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1-800-Bakery - Brownies

1-800-Bakery.com offers gourmet brownies and fresh baked treats just because you're craving them.

starts at $21.85


After 25 year of baking experience, Chef Steve launched 1-800-Bakery in 2004 with the goal of bringing his delightful New England desserts to people all over the country in need of fresh baked goodies and treats. As the popularity of 1-800-Bakery grew, Chef Steve reached out to the best chefs throughout the country to ensure that the website could offer customers the finest of whatever sweet they were looking for.

An online bakery, shipping fresh, made-to-order treats throughout the nation.

  • Attractively decorated brownie gifts
  • User-friendly website
  • Gift packaging with complimentary card included

  • No vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free or Kosher options
  • No variety of flavors
  • Limited purchasing options

Brownie Selections and Varieties: (Rating: 6/10)

Unlike other bakeries we have reviewed 1-800-Bakery does not carry the traditional bar-style brownies we tend to think of. Instead, they have a selection of fun, festive brownie cakes and treats, certain to add some joy to your next big event. The online-bakery offers three beautifully decorated double fudge brownie cakes with fondant décor. Each of these lovely cakes is decorated to reflect a different sentiment, one is a traditional birthday cake, one a Valentine’s Day theme, and the final, “A Brownie Cake for Study Breaks,” is perfect for that college student in your life.

In addition to their unique brownie cakes, 1-800-Bakery also offers three brownie bite sets, which include fudgy brownies artistically shaped and decorated. These include two, 12-piece sets, one of lovely spring flowers and one of meticulously decorated heart-shaped brownies. They also have a six-piece brownie set of fudgy, rose-shaped brownies dusted in pink, yellow and gold.

Although we find this bakery’s one-of-a-kind brownie creations fun for special events, they do not offer any diversity of flavor. All of the brownies are a traditional chocolate-fudge style brownie. They also only offer the three cakes and three sets detailed above, with no brownies for individual purchase.

Specialty Brownies: (Rating: 7/10)

All of this online-bakery’s chef’s are committed to sharing high-quality, creative and fresh treats with the world, meaning only the freshest and finest ingredients go into the baked goods carried at 1-800-Bakery.

1-800-Bakery has an entire section of their bakeshop dedicated to special dietary needs, including: gluten-free, Kosher, flourless and sugar-free. Unfortunately, none of their available brownies fit any of these criteria, something we would like to see as this bakery grows and expands.

Similarly, this always-festive online bakeshop has a delicious baked good or gourmet dessert set for just about every holiday you can think of, with Christmas, Halloween, Easter and Valentines Day being just a few. However, their variety of brownie creations for special occasions is limited. They do offer their Happy Birthday cake a Valentine’s Day Cake as well as their flower and heart-shaped brownies, which could be used for a variety of life events and celebrations.

Club Membership Option: (Rating: 0/10)

With all of their national pasty-chef connections, we hoped that 1-800-Bakery would offer a brownie of the month club; however, they do not have one available at this time.

Pricing: (Rating: 7/10)

This online bakery’s delightful brownie cakes are available for purchase for $21.85. Their brownie sets vary in price with their flower brownie bites (set of twelve) for $ 34.95, their heart brownie bites set of twelve for $29.95 and their intricately-decorated rose brownie bites for $26.95. Although all of these items seemed reasonably priced, especially considering the creative decoration that went into their creation, we do wish they had some smaller options and larger options to cover a wider variety of price points and budgets.

Shipping: (Rating: 9/10)

With over ten years of experience in the online-bakery business, Chef Steve has perfected the art of packaging up delicate baked goods so that they arrive at the destination fresh, intact and ready-to-enjoy! All perishable items are shipped second day or next day via USPS, FedEx or UPS, ensuring items arrive fresh. Their packaging process is quite methodical and includes a shipping box with Styrofoam and refrigerating gel packs when necessary.

Since this unique bakery’s diverse goods vary greatly in size and weight they do not have set shipping rates. Instead, the website calculates your shipping based on weight and the desired delivery date. When you select the item you wish to purchase a convenient shipping calendar pops up to estimate the costs for different delivery options, ensuring you will find exactly the method and arrival date you are looking for.

This bakery does not guarantee same day baking and shipping, but every item is baked to order and shipped in a timely fashion to ensure the utmost freshness and deliciousness.

Gift Options: (Rating: 8/10)

All of 1-800-Bakery’s delicious brownies and treats can be branded and customized for corporate gifting. Their business gifting logo is, “if you can imagine it, we can bake it!” The talented chefs at this bakeshop can customize just about any treat to artistically include your logo. This bakery also has a corporate customer service number and email, ensuring your delicious marketing strategy is executed without any flaws.

As discussed prior, 1-800-Bakery has a wonderful assortment of gift baskets and boxes for just about every occasion. Unfortunately, these lovely gifts are not available in their brownie section. However, their fun and unique brownie creations are suitable for a variety of occasions and come in elegant gift boxes with a complimentary gift card.

Customer Service: (Rating: 9/10)

In addition to their extensive FAQs section, detailing many of their policies and procedures, 1-800-Bakery also has excellent customer support. They can be reached by email through an easy-to-use form on their website or through their toll-free number. They do not offer live chat. This bakery’s wonderful satisfaction guarantee promises to replace, substitute or refund any item that does not completely satisfy you.

Orders can be placed conveniently online through the bakery’s secure website or through their toll-free number. Their fun, interactive website also includes a blog which will keep you in the loop as to all of the exiting promotions and activities at this online bakery.


Brownie Bite Sets: range in price from $26.95 (six-pieces) to $34.95 (12-pieces)
Brownie Cakes: start at $21.85



Price Range: $21.85-$34.95

Number of Varieties: 2

Brownie Varieties


Corporate Gift Options

Private Gift Options

Gift Wrap options


Summer Shipping

Avg. Cost to Ship: Varies

Customer Service

Online Ordering



Satisfaction Gaurantee

Who Would Enjoy Shopping Here?

This bakery is perfect for individual’s that love artistically decorated baked goods. Their brownies are anything but traditional, all of them one-of-a-kind works of art. Their decadent, festive treats are ideal for anyone shopping for a unique gift or favors for an event.

What We Like

We love this online-bakery’s beautiful and artistic creations. Their lovely designs set them apart from other vendors that we have reviewed. We also love their dedication to customer service, and completely trust their tried-and-true shipping process.

What We Don't Like

Although we love their designs, we wish that their brownie creations were available in multiple flavors. The one chocolate flavor is limiting for those of us that like to sample new variations of our favorite treat. Another drawback of this vendor is that none of their brownies are available in gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free or Kosher formulations.

6.6 Total Score
1-800-Bakery curates the finest desserts from chefs throughout the nation, making the perfect indulgence just a click away.

This distinctive online-bakery brings the most beautiful brownie creations from throughout the nation to our doorsteps. Their fun and artistic, gourmet creations definitely fulfill their goal of being “the bakery of your childhood dreams.”

Brownie Selections and Varieties
Specialty Brownies
Club Membership Option
Gift Options
Customer Service

1-800-Bakery - Brownies

1-800-Bakery.com offers gourmet brownies and fresh baked treats just because you're craving them.

starts at $21.85


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