iGourmet.com Brownie Review

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igourmet - Brownies

Looking for a truly gourmet experience? Find a large variety of brownies, including European brownie mixes you can make and bake at home! Gluten-free available.

individual brownies start at $2.99

iGourmet.com Brownie Review

iGourmet.com was launched in 1997 with the goal of bringing the highest-quality food from around the globe to food connoisseurs in North America. Their aim was to make their favorite gourmet goodies easy accessible at great prices through their website. Over 20 years later, iGourmet.com is the leading online source for discovering the finest domestic and international gourmet food and gifts.
A gourmet food website committed to bringing fine foods to North America through their unbeatable prices and user-friendly website.

  • Gluten-free brownie offering
  • Artistic gift basket packaging option
  • Strong commitment to customer service

  • Very small selection
  • No vegan or sugar-free options
  • No holiday gift wrapping options

Brownie Selections and Varieties: (Rating: 7/10)

The food experts at iGourmet have done the grunt work and tracked down their favorite brownies for the rest of us to try. This vendor carries Tate’s Bakeshop’s popular brownies, which are baked to perfection in the Hamptons’ highest-rated bakeshop. These delightful brownies are available for individual purchase in three varieties: blondie, brownie and gluten-free brownie.

If you are on the hunt for a gift box, iGourmet offers Blissful Brownies’ decadent, fudgy brownies in beautifully-packaged sets of six. These sets can be purchased in four classic brownies flavors including: brown sugar, walnut, peanut butter and original. They are unfortunately not available in assorted sampler sets.

iGourmet also has a delicious brownie caramel delight cheesecake from Gerald’s Heavenly Desserts. Each of these gourmet cakes are crafted from scratch and perfectly combine the bakery’s New York style cheesecake with rich, chocolate brownies.

Want to impress guests with your baking skills and enjoy gourmet, European brownies straight out of the oven? This vendor also sells a ready-to-bake brownie mix, with all of the ingredients included. This delightful mix is imported from France, and brings fresh baked goodness directly into your home.

Although iGourmet offers brownies from several popular bakeries, they do not have a wide selection or variety. Only classic, traditional flavors are available, with no unique or one-of-a-kind options. No sampler or assortment packs are included in their brownie section, which would be a wonderful way to try the few flavors that they do carry. They also do not carry vegan, sugar-free or Kosher brownie options.

Specialty Brownies: (Rating: 7/10)

iGourmet seeks out the highest-quality products from around the world, so the ingredients and recipes vary, depending on the bakery. All of Tate’s Bakeshop’s scrumptious sweets are baked from scratch in their top-rated Hampton’s bakery. Their baked goods are GMO-free and as previously mentioned, they offer a wonderful gluten-free brownie, which is baked in a certified gluten-free facility. Blissful Brownies’ uses all-natural ingredients and the highest-quality chocolate, such as Guittard, in all of their brownie creations. Gerald’s Heavenly Desserts’ products are baked-to-order from the finest ingredients, and shipped frozen to ensure the freshness and quality of the brownie cheesecake.

As previously mentioned, iGourmet does have one gluten-free brownie option, from Tate’s Bakeshop. They do not have vegan, Kosher or sugar-free brownie options available at this time. Since this large company is focused on making the world’s finest foods available to North America and do not focus solely on baked goods, they do not have any fun, seasonal items, which we would love to see. They also only sell traditional brownie flavors and varieties, which is perfect for those that love the classics, but not ideal for individuals looking for unique formulations and exotic ingredients.

Club Membership Option: (Rating: 0/10)

iGourmet offers several wonderful club options; however, they do not currently have a brownie of the month club. This is a perk we would love to see, as it makes a perfect gift for chocolate lovers.

Pricing: (Rating: 10/10)

Although they have a limited selection of brownie options, iGourmet does offer something for every price range. Their Tate’s Bakeshop brownies are offered for individual purchase, starting at $2.99 per four-ounce brownie. The imported, French, ready-to-bake brownie mix is $3.99 per pack. A six-piece gift box from Blissful Brownie starts at $24.99. If you are looking for something more elegant, Gerald’s Heavenly Desserts’ decadent, three-pound brownie cheesecake is $64.99. All items can also be upgraded at checkout into a beautifully-wrapped gift basket for $19.99.

Shipping: (Rating: 9/10)

The experts in shipping gourmet food at iGourmet are dedicated to delivering your fine food items to your doorstep in the safest and most efficient manner, in order to ensure freshness, quality and of course, flavor. They are always researching and improving upon their FreshWave shipment system. In the warm, Summer months all orders are shipped in fully-insulated, air-tight packaging, which keeps products cool for up to 48 hours in temperatures as high as 90 degrees. Their FreshWave packaging guarantees that all perishable food items will arrive to you in the manner that they were meant to be enjoyed.

Due to their elaborate quality-assurance, an additional packaging charge of $5.99 is added to every purchase with perishable items.

Rates range from $5.99 to 10 percent of order for standard shipping and up to $12 for perishable shipping. For overnight, expect to pay anywhere from $15.98 to $15.99 plus 5 percent of the order total.

Gift Options: (Rating: 9/10)

All of the brownies available for purchase at iGourmet can be packaged into one of their award-winning gift baskets with their Create Your Own Gift Basket option. When you select this method, the items of your choice will be artistically placed into an intricately woven basket and wrapped with quality cellophane and ribbon. They do not offer seasonal or holiday-specific wrapping at this time.

iGourmet does offer a Corporate Gifting Program, with gourmet gift options at every price point.
If you want to customize their signature wrapping with your business name or logo, company cards, letterhead or stickers can be incorporated into the packaging for no additional cost. They also offer bulk discounts available for corporate gifts. Corporate customers receive iGourmet’s White Glove Service, and have access to a helpful corporate sales management team which can assist with every step of the process.

Customer Service: (Rating: 10/10)

iGourmet wants your online shopping experience to be both convenient and fun. They have an exceptional quality guarantee policy, and will refund or re-ship any product that does not completely satisfy the customer. Orders can be easily placed through their secure, user-friendly website or via their toll-free hotline.

Their easy-to-use website has a thorough FAQs section, which should answer any questions regarding shipping, packaging, pricing and more. Customer Service agents can also be contacted conveniently via live chat, their toll-free number and email during normal business hours. They also offer extended Customer Service hours during the holiday season.

Their interactive website also has a recipe forum, gourmet links and other fun gourmet food information.


Individual Tate’s Bakeshop Brownies: available for $2.99
Brownie Box (set of six): available for $24.99
Brownie Cheesecake: available for $64.99
Ready-to-Bake Brownies: available for $3.99



Price Range: $2.99-$64.99

Number of Varieties: 6

Brownie Varieties

Chocolate Chip Brownies


Gluten-Free Brownies

Nut Brownies


Corporate Gift Options

Private Gift Options

Gift Wrap options


Summer Shipping

Avg. Cost to Ship: $15.99

Customer Service

Online Ordering



Live Chat

Satisfaction Gaurantee

Who Would Enjoy Shopping Here?

iGourmet is ideal for those that love classic, traditional brownies, since they do not have a large variety of flavors or types. This vendor is perfect for those that want to create a gift basket for a special holiday or event. Those that are gluten-free will also be excited to see that iGourmet has a gourmet, gluten-free brownie option available.

What We Like

We like that iGourmet offers brownies from several popular bakeries from around the world. It is a chance to purchase brownies from different vendors in one place. We also like their lovely gift basket packaging option. Perhaps the best thing about iGourmet is their dedication to customer satisfaction. We do not feel nervous trying anything from this website due to their commitment to delivering fresh, delicious food.

What We Don't Like

As previously discussed, we do not like iGourmet’s limited selection. They do no offer many flavor options, and do not have one-of-a-kind brownie formulations. We also wish that they had vegan, sugar-free and Kosher brownies available for purchase. Despite their beautiful packaging, we do wish that they had special occasion and holiday gift wrapping options.

7.4 Total Score
Gourmet food website has classic brownie flavors from several popular bakeshops available for individual purchase or incorporation into their lovely gift baskets.

The food lovers at iGourmet curate a lovely collection of gourmet, fine food from around the globe on their easily-accessible website. Their beautiful gift baskets and high-quality products have kept this foodie heaven in business for over 20 delicious years.

Brownie Selections and Varieties
Specialty Brownies
Club Membership Option
Gift Options
Customer Service

igourmet - Brownies

Looking for a truly gourmet experience? Find a large variety of brownies, including European brownie mixes you can make and bake at home! Gluten-free available.

individual brownies start at $2.99

iGourmet.com Brownie Review

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