Sugardaddy’s Sumptuous Sweeties Review

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SuggarDaddy's bakes up unique, signature brownie flavors made from premium, all natural ingredients.



Started out of an Ohio kitchen in 2003, Sugardaddy’s has been bringing delicious, decadent treats to the world ever since. Although the company has since expanded, now offering nation-wide delivery, their trademark edgeless brownie, and assortment of other delectable treats have stayed true to their roots.

An Ohio bakery, featuring their signature edgeless brownies, and other yummy baked goods.

  • Offer gluten-free options
  • Gifts for a variety of occasions
  • Baked and shipped same day
  • Excellent corporate program
  • No brownie of the month club
  • Do not offer sugar-free brownies
  • Shipping is not complimentary

Brownie Selections and Varieties: (Rating: 9/10)

Sugardaddy’s quintessential edgeless brownies are available in three variations: brunettes, blondes and gluten-free varieties.

The brunettes are classic, chocolate brownies, available in nine unique flavors. Some of these include American Beauty (double chocolate with peanut butter and peanuts), Celebration Brunette (frosted with buttercream and sprinkles) and Rich Mint Brunette (double chocolate and double layers with mint butter icing in the middle).
Similar to their brunettes, Sugardaddy’s blondes (blondie-style brownies) are anything but traditional. With eight options available, some of the original flavors for their blondes include: Campfire Blonde (graham cracker brownies sandwiching chocolate and marshmallow gooey goodness) and Chai Spiced Blonde (nine spice chai tea mixed with pistachios and citrus zest).

Sugardaddy’s gluten-free brownies are available in eight different flavors, five brunette and three blonde. Flavors include their Drunken Chunky (a chocolate chunk blonde) and Dark Berry (double chocolate brunette with triple raspberry puree swirl).

This vendor’s one-of-a-kind brownie creations are available for purchase individually or in samplers including: gift boxes, see-through towers and silk gift bag towers. Sugardaddy’s also offers the purchase of brownie bites.

In addition to their brownies, Sugardaddy’s also carries a variety of biscotti and truffle products. Their brownie truffles are available for purchase in favor bags of three or in boxed sets of a dozen. Their delicious brownie biscotti comes in packs of five or in an adorable biscotti and coffee gift set.

Sugardaddy’s does not carry traditional-style brownies with edges. They also do not offer many traditional formulations of brownies, so this club may not be the best for individuals that don’t want to sample their unique creations.

Specialty Brownies: (Rating: 10/10)

All of Sugardaddy’s unique, edgeless brownies are crafted from premium ingredients, baked in small batches and hand-cut round. All varieties are baked with natural ingredients like the finest Belgian chocolate, farm-fresh eggs and butter from local Ohio farms and exotic vanillas and spices from around the world.

Every batch of Sugardaddy’s brownies are baked to order, for each day’s specific selling needs. They never bake mass batches or freeze items for later shipment. Their gluten-free brownies are baked in a completely separate facility, free of dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, gluten, peanuts, soy and other allergens, ensuring there is no contamination.

As previously discussed, Sugardaddy’s brownie formulations are not your run-of-the-mill treats. Although they offer many traditional flavors like walnut, caramel, peanut butter and plain chocolate they are uniquely presented and mixed for a one-of-a-kind experience. They also offer seasonal treats, like their Fall special, a Harvest Blonde, described as “pumpkin pie in a Sugardaddy’s blonde.” Sugardaddy’s also incorporates exotic ingredients from around the globe into their creations. This global-influence can be seen in offerings like their Fiery Brunette, a gourmet brownie including chocolate, chipotle and cinnamon, a formulation dating back to the Aztecs!

Although they do not explicitly market a vegan brownie, all of their gluten-free brownies are created in a dairy-free environment, and may meet the dietary needs of vegan customers.

Club Membership Option: (Rating: 0/10)

Due to their small, by-the-batch approach to baking, Sugardaddy’s does not offer a club membership at this time. Although this is a perk we would like to see, they do offer a nice selection of samplers and gift options that help make up for this drawback.

Pricing: (Rating: 9/10)

All of Sugardaddy’s brunettes and blondes are available for single purchase for $4.75. Their gluten-free formulations are available starting at $5.50. These are fair prices for quality products, however, they are slightly higher in price than other individual brownies we have seen.

Perfect for gifting, Sugardaddy’s offers a variety of sampler and gift assortments. Their specialty gift boxes, a great choice for any occasion, range in price from $27.00 for their Brownie Biscotti & Coffee Gift Set to $90.00 for their Sumptuous Gift Set. Their lovely see-through brownie towers make lovely favors or gifts. These towers range in price starting as low as $6.50 for a single brownie and maxing out at $40.00 for a beautifully packaged set of eight gourmet brownies.

If you are on the hunt for a more sophisticated gift options, Sugardaddy’s silk gift bag towers may be just what you are looking for. Artistically packaged in silk gift bags with a pink bow, these sets start at $9.50 for a single brownie and cost up to $49.50 for their monogrammed silk bag filled with eight delicious varieties of brownies.

Sugardaddy’s brownie truffles are available in a favor-size set of three for $5.25, or in a dozen boxed set for $27.00. Their brownie biscotti starts at $6.50 for a pack of five, and tops out at $27.50 for the gift set.

Sugardaddy’s also allows customers to shop by price range, ensuring you find exactly what works for your budget.

Shipping: (Rating: 9/10)

Sugardaddy’s prides themselves on the freshness of their small-batch, made-to-order products. Each batch is packaged immediately after baking (and cooling), hand-packaged and shipped overnight to ensure quality. Sugardaddy’s guarantees freshness and quality with no melting or breakage, packaging and shipping all orders accordingly, no matter what the season.

Delivery rates are based off of price of purchase and calculated below (list from website):

$0 – 74 = $15.99 next day or $9.99 2-day
>$75 – 149 = $26.99 next day or $21.99 2-day
$150 – 199 = $29.99 next day or $24.99 2-day
$200 – 299 = $33.99 next day or $28.99 2-day
$300 – 399 = $42.99 next day or $37.99 2-day
$400 – 499 = $54.99 next day or $44.99 2-day
$500 – 599 = $67.99 next day or $62.99 2-day
$600 – 749 = $82.99 next day or $77.99 2 day
$750 – 999 = $102.99 next day or $97.99 2-day
$1000 – 1250 = $127.99 next day or $122.99 2-day

Again, due to the small-nature of their business, Sugardaddy’s recommends individuals place their orders in advance to deliver next day delivery. Sunday and Monday deliveries are not available at this time, and Saturday deliveries incur an additional $25 shipping charge.

Gift Options: (Rating: 10/10)

If you are looking for the perfect gift, look no further than Sugardaddy’s expertly-packaged boxed sets and towers of delectable brownies and treats! The vendor offers 11 perfectly-curated boxed sets, available in their signature packaging or their floral gift box. Customers can choose from a selection of 20 different ribbon options and can also request special occasion labels for holidays. Sugardaddy’s also offers eight variations of their see-through brownie towers, packaged sleekly in clear cellophane and finished with a satin ribbon, available in 20 colors. Another option is their eight options of brownie towers packaged in luxury silk bags, which come in four colors. These silk bags are topped off with the vendor’s signature satin ribbons and can be personally monogrammed to created an extra-special gift. All gifts also come with a complimentary gift message card. Sugardaddy’s also allows you to shop by occasions like Birthday, Anniversary and Thank-you to ensure you find the ideal gift for every life event.

Perfect for business gifting, Sugardaddy’s Corporate Concierge Service lets your business treat clients, employees and prospects to their delicious baked goods. What better way to stand out than by gifting sweet treats? Corporate gifts from Sugardaddy’s can be customized to include company name, logo and branding on gift message cards, bags and boxes. Logo monogramming is also available. Perfect for thank-you gifts or holiday gifts, the Concierge program offers free quotes, volume discounts, net 30 payment options and large order shipping management.

Customer Service: (Rating: 8/10)

Sugardaddy’s easy-to-use website makes ordering a breeze. The vendor accepts all major credit cards. Their user-friendly website also has a thorough FAQs section, which should assist in explaining shipping, ordering and other common inquiries. Sugardaddy’s also has an email through which customers can submit questions or concerns.

If online shopping isn’t your thing, Sugardaddy’s also has a toll-free number for customer service inquiries or orders, available Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. They do not currently have a 24-hour hotline.

Their website does not have a blog, recipes or other interactive features at this time, which is a drawback.


Individual Brownies: range from $4.75 to $5.50
Brownie Gift Boxes: range from $27.00 to $90.00
See-Through Towers: range from $6.50 to $40.50
Silk Towers: range from $9.50 to $49.50



Price Range: $4.75-$90.00

Number of Varieties: 17

Brownie Varieties

Caramel Brownies

Chocolate Chip Brownies


Gluten-Free Brownies

Vegan Brownies

Fruit Brownies

Nut Brownies

Frosted Brownies


Corporate Gift Options

Private Gift Options

Gift Wrap options

Brownie Sampler or Assortment Packs


Bake and Ship Same Day

Summer Shipping

Avg. Cost to Ship: $9.99

Customer Service

Online Ordering



Satisfaction Gaurantee

Who Would Enjoy Shopping Here?

Sugardaddy’s is a great option for individuals that love the middle of brownies, but don’t like the edge pieces, thanks to their trademark edgeless brownies. This vendor is also ideal for those that like to try new and unique baked goods, as they incorporate many exotic ingredients and unique combinations into their baking. If you have food allergies, and are looking for a gluten-free brownie, or a products baked in an environment free of free of dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, gluten, peanuts, soy these brownies are perfect for you. If you prefer traditional varieties of brownies, and love the edges, this vendor is not for you.

What We Like

We like that Sugardaddy’s offers an original approach to brownie-making with their edgeless brownies, setting them apart from other brownie bakeries. They also carry more exciting flavor combinations than other vendors, and use unique ingredients sourced from around the world. Another perk that stands out is Sugardaddy’s dedication to providing delicious gluten-free brownies from a completely allergen-free facility.

What We Don't Like

A benefit as well as a drawback, we do not like that Sugardaddy’s does not carry traditional brownies with edges. Another disadvantage of this vendor is that they do not currently offer a brownie of the month club, which is a perk we would love to enjoy.

7.9 Total Score
A small-batch bakery offering edgeless brownies in unique formulations.

This local Ohio bakery is dedicated to crafting the finest, made-to-order brownies around. Priding themselves on making the brownie a luxurious gourmet food, Sugardaddy’s is a must-try for the lover of truly decadent treats like theirs.

Brownie Selections and Varieties
Specialty Brownies
Club Membership Option
Gift Options
Customer Service
  • Offer gluten-free options
  • Gifts for a variety of occasions
  • Baked and shipped same day
  • Excellent corporate program
  • No brownie of the month club
  • Do not offer sugar-free brownies
  • Shipping is not complimentary

  • Product
  • Photos
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SuggarDaddy's bakes up unique, signature brownie flavors made from premium, all natural ingredients.



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