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Cyphertite Review

Cyphertite Review



Get Unlimited Backup from Cyphertite for only $10/month.


Cloud Backup

Cyphertite comes from a Chicago-based company known as Conformal Systems, LLC. This technology-focused company decided too many online cloud storage providers didn’t add up to their promises – which sparked the idea for Cyphertite. With their remarkable amount of free storage and affordable unlimited storage, they are certainly a contender for personal cloud backup services.

A cloud backup provider that is all about security.

  • Free up to 8GB
  • Unlimited storage
  • Superior security measures

  • Bandwidth restrictions
  • Limited support
  • No sync or share
  • No mobile support
  • No Mac support

Access: (Rating: 8/10)

Cyphertite requires you to create an online account before you can download their software or even access it. You will have to create a crypto phase, which it is imperative you do not lose – because once it is gone, you will have no access to your files what so ever. Cyphertite can be used on Windows, Linux, and Unix. You can access your files using their downloaded software or online platform. The members area online gives you much more detail about your account – including how much storage you have used and how much you have left.

Backup: (Rating: 7/10)

With Cyphertite, there are no file size or type restrictions. All files will be automatically reduced to a size of 256KB in size for easier uploading. You cannot back up your system files, but everything else can be sent to Cyphertite. They do, however, limit bandwidth – so your initial backup could take a while. There is no mobile support with Cyphertite. You can backup your external hard drive – as long as it is connected. At this time, they do not support NAS drives. The scheduler, while automatic and incremental, cannot back up more than once a day. So if you change a file, it won’t be updated until it’s once a day upload.

Restore: (Rating: 7/10)

Cyphertite does give you three separate options for restoring files – and you can even restore using someone else’s computer. Currently you can restore using three methods: the GUI, the Cyphertite folder on your desktop, or the online command center. Unfortunately, because their system is so difficult to use on the computer, most users report success only with the online restore.

Share: (Rating: 0/10)

You cannot share your files with Cyphertite. Instead, they are a true backup service that does not allow any file sharing, collaborative folders or link sharing. If you want a cloud storage provider that lets you share, look into Dropbox or SugarSync.

Sync: (Rating: 1/10)

As long as a computer is registered, all of the files you store on Cyphertite will be accessible. But, they do not necessarily sync right away or even automatically. Because files are only updated once a day (and cannot be updated more than that), you may find their “sync” capabilities very limited. There is no mobile support either – so it is not like you can access and work on the cloud.

Security: (Rating: 10/10)

Cyphertite puts heavy focus on their security. In fact, that is the cornerstone of their Unique Selling Point. The company claims they don’t feature “Snake Oil Cryptography”. Also, their core code is openly available over the internet, meaning it can be constantly verified and improved. Also, they do have true privacy – meaning even their own employees will not have access to your Cyphertite account. So, if you lose your password, you’re out of luck. They have a high security data center that is one of the largest in the world and every file is encrypted before it is sent to their servers.

Help & Support: (Rating: 4/10)

Cyphertite has extremely limited support. You can email their tech support, but it will take one business day for them to respond. They have a FAQs section, but it is not very helpful. While they do have a Wiki, it does not work on all computers – depending on your cyber security software. They do have live chat, but only available during the day.


Storage Space








Idle Backup

No File Size Restrictions

No File Type Restrictions

Help and Support




Full Restore

Restore Individual Files

Version History: 0 help


Other Features

External Drive Support


Geo-Redundant Storage help

Hardened Facilities help

Encrypted File Transfer

Encrypted File Storage




What we Like About Cyphertite

Free Version: In comparison to other services that offer free accounts, Cyphertite does offer a large amount of storage for free – up to 8GB. This gives you a chance to see if you like Cyphertite and their features before committing.

Cheap Unlimited Storage: While there are other plans out there that offer unlimited storage for cheaper, it is usually per computer. Cyphertite’s price is not per computer; so you get as many computers as you want and unlimited storage for just $10 per month.

Extreme Security: We like to see security taken seriously – especially when it comes to storing personal information. Cyphertite did a great job with security – right down to their crypto phrases and more. Everything is encrypted, which is always a bonus, and they have some of the securest data centers in the world. So, you can rest assured no one will know what you’re storing with Cyphertite.

What we Don't Like about Cyphertite

Bandwidth Restrictions: While we understand Cyphertite needs to free up bandwidth, restrictions mean that it could take quite a while to do your initial backup. In fact, it could take days depending on how much you are uploading. They try to compensate for the restrictions by automatically reducing files down to a faster size, but you still have restrictions.

Limited Tech Support: Cloud backup is not easy for everyone and a complex system like Cyphertite should have more tech support than they offer. Even though they have chat support, it isn’t 24/7. Also, their Wiki is blocked by many computers with anti-virus software – so not everyone can access it. So, even if they put a lot of work into their Wiki, limited access defeats the purpose.

No Sync or Share: Cyphertite is a true cloud back up service. They are here to store your info and nothing more. But, because you are limited to just one update a day, data doesn’t synchronize in their system. So, you still have the potential to lose data if the latest version wasn’t backed up during their once-a-day update.

No Mobile Support: Cyphertite does not offer any mobile support what so ever. You cannot backup, access, or do anything from a mobile device. While you can access your files from another computer, the limited mobile capabilities could be a deal breaker for some users.

No Mac Support: It is rare to find a cloud backup that doesn’t cater to Mac, but Cyphertite is one of those cloud storage providers. If you have a Mac, you won’t be able to backup with Cyphertite. Linux and Windows are OK.

Awkward Backups: Unfortunately, Cyphertite’s system is awkward – and it doesn’t help that they have limited support. The Windows-based software is clunky, difficult to use and most users find that the web-based system is the easiest way.

How to Backup with Cyphertite

Before you can do anything, you must create a Cyphertite account. To set up the initial account, you will need your email, password and username. After your account is created, you can access the member’s area. This tells you how much storage you have and how much you have used and also gives you the opportunity to upgrade to the unlimited plan.

From the Members Area, you can download the software for your computer. Once the install is complete, you will need to sign in with your username and password, then you will need to create your crypto passphrase. You can choose your own passphrase or let the computer generate a random one.

To Backup a Single File:
1. Locate the file or folder in your computer storage.
2. Right click on the file, then select Backup with Cyphertite.

To Create a Backup Online:
1. Sign in to your online account.
2. From the Operations menu, select Create Backup.
3. Label your backup with a name. Then, select a time for your backup. Select the backup path and then you can individually select files within that path.
4. Click the blue Backup button and your backup will begin as scheduled.

How to Restore Using Cyphertite

While Cyphertite offers three separate ways to backup, most users pick the online GUI. This is because the computer-based interface is clunky and requires the use of command prompts.

1. Login to your Cyphertite online portal.
2. Locate your already backed up files.
3. Then, select the files or folders you wish to restore.
4. Select what drive you want them restored to.
5. Then, click the blue Extract button to start. Your files will be delivered to the path you specified.

5.3 Total Score

Cyphertite features a remarkable 8GB of free storage plus unlimited plans with low monthly rates. Their security is top-notch and they are all about 100 percent privacy protection for their users.

Help and Support


Get Unlimited Backup from Cyphertite for only $10/month.


Cloud Backup


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