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SOS Online Backup Review

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SOS Online Backup

Get SOS Online Backup. Personal Cloud for 1 Computer or Family Cloud for up to 5 Computers.


SOS Online Backup

SOS Online Backup was originally founded in 2001 as the provider of various tech services. The company began offering cloud backup services some years after its creation. When the company’s name changed to Infrascale, it kept SOS Online Backup as the name of its cloud backup line. SOS Online Backup offers unlimited personal plans with unlimited data for up to five devices.

Excellent Cloud Backup for those looking for a provider with exceptional backup transfer speeds.

  • Unbeatable speed
  • Files are kept forever
  • No file size/type limits
  • Unlimited data
  • Family plan covers up to five computers
  • Extremely redundant network
  • Backup to local drive

    • 15-day trial
    • Nonrefundable
    • Poor online help center
    • Limited help hours


Access: (Rating: 8/10)

Backups aren’t solely for computers anymore. SOS Online Backup offers an amazing deal for the computer-iPhone-tablet crowd. Even the personal plan, which covers just one computer, will also cover ALL of your mobile devices. This is the best scenario for mobile backups and can save a bundle, since personal plans start at $3.58/month with a three-year plan.

SOS Online Backup users can also back up five computers and an unlimited number of smartphones and tablets with the family plan. Unlimited personal and family backups are available for as little as $5.83 per month with a 24 month plan.

Backup: (Rating: 8/10)

It’s common for backup and syncing services to limit versioning to half a dozen versions or fewer. Perhaps the best feature SOS Online Backup offers is their unlimited versioning. Now, it doesn’t matter how far back users made a mistake with their files; they can recover them anyway. SOS Online Backup has a similar policy for deleted files: if you delete a file on your computer, SOS Online Backup archives the file and holds it forever, unless it’s manually deleted. Most backup services permanently delete those files after 1 to 6 months.

Restore: (Rating: 8/10)

SOS Online Backup can restore from a local copy or the online version of the files. Redundancy is key to making sure files stick around forever, and the company knows this. In addition, with unlimited versioning and forever archives, restoring to the proper version of a file is a breeze.

Share: (Rating: 8/10)

This is another feature that should be offered with all cloud backup plans but isn’t. File sharing allows users to take advantage of the fact that all of their data is already in the cloud. Easily share whatever you want with relatives, friends, and the like. You can give them access to specific files from any device with Internet access.

Sync: (Rating: 4/10)

This service has fairly basic syncing features, because it’s more of a “we might as well” feature. If you need to sync multiple devices in an efficient manner, look to SugarSync instead.

Security: (Rating: 10/10)

SOS Online Backup offers end-to-end encryption similar to the methods used by banks and military agencies. They also have special UltraSafe Max accounts with additional security. With this kind of account, SOS goes above and beyond to ensure that only the account holder can access his or her files. The downside is that passwords are not recoverable, so if a Max account holder forgets the password, all of the data is gone forever.

SOS is unique in that they operate 11 independent data centers on five continents and not a single byte of their customers’ data is stored on 3rd-party equipment.

Help & Support: (Rating: 6/10)

SOS Online Backup has limited support hours, especially for people who live in countries outside of the United States. The same applies for people who keep hours outside of the standard 9 to 5.


Storage Space








Idle Backup

Local Backup help

No Bandwidth Caps

No File Size Restrictions

No File Type Restrictions

Help and Support

24/7 Support


Live Chat


Social Media

Online Tutorials


Knowledge Base


Full Restore

Restore Individual Files

Request Hard Copy help

Version History: unlimited help


Link Sharing

Automatic Sync

Other Features

NAS Drive Support

External Drive Support


Geo-Redundant Storage help

Hardened Facilities help

Encrypted File Transfer

Encrypted File Storage




IOS Iphone/Ipad


What we Like About SOS Online Backup

Certified World Class Data Centers:SOS Data Centers SOS operates 11 fully redundant, independent data centers on 5 continents. Not a single byte of customer data is stored on 3rd party equipment, and they backup your backup every night to entirely different hardware to minimize data loss. All of their data center locations are SSAE 16 (SOC 1)/SAS 70 Type II audited on a regular basis.

Unbeatable speed: SOS Online Backup uses state-of-the-art encryption methods and makes throttling optional. It can transfer about 1GB per 15 minutes or 96GB per day. With SOS, even if you have a huge amount of data to back up, your initial backup may take just a week instead of several months. And you can bet the fast transfer makes for speedy data recovery as well.

Files are kept forever: SOS’s ForeverSafe Archive allows users to free up space on their computer while retaining files. Even if you delete a file on your computer after it has been backed up, the file remains archived in SOS Online Backup and kept as long as you keep the service.

No file size/type limits: While most other cloud backup providers impose limits on certain file types or sizes, SOS Online Backup has an ‘“anything goes”policy.
SOS Forever Safe Archive
Unlimited data: Both of SOS’s plans for home use are available as unlimited plans. This works well in conjunction with the ForeverSafe feature, so you really do get an unlimited archive of files.

Backups for Tablets and Smartphones: Backups aren’t just for computers anymore. SOS offers an amazing deal for the computer-iPhone-tablet crowd: even the personal plan, which covers just one computer, will also cover ALL of your mobile devices. This is the absolute best scenario for mobile backups, and can save you a bundle, since personal plans start at $3.58/month with a three-year plan.

Local Backups: Not only can you backup to the cloud, but you can also backup to a local drive or external device. This can make recovering critical files much faster, and provides a second level of protection.

File Sharing: This is another feature that should be offered with all cloud backup plans, but isn’t. File sharing allows you to take advantage of the fact that all of your data is already in the cloud by sharing what you want to share with relatives, friends, and the like. You can give them access to specific files from any device with internet access. Who needs Facebook when you’ve got SOS?

What we Don't Like about SOS Online Backup

15-day trial: Instead of the standard 30-day free trial, SOS Online Backup offers a measly 15-day trial with a 50GB limit for home plans. It’s better than nothing because it at least gives users a chance to try out the interface, but we’ve seen a lot better. If you want that full month, take advantage of SOS’s 30-day money-back guarantee in place of (or on top of) the trial.

Nonrefundable: SOS Online Backup has a money-back guarantee for the first 30 days of service. Make sure to use the free trial to see if you like them. If you do, keep in mind that there is no money-back guarantee before you sign up for that two-year plan.

Poor help center: SOS Online Backup has limited live help hours, and its online FAQ and help centers are wanting. You’ll get acceptable service if you call, but if you live outside the United States, their available hours might be a pain to work around.

How to Backup with SOS Online Backup

Selecting Files: SOS Online Backup gives users the option to “scan all files.” The system will look through your whole computer and schedule backups for files that it thinks you will want to back up, such as music, pictures, and documents. Other file types (like system files) will be automatically excluded, but you can go through after the scan and select/deselect files as you please. You can also use the exclusions/inclusions feature to select all of certain types of files for backup (or not).

Alternately, you can choose to manually select all of the files you want backed up. However, since SOS Online Backup has unlimited home backups this is hardly necessary.

Scheduling Backups: There are a few different ways you can schedule SOS Online Backup backups. You can schedule an immediate backup, which will take place as soon as you trigger it. If you set the system to perform automatic backups, it will scan your computer for new information throughout the day and perform backups while you think about other things. You can choose how often you want these backups to occur: daily, weekly, monthly, and hourly are all options.

If you use Windows, you can also set SOS Online Backup to perform idle backups, which will take place while you are not using your computer.

How to Restore Using SOS

Choose your Data: The first step to SOS’s restore process is choosing which data set you want to restore to. They have a convenient calendar on which you can select the date you want your data to be taken from. Next, you can choose the extent of the restore; this can range from all files to just a few.

Backup Location: Once you’ve chose what data you want, simply pick a place to back it up to. If you have a new computer, you can choose to download the data onto that new device, or you can put it back on the old one.[/wpsm_tab]

8.6 Total Score
Very Good

SOS Online Backup prioritizes speed and affordability, making it one of the best backup services available that offers unlimited storage. They also archive deleted files forever, or until users manually delete the files from the company's servers. Overall, their features are exceptional, and the service has few downsides.

Help & Support

SOS Online Backup

Get SOS Online Backup. Personal Cloud for 1 Computer or Family Cloud for up to 5 Computers.


SOS Online Backup


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