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Nextiva Review

Nextiva Business Phone System

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Nextiva Connect is perfect those looking for a solution to connect them with their customers, regardless of where they are working that day. Plans starting at $8.95/month for 100 minutes! 30 Day ...

Available Minutes

100, 500, Unlimited

Toll Free Minutes

Shared w/ Total Available Minutes

Available Phone Numbers

Local, Port Existing Number, Toll Free

Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Free Trial

Nextiva is a business-oriented VoIP provider, but they offer limited information about themselves online. They foster a “work hard, play hard” company culture and believe that exemplary service is the key to success. Founded in 2006, Nextiva offers a variety of business products (not just VoIP). They offer solutions for busy professionals on the go (Connect), more traditional office needs (Office/Business), stand-alone internet faxing solutions (vfax), and call center solutions.

At this time, they offer a free trial on Connect plans only, but they do offer a 30 day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee on their Office/Business plans as well.

Excellent Phone Service for those looking specifically for Call Center plans.

  • Unlimited Calling
  • HD Voice
  • Unlimited Long Distance
  • No Setup or Activation Fees
  • No Contracts
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Mobile Apps for On-the-Go Management
  • Call Center Plans
  • No Vanity Numbers
  • No free trial on Office Plans
  • Internet fax separate (Connect)
  • Clunky, Confusing Help Guides
  • Limited Features for Upgraded Packages

Pricing/Minutes/Contract: (Rating: 7/10)

Nextiva offers unlimited calling and no minute restrictions for their business and enterprise plans. Pricing per month varies from $19.95 to $29.95 depending on the features a user needs – which may deter some businesses, since other companies offer many of these features for free. All services are on a month-to-month basis and no contract is required. If, however, a company wishes to base their service on a contract (such as annually), they can call customer service to set one up. There are no free trials with Nextiva's Office/Business plans – however they do offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Nextiva Connect plans start at $8.95 and go up to $69.95. Nextiva Connect is designed more for the professional on the go – someone who may be in and out of the office frequently who wants to forward calls to a cell phone or other location. These plans are similar to RingCentral's Professional, Phone.com, and Grasshopper, but with Nextiva you do not get internet faxing without paying extra for their Nextiva vFax solution. With their competitors, internet fax comes standard.

Nextiva Call Center offers two plans specifically designed to handle heavy volume call center applications. These plans start at $50/user/month for their Pro plan and $100/user/month for their Enterprise plan. The features that are supported by their call center product is very impressive and rival and in some cases exceed those offered by RingCentral Contact Center for half the price!

Nextiva vfax is Nextiva's internet faxing solution and prices range from $4.95/month for their Single User plan to $29.95/month for their Business Pro plan, depending upon the volume of faxing you need. If you sign up for Nextiva Connect and want to have internet faxing you will also need to sign up for a vFax plan. With RingCentral Professional – which is similar to Connect, you get internet faxing standard with their ProPlus and ProPower plans.

Nextiva is also one of a very few services that offers plans specifically designed for Call Centers.

Call Management: (Rating: 8/10)

All Office plans include call management features like unlimited calling and faxing, unlimited long distance, call forwarding, waiting and caller ID as well as HD voice. Connect Plans come with more limited features in comparison to the Office plans and provide for no internet faxing – however you can purchase vFax as a separate service if necessary.

Available Numbers: (Rating: 8/10)

Users get a free local and free toll-free number as part of their plan. If they have a number with another service, they can transfer that number for free to Nextiva. They do not offer Vanity Numbers however. If you need a local vanity number, you would have to purchase it from a company like RingBoost and transfer it to Nextiva – you are limited to local vanity numbers only with RingBoost. If you purchase a toll-free vanity number from RingBoost you must use their carrier – just be aware of this.

Advanced Features: (Rating: 8/10)

Enterprise Plans include more advanced features, such as the mobile app, attendant console, call recording and conference bridging. All accounts can access voicemail-to-text for an additional $2.95 per line.

Ease of Use: (Rating: 9/10)

Nextiva offers a variety of call management features, including multi-tiered auto attendants and call forwarding. But, all of these require separate setups, which can overwhelm a user. That being said, their web-based interface is extremely user friendly.

Help and Support: (Rating: 8/10)

Nextiva offers a system status report (complete with current incidents) for users to check. They do have an online help guide, but it is extremely confusing and offers limited information. Support can be reached 24/7 via a Support Ticket online, via email or by phone.


Nextiva Connect

Single User: 100 Minutes for $8.95/month
Small Business: 500 Minutes for $19.95/month
Business Pro: Unlimited Minutes for $69.95/month

Nextiva Office

Office Pro: Unlimited calling, unlimited long-distance, free toll-free and local number, free number porting and a professionally recorded greeting. No mobile app access. Starting at $19.95 per month.

Office Pro Plus: Unlimited calling and long-distance, free number porting, free toll-free and local number, three professionally recorded greetings, conference bridging, and mobile app access. Starting at $22.95 per month.

Office Enterprise: Same features as Office Pro and Office Pro Plus as well as team presence, call recording, silent call barging for management, attendant console and access to the Nextiva toolbar. Start at $29.95 per month.

*Voicemail-to-Text is available for all plans for $2.95 per line.



Starting Monthly Price - Shared Minutes Plans: $8.95

Starting Monthly Price(per user) - Unlimited Minutes Plans: $27.95

Starting Number of Users - Unlimited Minutes Plans: 5-19

Setup or Activation Fees:: None

Cancellation or Early Termination Fees: None

Unlimited Minutes Per User Plans(Office)

Shared Minutes Plans(Professional)

Available Minutes – Shared Minutes Plans




Call Management

Anonymous Call Rejection help

Call Blocking

Caller ID/Call Screening

Call Forwarding

Call Hold

Call Return help

Call Waiting

Do Not Disturb

Find Me/Call Routing

3-way Calling

Virtual Extensions

Unlimited Extensions

Call Recording: Yes - but Extra Cost

Advanced VoIP Features

Voicemail to Email

HD Voice


Mobile Apps

# of Server Locations: 3

Fully Redundant Network

Inbound & Outbound Fax: Yes - Both are Provided at no extra cost

CRM Software Integration

Operator Answered Calls: No

Call Center Plans


iPhone App

Android App

Windows App

Use Your Own Device help

ATA Adaptor

Purchase Phones?: Optional help


Customer Support




Overage Minutes – Shared Minutes Plans


Extensions – Shared Minutes Plans


Phone #'s – Shared Minutes Plans


Plan Details – Unlimited Minutes Plans

Included Local and Long Distance Minutes(Domestic US & Canada): Unlimited

Included Toll Free Minutes: None

Included International Minutes: None

Overage Minutes: 2.5¢

Included Phone #'s: 1

Additional or Add-ons

Cost for Additional Local #'s: $4.95/mo plus $9.95/setup

Cost for Additional Toll Free #'s: $4.95/mo plus $19.95/setup

Cost for Vanity #'s(one time fee): Not Offered

Cost for Virtual International Numbers: Not Offered

Cost to Transfer a Number: Free

Cost for Additional Minutes Packages: Not Offered

Available Numbers

Can Transfer Existing Numbers

Toll Free Numbers

Local Numbers

What we Like about Nextiva

Unlimited Calling: Unlike other VoIP providers, Nextiva offers unlimited calling plans for a single monthly price.

Unlimited Virtual Faxing: Nextiva offers all paid plans unlimited virtual (inbound and outbound) faxing.

No Setup Fees: There is no fee to activate a Nextiva plan and no setup fees. Also, users do not have to purchase special equipment to use Nextiva, but the company does offer professional PBX phones at a significantly discounted rate for those companies that do not already have a phone system in place.

No Contracts: All Nextiva plans are on a month-to-month basis; therefore users can cancel their Nextiva services at any time.

HD Capabilities: Nextiva offers HD voice and HD hold music for their paid plans. Sound is clearer and crisper than other VoIP providers, so even big enterprises can rely on Nextiva for quality phone calling.

Mobile Capability: Nextiva users can access their accounts, call and even stay in touch with customers using the mobile phone app.

What we Don't Like About Nextiva

VoIP Adapter Not Included: While users are not required to purchase equipment from Nextiva, they cannot use their service without VoIP phones or a VoIP adapter, which is an additional cost to the user.

Free Trial: Nextiva does not offer a free trial for their Office plans at this time, which may be a turn off for some users.

Features and Upgrades: Nextiva has unlimited calling and faxing, but when users pay for higher priced plans, the features that are included are not necessary fantastic. In order to access all features, users pay the $29.95 per month fee.

Extensions and Numbers: VoIP users with Nextiva can set up extensions through the On-Net Extension. But, these extensions do not have access to voicemail, cannot make outbound calls and cannot have their calls routed. The smallest plan allows up to 10 different numbers to be forwarded to a single Nextiva phone number.

As we mentioned earlier Nextiva does not offer Vanity Numbers which means you will need to purchase one from a company such as RingBoost if having a Local Vanity number is important to your business. With RingBoost however, you do not have the option of porting a Toll-Free number to Nextiva – you can only port local vanity numbers.

8 Total Score
Intuitive navigation and user interface makes setup and maintenance a snap!

Nextiva offers unlimited calling and faxing to businesses of all sizes. While they don’t offer as many numbers or extensions, they make up for it with their month-to-month contracts, unlimited calling and features.

Call Management
Available Numbers
Advanced Features
Ease of Use
Help and Support
  • Unlimited Calling
  • HD Voice
  • Unlimited Long Distance
  • No Setup or Activation Fees
  • No Contracts
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Mobile Apps for On-the-Go Management
  • Call Center Plans
  • No Vanity Numbers
  • No free trial on Office Plans
  • Internet fax separate (Connect)
  • Clunky, Confusing Help Guides
  • Limited Features for Upgraded Packages

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Nextiva Connect is perfect those looking for a solution to connect them with their customers, regardless of where they are working that day. Plans ... Read review

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