Harry & David Brownie Review

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Harry and David - Brownies

Order straight from the experts in gourmet food. From cranberry to cream cheese and everything in between, you'll find what you've been craving.

gift sets as low as $29.99

Harry and David

A famous source for gourmet gift baskets of every kind, this company was started in 1934 when Samuel Rosenberg began packaging his delicious pears into gift baskets. Following in their father’s footsteps, Harry and David Rosenberg took over the company, expanding to sell their famous pears by mail. Over 80 years later, their small business has grown and expanded into the gourmet gift retailer we know today.
A gourmet gift retailer, specializing in beautifully-curated gift baskets.

  • Seasonal gift baskets and packaging
  • Excellent customer service
  • Satisfaction guarantee

  • No gluten-free, sugar-free, Kosher or vegan brownie options
  • Limited purchasing choices

Brownie Selections and Varieties: (Rating: 7/10)

Harry & David offers a lovely selection of delicious baked goods, packaged into exquisite gift baskets. Their brownie selections rotate depending on the season, to include seasonal flavors. Their offerings currently include chocolate cream cheese, white chocolate cranberry blondies, German chocolate, peanut butter, and decadent chocolate brownie bites.

Since Harry & David specializes in gifts, their delightful brownie flavors are not available for individual purchase. Instead, they are packaged into stunning gift sets. Perfect for the holiday season, their first gift set is the cream cheese brownies and cranberry blondies, which come arranged on two separate trays. The vendor’s festive Christmas brownie box includes 18 brownies, with offerings including German chocolate, peanut butter and chocolate raspberry. Their decadent chocolate covered brownie bites are available for purchase in their chocolate-covered strawberries and brownie bites gift set.

Although their four unique flavors and their scrumptious brownie bites all sound amazing, this bakery does have a very small selection of brownie types and varieties, with no classic flavors except the bite-sized morsels. They also have limited purchasing options, which we were disappointed to see.

Specialty Brownies: (Rating: 8/10)

All of Harry & David’s baked goodies are crafted from only the finest ingredients. Their white chocolate cranberry blondies are crafted from real raspberries and rich, white chocolate chips, while their flavorful cream cheese brownies start with pure chocolate and are finished with a swirl of real cream cheese. Their German chocolate and peanut butter varieties are a perfect combination of cake and cookie—creating the ideal brownie texture.

As discussed previously, Harry & David’s brownie offerings rotate, depending on the current season. Their current flavors feature spices and flavors to go with the coming holiday season. Their bakery also carries a selection of gluten-free, sugar-free and Kosher-certified baked goods, which are certain to delight those with dietary restrictions. Unfortunately, these offerings do not include a brownie option at this time. Their bakery also does not offer vegan brownie options.

Club Membership Option: (Rating: 0/10)

The Harry & David bakery does offer a dessert of the month club, which includes brownies for the month of October; however, they do not offer a brownie-only membership at this time.

Pricing: (Rating: 8/10)

Harry & David’s decadent, holiday cream cheese brownies and cranberry blondies, which come arranged on a two-pound tray and a one-pound and 14-ounce tray is available for purchase for $39.99. Their smaller 18-piece Christmas brownie box is available for $29.99. The bakery’s chocolate-covered strawberries and brownie bites, which includes six brownies and 12 strawberries is $39.99.

We would like to see more brownie selections available at every price point from this vendor. Individual brownies or brownies sold in smaller quantities, would make something available for those of us with smaller budgets.

Shipping: (Rating: 9/10)

All of Harry & David’s gourmet gifts and goodies are packaged and wrapped by hand, to ensure each gift is no less than perfect. All of their custom shipping containers are designed to ensure the product arrives fresh and damage-free. In fact, they go as far as to say that, “when we design a shipping container, we put our reputation in it.” All gifts are also delivered in climate controlled trucks to the nearest big city, from which they continue on to their destination. They do not guarantee to bake and ship same day, but with a commitment to shipping like this, you can be confident your brownies will arrive fresh and ready-to-enjoy.

Their standard shipping rates reflect the effort that goes into the shipping process, and range from $4.99 to 10 percent of the order total.

Gift Options: (Rating: 9/10)

Harry & David’s lovely brownie-only gift options have all been discussed above. Their cream cheese brownie and cranberry blondie assortment is perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas and other coming holidays. The Christmas Brownie set, is obviously the perfect Christmas gift, and their chocolate-covered strawberries and brownie bites are perfect for pretty much and life event or special occasion.

This gourmet gift vendor also offers a wonderful assortment of gift sets for special holiday’s and occasions including Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthday, Thank You and more. Unfortunately, most of these gift assortments do not include their delicious brownies.

Experts in gifting, Harry & David has an excellent business gifting program in which all of their beautiful gift baskets, towers and boxes can be customized to include your business logo and name.

Customer Service: (Rating: 10/10)

Harry & David is strongly committed to customer service, and guarantees that if you are anything less than delighted with your gift purchase, they will replace or refund the item in question.

All orders can be placed conveniently online, or, if you prefer, through mail, fax or their toll-free number. Their helpful customer service team can be contacted seven days a week from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. via their toll-free customer service line. Their customer service department can also be contacted via email and live chat. Their interactive website includes an extremely thorough FAQs section, which should answer almost any questions of concerns. The website also includes a fun blog, a recipes section and a harvest report, to keep customer’s in the loop.


Brownie Gift Sets: range from $29.99 to $39.99



Price Range: $29.99-$39.99

Number of Varieties: 5

Brownie Varieties

Chocolate Chip Brownies


Cream Cheese Brownies

Fruit Brownies


Corporate Gift Options

Private Gift Options

Gift Wrap options

Brownie Sampler or Assortment Packs


Summer Shipping

Avg. Cost to Ship: $9.99

Customer Service

Online Ordering



Live Chat

Satisfaction Gaurantee

Who Would Enjoy Shopping Here?

With their gorgeous selection of holiday gift assortments that rotate throughout the year, this vendor is ideal for anyone looking for the perfect seasonal gift. Their logo customization and superior customer service also make Harry & David ideal for business gifting.

What We Like

We love Harry & David’s festive, holiday brownie flavors and assortments. Their flawless packaging and dedication to customer service, make us confident that the recipient of our gift will be delighted.

What We Don't Like

We do not like that Harry & David has such a small brownie selection, with no classic flavors included in the mix. Their four current flavors do not give us the options that we like to have. Since Harry & David is so famous for their gifts, we hoped to see a wider variety of brownie purchasing options.

7.3 Total Score
Find the perfect gourmet food gift at Harry & David

Trusted gift retailers since 1934, you can be confident that any gift you purchase from Harry & David will thrill and delight the recipient. Their beautifully-curated gift baskets, towers and sets make the perfect gift for every holiday and special occasion.

Brownie Selections and Varieties
Specialty Brownies
Club Membership Option
Gift Options
Customer Service

Harry and David - Brownies

Order straight from the experts in gourmet food. From cranberry to cream cheese and everything in between, you'll find what you've been craving.

gift sets as low as $29.99

Harry and David

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