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Bitcasa Drive Review

Bitcasa Review


Get 1 TB of Cloud Backup for only $10/month.


Cloud Backup

Bitcasa Drive, a Missouri-based company that launched in 2011, made a name for themselves when they offered the public infinite storage for a flat yearly fee. But, in 2014, they axed their infinite storage and went for high capacity – up to 1TB. Despite their efforts to offer maximum storage capacity, they may not have all of the features users want when it comes to storing online.

An online cloud storage provider that offers high-capacity storage for a flat annual fee.

  • Zero-knowledge storing
  • High capacity storage
  • No bandwidth, file size or file type restrictions
  • Multiple device access
  • Secure sharing (for some plans)
  • Up to 180 day file versioning
  • Free up to 5GB
  • Cross platform compatible

  • Limited features on free plans
  • No local backups
  • No external or NAS backups
  • Infinite Drive requires constant internet connection
  • Number of devices on account limitations
  • Somewhat over-priced compared to other providers

Access: (Rating: 10/10)

Bitcasa has excellent access for their users. Not only can you access the online portal, but you can turn around and use the desktop software or access via a mobile device. If you save something from your Mac, you can still view it on your Windows Mobile phone. The free account is limited to only three devices, while the paid accounts give you access up to five devices.

Backup: (Rating: 9/10)

Backing up with Bitcasa can be refreshing for some users. Their software is extremely user friendly – just about anyone could figure it out. They do not restrict you on bandwidth, file size or file type either. Backups are done automatically, regardless of what computer or device you are on at the time. You can also mirror files and folders from multiple devices to ensure everything is safe. It also de-duplicates. So, if there are two exact copies of the same file, Bitcasa Drive automatically removes the duplicate for you to save you space. With the free account you get up to 5GB, but with paid accounts you can get anywhere from 1TB to 10TB. There are no local backups, NAS or external drive backups at this time. Mirrored content is still available offline – and once you're back online, Bitcasa will automatically update those files once again.

Restore: (Rating: 9/10)

Because everything is mirrored on multiple devices, you will never have to worry about losing your data. Bitcasa Drive has automatic and continuous backups – so if a computer is lost or stolen, you can log in to your web account or with one of your registered devices and access the files once again. Only the files you store with Bitcasa Drive can be restored. There are no hard copy options – so you will have to download files or the desktop app. But, because Bitcasa Drive operates more like an external hard drive, you technically never lose your files – they are always there.

Share: (Rating: 7/10)

Bitcasa Drive has come a long way from when they first started and they now see the importance of sharing files. You can share folders and files with others (even if they don't have Bitcasa Drive accounts). To share, you will need the person's email or you can share via your Twitter and Facebook accounts. These share links give the recipient access to the file. But, there are no collaboration folders with Bitcasa at this time. You can somewhat control a person's access and by deleting the share link they no longer have access to the files. But, you cannot set permissions or passwords.

Sync: (Rating: 8/10)

Bitcasa Drive has excellent syncing capabilities. As your cloud-based external hard drive, it automatically updates and syncs on all devices, and all platforms. So, you can work and see files regardless of what form they were originally saved in. If you start something on a computer, you can finish it on your laptop or tablet with ease – and it automatically updates the newest version. There are limits to the number of devices it you can have, however.

Security: (Rating: 10/10)

Bitcasa Drive has excellent security protocols in place. First, they have the zero-knowledge storage. That means they have no idea what you store on their servers nor can they access it. Files are encrypted using AES-256 bit encryption before they are sent and it is encrypted in storage. Bitcasa's facilities are geo-redundant and they guarantee a 99.9% availability at all times.

Help & Support: (Rating: 7/10)

The help guides for Bitcasa Drive are extensive. They have multiple tutorials and how-to's for every category and question. They have forums where you can find questions and answers, but they do not have any phone support at this time. Paid members get access to premium support features, which allows them to submit a help request online, enjoy live chat (during business hours) or sending an email. Free users only have access to online forums.


Free: Get up to 5GB of storage space, automatic backups, and access with up to three devices. There is limited customer support with this plan.

1TB: Get up to 1TB of storage space, automatic backups, up to five devices, secure sharing and enhanced support features. Starts at $10 per month or $99 per year.

10TB: Get up to 10TB of storage space, automatic backups, up to five devices, secure sharing, and enhanced support. Starts at $99 per month or $999 per year.


Storage Space






No Bandwidth Caps

No File Size Restrictions

No File Type Restrictions

Help and Support

Live Chat




Full Restore

Restore Individual Files

Version History: 30 help


Link Sharing

Automatic Sync

Other Features


Geo-Redundant Storage help

Hardened Facilities help

Encrypted File Transfer

Encrypted File Storage




IOS Iphone/Ipad


Windows Mobile

What We Like About Bitcasa Drive

High Storage Capacity: Bitcasa Drive does have two very high capacity storage options – including the 1TB and 10TB. For most people, these are more than enough and they will never have to worry about going over their storage amount.

No File Type, Size or Bandwidth Restrictions: We appreciate it when companies do not limit their users or create strict bandwidth caps that make it impossible to upload files. Bitcasa allows users to update whatever they want (except system files) without restrictions.

Free 5GB: As always, it is nice to see a company offer up a little free storage. For some people, 5GB is all they will ever need – especially if they are only backing up documents and not pictures or music.

HD Streaming: Watch videos via your Bitcasa account and enjoy automatic HD streaming. This is a unique feature that most companies cannot boast about.

Multiple Devices Included: Some companies charge per computer or device. Bitcasa Drive gives you a generous three devices with their free account and up to five on their paid accounts.

Deduplication: If you have two of the same files stored, Bitcasa Drive identifies these duplicates and removes them, which will save you a tremendous amount of storage.

Mirroring: This feature is unique. It allows you to mirror a backed up folder on your hard-drive, so you can access cloud-stored data while you are offline. Then, Bitcasa Drive automatically updates the file when you get back online.

What We Don't Like About Bitcasa Drive

Limited Sharing Features: While you can share, Bitcasa Drive dropped the ball a little. You cannot set permissions or create passwords – and deleting a share link doesn't necessarily keep a person from accessing the downloaded version. Also, there are no share folders or collaborative options – which are more secure than file sharing via links.

No NAS or External Drive: Bitcasa Drive does offer a lot of platforms, but they do not have external or NAS drive support. So, you cannot backup your home network or any external drives you have.

Limited Features for Free Users: When companies offer free accounts, it is a great chance to try out their services. But, some companies take “free” seriously and cut a lot of the features. Bitcasa Drive does not let free users share, contact support or access streaming. And, the number of devices allowed is reduced to three from the usual five.

How to Backup with Bitcasa Drive

There are three ways to backup to Bitcasa Drive: drag-and-drop, right-click and uploading via the website.

Backing up with the Drag and Drop Method:
1. Download the desktop app for Windows or Mac.
2. Find the files or folders you wish to backup in your computer's hard drive.
3. Click to hold the files (or select multiple files at once). Then, drag and drop them into your Bitcasa Drive – just like you would move files within your hard drive to another folder.

Backing up with the Right-Click Method:
1. Have the software already downloaded on your Desktop and connected to the internet.
2. Find the file or folder you wish to back up. Right click, then select Backup.

How to Restore with Bitcasa Drive

Because Bitcasa Drive operates like an external drive on your computer, all you have to do to restore files is download the desktop app and you can open your Bitcasa Drive. You can then mirror the files you want or copy them back to your hard drive.

You can also restore deleted files and previous versions with Bitcasa Drive. You do this by accessing your Trash or Deleted Files or you can do a search within the drive for a specific file.

8.6 Total Score

Bitcasa Drive offers high-capacity storage and operates more like an external drive - making it easy to backup, restore and access everything you need.

Help and Support


Get 1 TB of Cloud Backup for only $10/month.


Cloud Backup


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