).

Sun Basket Ingredients Containuers

Ingredients in Containers
(click for larger image)

Sun Basket also puts their ingredients in small plastic containers inside the brown paper sack. This makes it convenient for storing in the fridge, but also getting out the ingredients.

Sun Basket Steak Lable

Steak Label
(click for larger image)

All of the meats from Sun Basket are clearly labeled. This is definitely something to keep in mind – because there are a few companies that don’t label the meats (and it can be hard to tell which is what). They use their own labels, but also indicate the storage info, the fact they are organic and even a “best if used by” date.

Sun Basket Salmon Label

Salmon Label
(click for larger image)

All of the meats were double bagged with Sun Basket too – so even if the initial vacuum seal leaked, there was a secondary bag to catch it all.

The Bad

Nothing. Sun Basket did an excellent job with their packaging.

Shipping/Delivery: (Rating: 8/10)

The Good

With your first order, you will not pay any delivery costs.

Each week you pick your recipes and then all three are delivered on your delivery day. Delivery days are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays only from 8am to 9pm. Your exact delivery time will depend on your particular shipping service and their route.

They do ship during the summer.

The Bad

After your first delivery, Sun Basket charges $5.99 per delivery regardless of how much you order. Most companies offer free shipping if you at least order three meals per week or a certain number of servings.

Sun Basket ships to 47 states. Right now they do not ship to AK, HI, MT, and parts of NM.

Gifting: (Rating: 9/10)

The Good

Sun Basket Gift Ordering

Sun Basket Gift Ordering
(click for larger image)

Sun Basket does have gifting options. You can give one, two or four weeks of Sun Basket meals – for up to four people. You will select the number of weeks and they are automatically calculated for three meals. Your recipient will be notified via email of their new gift so that they can create an account and then select which meals and dates they want to receive their free meals.

The Bad

There’s no gift certificates. Instead, you have to gift a specific plan to your recipients. But, your recipient can pick between the Paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian, Rise and Shine and even Chef’s Choice plans.

Customer Service/Support: (Rating: 9/10)

The Good

Sun Basket is available via email and phone – though email is the easiest to find and still yields a quick response.

They do offer a freshness and quality guarantee. If your food is not to your satisfaction, missing ingredients or there is some sort of issue, they will do what they can to make it right.

The Bad

Sun Basket doesn’t have live chat and they also don’t advertise their customer service number- so if you have an urgent concern, it takes a bit to find where to call. Hopefully, they make this easier to find.

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Sun Basket Pricing

All plans come with free shipping on the first order and then $5.99 per shipment after that.

Sun Basket offers two different box choices.

Classic Box ($11.49/serving for 2 or 4 adults): Enjoy 3 meals per week starting at $68.94 per week for two people or $137.99 per week for four people. The following meal options are available:

  • Chef’s Choice: Enjoy three meals per week of chef-inspired recipes. Includes beef, chicken and seafood options.
  • Paleo: Three meals per week that are free of grains, soy, corn, dairy, and gluten, with plenty of lean meats and seafood, organic produce, and housemade sauces.
  • Gluten Free: Get three meals per week that include completely gluten-free recipes featuring top-quality meats and seafood, organic produce, gluten-free grains and pasta, and housemade sauces.
  • Vegetarian: Three Meatless recipes each week emphasizing seasonal organic produce, nutritious plant-based proteins, and housemade vegetarian sauces.
  • Lean and Clean: Manage your weight and feel great while getting 3 delicious meals high in protein and fiber, with no gluten, dairy or added sugars. Around 550 calories per serving.
  • Rise and Shine: This plan comes with two dinners of the chef's choice and two breakfasts (with two to four servings).

Family Box ($9.99/serving for 2 adults and 2 children): You get 2 or 4 meals per week with servings sized for 2 adults and 2 children. Prices start at $79.92 per week for two meals or $159.84 for four meals. The following meal options are available:

  • Chef’s Choice: Enjoy three meals per week of chef-inspired recipes. Includes beef, chicken and seafood options.
  • Paleo: Three meals per week that are free of grains, soy, corn, dairy, and gluten, with plenty of lean meats and seafood, organic produce, and housemade sauces.
  • Gluten Free: Get three meals per week that include completely gluten-free recipes featuring top-quality meats and seafood, organic produce, gluten-free grains and pasta, and housemade sauces.
  • Vegetarian: Three Meatless recipes each week emphasizing seasonal organic produce, nutritious plant-based proteins, and housemade vegetarian sauces.
  • Product
  • Specification
  • Photos
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Sun Basket offers 3 meals per week for 2 or 4 adults - with options for paleo, low-calorie, gluten-free and vegetarian.  Get $35 Off your first 3 meals, today! Cancel at any time!


$71.94 $36.94

# of Meals/Week



2 Adults, 4 Adults

Cost Per Serving


Special Meal Types Available

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Low Calorie, Paleo, Vegetarian

  • Product
  • Specification
  • Photos
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In Sun Basket's Family Box you can order either 2 or 4 meals per week for 2 adults and 2 children - with options for paleo, gluten-free and vegetarian.  Get 50% Off your first 2 or 4 meals, today! ...


$39.96 $29.92

# of Meals/Week

2, 4


2 Adults & 2 Children

Cost Per Serving


Special Meal Types Available

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Paleo, Vegetarian

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Schedule your personalized gift note to be emailed on the date you select. Your gift recipient can select their favorite recipes and the delivery date that works for their schedule. Recipes for 2 for ...


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Cooking Skills: Novice to Intermediate

Most of the recipes from Sun Basket are okay for the novice, but there are some techniques that may require a little more experience. We’re not saying you need to be a chef, but if you’re new to cooking or rarely cook, you may need a little extra time preparing their recipes – but it’s well worth the challenge.

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Who Would Enjoy This Meal Delivery Kit?

While they do cost more per serving, their pricing is excellent when you consider that all ingredients are organic, farm sourced and non-GMO. If you are cautious about the quality of food you eat, Sun Basket could be ideal for you. Sun Basket is also perfect for those with special diet issues – gluten-free, Paleo, vegetarian. Because of the randomness of recipes and extreme flavors, I would say Sun Basket is more for adults than the entire family. They do have a few kid-friendly recipes, but if you’re trying to please picky eaters, you’ll find Sun Basket too limiting.

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Sun Basket Specifications


Pricing & Plans – Meal Kits

Average Price Per Serving: $11.49

# of Available Plans/Boxes: 5

Paid Weekly or Monthly: Weekly

# of Meals per Week


# of Servings

2 Adults

4 Adults

Types of Meals

Dairy Free

Gluten Free

Low Calorie



Meal Options

You Pick Your Meals

Average Calorie Count per Recipe: 500 - 800

How Many Meals(Recipes) to choose from each week?: Varies

Preview Recipes


Provide Photos with Recipes

Offer Tips and Tidbits

Cooking Skill Level



Gifting Options

Offer Gift Memberships


Offer Summer Shipping

Shipping Costs: $5.99

Have Delivery Zip Code Limitations

Customer Service

Phone Support

Email Support

Provide Return or Guarntee Policy

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What We Like About Sun Basket

Nutritionist and Chef Created: Instead of just having chef-created meals, Sun Basket takes it a step further to create recipes with the help of a nutritionist. That way their meals are perfectly balanced, but also certain dietary constraints (gluten-free, vegetarian and Paleo for example) still get quality meals and nutrition.

Organic, Non-GMO, Farm Sourced: Sun Basket is serious about the quality of ingredients they use in their recipes. They source all meats from local, sustainable sources, and they get their vegetables straight from the farm. They have no GMOs in any ingredients they use – including canned and bottled ingredients. Everything is 100 percent organic.

Low Price Per Serving: When you consider the quality of ingredients, the fact that everything is organic and non-GMO, you are paying a remarkable per serving price of just $11.49 per person.

Fresher Than the Grocery Store: Produce, meat and dairy is all bought from the source directly – and we’re talking the farm, not the distributor. So, you get produce that is crispier, meat that lasts longer and dairy products that are at the height of freshness.

Donating the Leftovers and More: Sun Basket is not just there to enjoy the profits. They are all about sustainability and being involved in their community. Each week, they donate about 1,000 pounds of food to two local organizations in their home state to help fight hunger.

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What We Don't Like About Sun Basket

Delivery Charge: Sun Basket charges $5.99 per shipment after their introductory offer. While there are companies out there that charge shipping, most only do so if you only order two meals per week. With three meals each week, Sun Basket is still requiring a delivery fee.

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Final Thoughts

Sun Basket is a very impressive meal kit delivery service. They source high-quality, organic ingredients, have fun recipes and still offer everything at remarkably low per serving price. We would definitely order from Sun Basket again and as they continue to expand, we can’t wait to see what they cook up next.

9.1 Total Score
Impressively Fresh and Creative

Get chef-inspired, creative meals that accommodate everything from gluten-free to paleo and even meat-lovers. Sun Basket features farm-fresh produce, organic foods and never uses GMOs.

Meal Options
Food Variety
Customer Service/Support
  • Organic and Non-GMO
  • Two to Four Servings
  • Paleo, Gluten-Free, Low Calorie, and Vegetarian Available
  • Recyclable and Reusable Packaging
  • Premeasured Ingredients
  • Free Shipping
  • Nutritionist Approved Recipes
  • No Vegan
  • Higher Price Per Serving
  • No Gift Certificates


Shailynn is a word slinger, chef, Pinterest addict and adult coloring book collector. As our Operations Manager and Senior Researcher/Editor, you will find Shailynn busy finding new companies and topics to research, but also handling the crazy day-to-day on the backend – and by crazy…we mean all of us. She attended the International Culinary Institute, where she studied pastry arts and she worked as an executive pastry chef before hanging up her chef’s hat and decided to work from home as a writer. She is a fanatic for a great cup of coffee or wonderful glass of wine! Shailynn is a mother of three and married to a handsome firefighter.

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