Why Crunching Numbers Proves that Everyone Should Have Cloud Backups

Cloud Backup Statistics

Enjoy your data today, my friend. Who knows if it will be there tomorrow…

At the end of each day, there are a million things you probably want to do. You may want to have some dinner, catch up on Breaking Bad, spend time with your family, or work on your Nobel Prize acceptance speech. Backing up your computer probably doesn’t make it onto your post-work to-do list.

Surprise: you aren’t alone. BackBlaze, one of the leading cloud backup companies, conducts a poll once a year to find out just how many people are backing up their data. The results, as you will see, are less than stellar.

The Data

The State of User Data Backup survey, conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of BackBlaze every June, asks people how often they perform full backups of their computer data. According to the company, this is what the poll revealed for 2013:

Daily: 10%
Weekly: 9%
Monthly: 17%
Annually: 22%
Less than Once a Year: 13%
Never: 29%

That means 81% (! ) of people do not have current backups of their data. Who knew we were still doing such a bad job with backups?

Another survey by ConsumerStatistics.org confirmed that the vast majority of personal computer users – they said about 89% – did not perform regular backups. The survey also found that 67% of personal computer users have lost data on their computers (51% of the data loss was from the last year alone).

Translation: out of every 100 people, 19-20 per year will lose their data forever (unless they feel like forking over thousands of dollars to have it recovered). 23-24 others would be stuck with data that they hadn’t backed up in a year or more.

Only the six or seven people who judiciously back up every day would be in the clear. It’s just a guess, but it’s probable that most of those people have either automatic external backups or automatic cloud-based backups, if not both.

What Happens When You Lose Your Data

It sucks. If you’ve been through it – and 67% of people have at some point – you probably know this. I personally experienced it when my computer suddenly died while I was in Japan due to a manufacturing defect. I had a backup of my computer sitting on my desk at home, but I ended up losing a lot of wonderful vacation pictures I had taken while out of the country. Others fare even worse – namely, the 29% of people who have never backed up their data.

If you do absolutely need to get your data back, doing so can cost from a few hundred dollars to into the thousands, depending on how difficult the job is. Even worse, results are not guaranteed. So you could end up with no data and an empty wallet.

The lesson? Get automatic cloud backups, of course. At just a few dollars a month for personal computer users, they can save you from the tragedy of losing that finally perfected Nobel Prize speech. And the best part is you won’t even have to think about backing up at all, freeing up your time to invent the next great bionic robot or whatever.


Lynn is the founder and chief editor at ReVUEzzle.com. She is responsible for strategy and business development. Her background is in software development, marketing, and project management. She loves camping, traveling, and all things soccer related. She has been married for over 30 years to one great guy and has two adult children. Lynn is also the human companion to two cats – Jynx and Spanky. She is based in Minnesota, USA.

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