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Get 20GB of SafeSync by TrendMicro for only $39.95 per year!


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SafeSync was created by Trend Micro (a global leader in IT security with over 25 years of expertise) as a way to help consumers keep their files safe and share between computers and mobile devices with ease. The service comes with a steeper price than most, but offers unlimited devices, syncing and sharing capabilities.

Sharing and syncing just got easier with SafeSync.

  • 24/7 Support
  • Bank-level security
  • Sync and share capabilities
  • Automatic, easy backups
  • Unlimited devices
  • Post directly to social media via SafeSync
  • Bandwidth controls
  • Free 30-day trial

  • No unlimited storage plans
  • No phone support
  • No remote wipe if your device is lost or stolen
  • Higher price for less storage capacity

Access: (Rating: 8/10)

SafeSync works wherever you do. You can access all files on any device that has the software installed. Everything can be accessed online or via the downloaded software client. You have 24/7 access through the Trend Micro data centers and mobile apps let you access files on the go. SafeSync does support Windows, Mac, Android, iOS phones and most web browsers. They do not support Linux or Windows Mobile at this time.

Backup: (Rating: 10/10)

Like other online backup services, SafeSync features an automatic backup that will scan your computer and update and sync instantly. You can also pick and choose which files you do not want to back up. Similar to Dropbox, you use the SafeSync file folder on your desktop for automatically backing up what you want stored on the cloud. You can also choose how much bandwidth you want to use – to speed up storage. There are no file size or type restrictions, but you are limited to the amount of space you purchase.

Restore: (Rating: 9/10)

The cloud backup does feature a roll back option, which allows you to recover older versions, restore deleted files and even undo mistakes. With their online backup and automatic synchronizing, you’ll never worry about losing a file. If you accidentally lose your device or it is stolen, you will still have access to files online.

Share: (Rating: 9/10)

File sharing is quick and easy with SafeSync. You can share a link to anything you have in your SafeSync folder, post directly to social media and share securely using passwords. You can even setup access expiration dates – so once the date hits, the individual no longer has access to a share link.

Sync: (Rating: 9/10)

Everything stored in your SafeSync folders are automatically stored and updated. Everything synchronizes, so you could stop working on a document, access it on a tablet and pick up where you left off. You will get conflicted copies, but that just allows you to make sure you’re storing the version you want. As long as the file is in your SafeSync folder, it automatically updates and synchronizes. Files outside of the folder cannot be accessed.

Security: (Rating: 9/10)

SafeSync uses a 256-bit AES bank-level encryption when transferring files to their service, then everything is stored over the Trend Micro SecureCloud – a proprietary security system that features state-of-the-art storage. The do feature geo-redundant services and their data centers are secure. The company itself has over 20 years of IT security experience.

Help & Support: (Rating: 8/10)

SafeSync uses Trend Micro’s support staff, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can chat live with a representative – which usually includes short wait times. You can also email tech support, but this will take 24 to 48 hours to receive a response. Their online support features product guides, installation how-to’s and guides and more. You cannot contact tech support over the phone though – so you are limited.


Storage Space









Idle Backup

No Bandwidth Caps

No File Size Restrictions

No File Type Restrictions

Help and Support

24/7 Support

Live Chat


Social Media

Online Tutorials


Knowledge Base


Full Restore

Restore Individual Files

Version History: unlimited help


Link Sharing

Automatic Sync

Other Features

NAS Drive Support

External Drive Support


Geo-Redundant Storage help

Hardened Facilities help

Encrypted File Transfer

Encrypted File Storage




IOS Iphone/Ipad


What we Like About SafeSync

Free Trial: It is always a good sign when a company offers a free trial. They are confident enough you will like the product so they offer a few days for free. SafeSync offers 30 days for free, then you can choose which plan you would like to pay for.

Cross Platform Capable: You can backup, share and sync regardless of if you’re working on a Mac one moment and a PC the next. You can also access files from an iOS phone the same as an Android.

Sharing: Unlike some online cloud storage providers, SafeSync does take their sharing seriously. You can quickly send links to any file on your SafeSync account. You can also put a time limit on how long the person has access, set passwords and remove access at any time. SafeSync is one of the few online backup providers to let you share on social media straight from your SafeSync account.

Access Anywhere: SafeSync is great for those who are on the go. It lets you access your files offline and online 24/7 from any computer, smartphone or tablet.

Automatic Backup and Sync: As long as you store it in your SafeSync folder, it will automatically backup and synchronize across all devices – which gives you access to the latest versions.

Easy to Restore: SafeSync keeps deleted files and lets you roll back to previous versions so you can correct mistakes.

24/7 Customer Support: While you cannot speak to them on the phone, you do have 24/7 live chat support with technicians – which is always a positive.

What we Don't Like about SafeSync

No Linux: While not everyone uses Linux, it is still a good option to have.

No Unlimited Storage Options: Unlike other cloud backup services, SafeSync does not have an unlimited plan. And, with their higher prices per gigabyte, it may be a service that is out of budget for a large majority of users.

No Phone Support: There is no phone-based tech support with SafeSync. Instead, a user would have to submit a request via email and wait up to 48 hours or wait for the queue on live chat. This may be difficult for users who need specific assistance or systematic guiding through a complex task.

No Remote Wipe: Not all cloud storage providers have this, but it is worth noting. If a laptop is lost or stolen, there is no remote wipe feature with SafeSync. That means you cannot remotely wipe the data – and the data is there for the thief to look at.

How to Backup with SafeSync

SafeSync lets you select which folders you want backed up and then you add them to your SafeSync folder for automatic updates and synchronizing.

To backup folders:
1. Click on the SafeSync shortcut on your desktop.
2. Select Configuration, which should appear in the bottom left corner of the app.
3. Select the Folders tab, then add the folders you want SafeSync to automatically backup.
4. Click Apply, then OK and SafeSync will automatically back up those files.

To backup other folders:
1. Open the file you want to back up on your desktop or through your explorer.
2. Right click that folder then select Add to Trend Micro SafeSync. The folder will be added to the list and automatically backed up.

According to SafeSync, synchronizing files and folders for the first time may take a little while longer than expected. Future changes should sync much faster. Also, you will see a dark green check mark once the file is updated and synced with your online account.

How to Restore Using SafeSync

To restore, you will need to go to your account with Trend Micro SafeSync online. After that, the steps are simple enough.

Restoring a File:
1. Sign into your SafeSync online account.
2. Click on the Recycle Bin.
3. Right click on the file you wish to restore, then select Restore This File or Restore This Folder.
4. For multiple files, select all of the files you wish, then select Restore the Selected Items.

8.9 Total Score

SafeSync is an online backup and sync service that gives you quick, instant access to your files. Unlike other companies, SafeSync is sharing and syncing capable - so you can access your files just about anywhere.

Help and Support


Get 20GB of SafeSync by TrendMicro for only $39.95 per year!


Cloud Backup


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